Jordan Peterson’s Cringe Attempt to Suck Up to Elon Musk

By | January 4, 2023

For some reason, Jordan Peterson has a Twitter suit with an Elon Musk tie. Ana Kasparian and Wosny Lambre discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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Tell you about my suit first maybe you Care about that maybe you don't the First thing you need to know is these Are tiny Elon Musk heads And this is a Twitter suit But why But why So that's Jordan Peterson wearing a tie Covered with Elon Musk heads Because why I I don't know um now that Suit isn't Peterson's only bold fashion Choice as of late let's take a look at This photo Jordan Peterson with the Villain drip I remember talking about that suit Whatever it's fun do you boo but the Elon Musk thing I don't get I really Really don't get Um what I don't get is the rich man boot Licking that takes place in this country Now with Jordan Peterson he's pretty Well to do himself I don't know to what Extent but he's Rich he's doing well Who love to run interference and like Protect Elon Musk from the naysayers and The critics What are you doing Like what are you doing Why why are you doing this to yourself It's just it's just don't wear the don't Wear the tie in the very least don't Wear the tie I don't get it I don't I mean is there Anyone's head that you would wear on

Your tie was Oh maybe Bernie possibly I knew it I Know impossibly possibly but for the Most part not nobody that I would do it Unironically I will say that like like Like legitimately put a dude's head on My top like I could see myself rocking a Drake tie cause obviously I still love His music I think that he's a great Artist and people have yeah have made Fun of me in the past for how dedicated Of a fan I am to the guys so I could see Myself wearing a drake tie Um again Obama tie that's for sure Um which makes me a bad Black Elite but So what I don't care Um you know I do have an article of Clothing uh that has Bernie on it and Their socks So there I forget the name of the sock Company sorry but they sent me Bernie Socks which I love I still wear them Today but in an election cycle previous To Bernie's 2016 run They had made socks for Mitt Romney and Obama and they sent me and Jank both For them at home But never out Right wing and it's a good it's a good Thing for when you make your right when Turned you already got your Romney socks That's good to know I don't know what happened to the Romney

Socks but I think I still have the Obama Ones uh so yeah the right ring turn uh People have been expecting it to happen Enough it hasn't happened Um anyway people think you're gonna Replace Ann Coulter as the hottest Right-wing blonde in the game hey I'm hotter than her than her like oh of Course come on let's be serious that was A stupid joke I made at Um Mike's live show when people ask me Which right Wingers I would sleep with I Was making jokes guys like these people Are ghouls come on Uh now Tim Poole also likes to celebrate Elon Musk and shared this cheery Christmas image Man Happy to masculinity okay I blame the Feminists the feminists made him do that Like I don't think people like Tim Poole Understand what a massive lady boner Killer that is Yeah I I think people like Tim Poole Definitely have a sense that Elon rounds Up the quote-unquote libs and so that That feels like part of what he's doing Um now I'm an American hero okay Single-handedly dismantling Twitter hero Okay like I love the notion like the Notion that I'm like up at night losing It over Elon Musk is hilarious to me I Only think about Elon Musk when I have

To for my job other than that Elon Musk Doesn't cross my mind he's just another Silly loud obnoxious rich guy of which We have a lot in this country and so I Don't No I don't get that but but I know Normal people who have nothing to do With the sort of political space Um don't really think of Elon in terms Of a political actor even when he talks About free speech and blah blah blah who Really admired the guy and think he's Like brilliant you know Um which I find to be hilarious Um anybody who has to try that hard to Convince his of his Brilliance Um I've remained unconvinced but yeah I I don't get it either I think he he's Probably brilliant in some areas Obviously based on his performance over The last few months not so brilliant in Other areas yeah he's not right social Media Savant no so I mean it is what it Is it's just Find better friends Peterson and pool Like just find real friends like actual People and uh stop fetishizing Elon Freaking billionaire musk it's Ridiculous now it is a tradition though As you will see in this compilation They're worse than animals because Animals they just kill to eat you know Human beings they have a Twist in them That makes them far worse than animals

When they really get going well I think It's I think you really want to know What I think I think it's revenge Against God for the crime of being Yeah it's like Yeah that's what it is at the bottom of The hell of things A close reading of 20th century history Indicates as nothing else can The horrors that accompany Loss of faith in the idea Of the individual I thought the marginalized we're Supposed to have a voice Is making emotional to talk about it Well God you know You're going to demoralize young people To be ethical that's your theory it's Like you should go and think about that For like a year and I'm passionate about This you know because You have no idea how many people that's Killing Real friends that'll help it will real Friends Elon Musk is not your friend you Might like you Elon Musk you might Idolize him in some weird way whatever But like look for that human connection Okay it'll feed the soul it's a good Thing Anyway Any final words was No uh I didn't realize Jordan Peterson Was such a crier uh that that's actually

Pretty surprising to me that what he Cries that much in public that's crazy No I mean like I don't know I don't know what's going On with me today but I almost felt bad You know He's got issues he needs clearly yeah And I don't say this to insult him like He needs help thanks for watching The Young Turks I really appreciate it Another way to show support is through YouTube memberships you'll get to Interact with us more there's live chat Emojis badges you've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those are super fun but You also get playback of our exclusive Member only shows and specials right After they air so all that all you got To do is click that join button right Underneath the video thank you