JUST IN: Schumer CAUGHT ON HOT MIC Telling Biden “We are in Danger!”

By | October 27, 2022

Chuck Schumer is finally telling the Truth; on GST Hot Mic, Chuck Schumer is caught telling Biden the Democrats are in Danger in the midterm Elections!

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Hello folks my name is Jenna from Golden State times welcome back to The Newsroom And today I have a very interesting Video So Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden met in Syracuse New York As Biden is going to Um to a rally and also to speak on Certain issues in the state of New York Where he met Chuck Schumer So Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Democrat of New York was caught on Golden State times hot Mike on Thursday Discussing Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor John fetterman’s highly Criticized debate performance against Dr Oz on Tuesday evening And in that hot mic moment Schumer told Joe Biden in Syracuse New York Quote we are in danger in that seat it Is unclear which seat he was referring To however Schumer goes on to tell Biden that the Debate did not hurt him as much in Pennsylvania so that is good according To him The majority leader also commented on The race in Nevada claiming that the Democrats are picking up steam although It’s unclear whether he was referring to The senate race or the gubernatorial Election So all of this comes as Republicans are Gaining Traction in several Battleground

State races Polls revealed tight races in Nevada Pennsylvania Arizona Georgia Oregon and Many other states voters are inclusively Increasingly worried about inflation Caused directly by Biden And also about the economy as well as Crime And it says and they report trusting Republicans more on these issues and Giving them the edge In the looming midterm elections So the hot mic moment where we have it Right here again this comes courtesy of Golden State times on YouTube And also on our website Goldenstatetimes.com so I’m going to be Putting it up for you in just a second Here so you guys can check it out once Again this comes courtesy of golden Statetimes.com again that’s Www.goldinstatetimes.com for you guys And here we go Okay foreign Foreign All right one more time one more time For you guys All right folks so let us know what you Guys think about this whole situation Chuck Schumer Telling Joe Biden we are in danger They know that they’re going to lose the Senate and they know that they’re going To lose the house

They knew this for a very long time I have told everybody before the reason Why they haven’t Told the American people That we are in a recession is because They’re waiting until June June of 2023 one year after we Here in the United States been in a Recession They are going to announce it and say Look Because the Republicans were elected And got the majority in both the Senate And the house that’s the reason why we Are now in a recession they’re going to Blame it on the Republicans That’s their script Everybody feels like this guy right here Let me show you guys who this guy right Here this is America this guy represents America right here this is Stupid or dumb Dumb and Dumber talking To each other Of how screwed they are when it comes to The midterm elections And I told everybody because yesterday We uploaded a video regarding Oil prices Gas prices coming very soon The Saudis are very angry that Biden is Attempting to manipulate the market By releasing strategic Reserves And making it seem like the gas prices Are going down

The Saudis yesterday said He’s trying to manipulate the market They’re not going to allow it and once They deplete their Market their their Oil reserves and they come begging for More oil there’s going to be 2 million Barrels less and the price is going to Double for the United States and that is All Biden’s fault So get ready for eight dollar gallons of Gas and you’re in big city six dollars a Gallon if you live in nowhere Pennsylvania or in the middle of the Woods in Mississippi Then you’re gonna be paying six dollars If you’re in big cities Then you’re going to be paying almost Eight dollars or more And that’s all because of Biden Biden’s way of trying to manipulate The market So let us know what you guys think about This whole situation in the comments Section below don’t forget to click the Thumbs up button And Chuck Schumer finally said the truth They are in danger They’re in danger to lose so many seats And it’s all because of Biden The inflation that he created Forcing the Federal Reserve to raise Interest rates which are now making Home purchasing Extremely expensive

Rent prices are going up Because more people would rather rent Right now than buy since the interest Rate is so high Driving up rent all over the country Food prices have gone up between 15 to 20 percent Since Biden took office Gas has gone up more than three dollars Now because of Biden So let us know what you guys think about This whole situation The Golden State times hot mic strikes Again so share it on social media let Everyone know what’s going on and Prepare for a red wave coming In November the midterm elections were On just a few days away But let’s see what happens when the Republicans retake control of the house And the Senate let’s see if they do Something or they’re just all talk like Always but let us know what you guys Think about this whole situation in the Comment section below share the video Don’t forget to click the thumbs up Button use the hashtag GST hot mic when You guys share it And we’ll retweet it and thank you so Much for your help and your support Sharing the videos Don’t forget to visit our website golden Statetimes.com and I’ll see you soon Peace

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