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By | June 30, 2022

Discover your purpose and slay the dragons that stand in your way. Watch the new 4-part series on men, masculinity, and the pursuit of greatness. Available NOW on DailyWire+:

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One of the things i tell young men well In young women as well but the young men Really need to hear this more i think You should be a monster an absolute Monster and then you should learn how to Control it So a man who’s capable of aggression but Has it under control is a way more Useful man than One who cannot do that and so you’re Willing to go get a job but you’re Terrified of an interview it’s like There’s a dragon for you because you Want to fight the dragons that guard the Gates of the treasure that you wish to Attain The productivity Requires aim orientation responsibility Discipline that willingness to work that Willingness to make sacrifices which is The hallmark of maturity in the service Of a higher goal It orients you solidly in the world if You do that and it gives you a dragon to Fight Why do you want to grow up you want to Be illiterate You want to be inarticulate You’re going to have to negotiate You’re going to have to lead you’re Going to have to convince you’re going To have to think to say to a 18 year old You’re okay the way you are That just deflates them

You know when you go to the gym and you Start lifting weights well your body’s Going to transform but it’s not going to Do that if you just sit around you have To face your being with the necessity of Transformation and then all sorts of new Things that you had no idea you were Capable of will make themselves manifest Those are the dragons you know the ones That stand in the path that leads to the Light And you have to say to yourself I will Do good Nonetheless Everyone great makes that decision Make that decision because maybe you’re Great [Music] [Applause] [Music] You

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