Judge SLAMS Parkland Defense For Vulgar Courtroom Gesture (Video)

By | November 2, 2022

The Judge presiding over Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz and his team of defense lawyers for their lewd and utterly vulgar gestures in the courtroom. David Shuster breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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In the trial of Parkland Florida high School shooter Nicholas Cruz it was one Of the most controversial moments public Defender Tamara Curtis appeared to flip The bird to the judge and prosecutors And giggle along with the defendants at A hearing where Cruz now in Orange was Sentenced to life in prison okay exactly What is it His defense team Behavior became an Issue yet again defense lawyer Gordon Weeks objected to testimony from a Father who personally had attacked the Public defenders what you are doing Right now is highlighting something and Making more of a spectacle so if your Office in general does not want to Facilitate any or incite violence then We need to just sit down and move on That’s Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Shear That’s it there were 18 that says 16 As I testified By Point made and you know we’re moving On but the chief public defender kept Arguing Stopping it from happening again and Judge Shear erupted When these People gone on from At this court and laughing and joking Miss McNeil be quiet When these people have sat in this Courtroom and watched this behavior from

That table and they want to say that They’re not happy about it what is the Problem George I have no problem because I have big skin but once you bring in my Children I think that’s highly Impropriate I didn’t even know you have Children I don’t know what you’re Talking about your children what about Your children a defense lawyer said Threats to the public defender’s Families were inappropriate but the Judge was not buying it after all this Was a trial and sentencing hearing over A gunman who had killed 17 people Including 14 students still the tensions Of this trial and during this hearing Underscore just how raw the feelings Remain in February 2018 Nicholas Cruz Opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the Miami suburb of Parkland Crews a former student fled the Scene on foot by blending in with other Students and was arrested without Incident an hour later in nearby Coral Springs at the time The Killing Spree Was the deadliest high school shooting In U.S history Broward County Law Enforcement received heavy criticism for Its handling of the police response Including not following up in advance Enhance on multiple warnings about Crews And is lengthy record of threatening Behavior police were also criticized for Staying outside the school during the

Shooting instead of immediately Confronting the threats in October 2021 Crews pleaded guilty do you understand The maximum penalty is death A trial as to whether crew should Receive the death penalty began in July 2022. in October a jury found that Crews Should get life in prison but before the Judge made it official victims family Members got an opportunity to speak in Courts they tore into the 24 year old And said he would burn in hell and die As nothing and a few family members Hammered cruises public defenders those Defense lawyers they deserved it some of Their Antics were abhorrent and the Judge should have begun to sparm in Efforts this summer against public Defender Curtis to flip the bird and Laugh at anything in this process was an Abomination it’s nice the judge publicly Hammered the public defender’s office Here at the end once those public Defenders complained about verbal Threats but the time to Tamp down the Emotions and criticize the lawyer’s Behavior was months ago To be clear being a public defender is Not easy and lawyers who do that work Symbolize the very best in our Constitutional rights everybody even Amassed murder is entitled to a defense Still it’s not too much to ask even a Public defender to show basic respect

I’m David Schuster thanks for watching

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