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By | October 25, 2022

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Thank you to ground news for sponsoring This video I’m a brilliant intellectual As a boy the two of us are sick of Dealing with troglodytes and so we moved Into a bomb shelter so he wouldn’t catch The stupid now we pass our Intelligence On by debunking YouTube videos we are Little bunkers [Music] We are in a new dawn of gender and sex Complexity really sex got more complex When did that happen who’s to blame I Think what he means is our sexual Behavior has gotten worse and so the Rationalizations we need to come up with In order to justify it has gotten more Complex were those who don’t fit into a Simple binary are meant to be seen with Humanity ah yes those people who don’t Fit into the gender binary as opposed to Those who do that sets up an interesting Dichotomy It wasn’t always like this people as Recently as let’s say the 1990s early 2000s people were making shitty Reductive jokes about the subject Nothing tells you you’re about to laugh Like a comedian who just apologized for A joke Oh wow they actually laughed What can I say the joke rhymed Shitty and reductive jokes are kind of My brand But as we know from history

Any moment of progressive visibility Will be met with a vicious backlash it’s Almost like Progressive ideas are insane And wildly unpopular until the culture Is reshaped by bullying and brainwashing There are two genders there are two Genders and everyone knows it eight but Two genders yes such that the horrible Backlash people reaffirming the thing That they believe after you tried to Force something new onto them I’m Surprised you survived That last guy sounded like it’s an Emergency and we’re running out of Genders why are you making fun of the Way this African-American man speaks What’s funny about that to you John Making more jokes to apologize for I Guess that’s what comedy is now whoa What’s the name [Applause] Doing an impression of a black man not Very funny if you ask me haven’t they Been through enough I don’t want to have To start rationing genders The point is clear The human race is defined by a simple Binary a black and white understanding Why does he keep bringing race into this There are men and there are women yes And never the twain shall meet Trump is An alpha male well okay yes there are Obviously men who are more man than Other oh no this is where we do the

Whole there’s variation within the Category therefore the category doesn’t Exist thing man but that’s an aberration Vader gamma okay There’s an entire Greek alphabet a Continuum of masculinity but that Doesn’t mean [ __ ] Pajama Boy of soy boy Girly man Yep that’s what we’re doing here great John a sink is different from a toilet But toilets come in all shapes and sizes You say indeed they do but these Variations are no excuse for you to take A [ __ ] in the sink tell me John do any Of these men play a different or unique Role in the sexual act because of their Place on this spectrum or are there Still only two fundamental roles the one Who impregnates and the one who can Become pregnant and before you hit me With the Arizona Inferno or some people Can’t get someone can’t get anyone Pregnant yes okay but a man who’s not Fertile is not now capable of becoming Pregnant the way a woman is he’s just He’s not able to do the man thing that Doesn’t mean he’s no longer a man and Doesn’t fit into that category it just Means he can’t do it as well there’s Something wrong with his body to suggest That strip some of his manhood is Ridiculously offensive Bigot boy I hope the children are out of the room

Clearly masculinity appears to be on a Dimmer not an on off switch but ladies Are different I was a big tomboy these Purple-haired angry freaks rabid Feminist cat lady hi Roman bimbos pretty Girly girl Every single time this topic comes up The Not all men are equally masculine And not all women are equally feminine Argument is made in an attempt to Invalidate the gender binary but Variation within a category doesn’t Invalidate the category less masculine Men aren’t any more able to get pregnant The way women are and less feminine Women aren’t any more able to inseminate The way men can which is the entire Basis of the category and for those who Don’t identify with either category it’s Not as if some new role in the sexual Act is created for them what a cruise Line Buffet of the gradients in American Gender expression Turns out there’s a lot of non-binary [ __ ] happening between the binaries ah When this conversation comes up I find It difficult to pick out exactly where To start explaining why what someone Just said was wrong firstly gender Identity doesn’t exist it’s a phony Phrase which was coined by Dr John money A pedophile and child sex abuser who Gave an infant a sex change and created Pornographic images of him and his

Brother as they grow up the phrase Creates a false separation between the Role one plays in the sexual act either As the male or female and their identity When the two are ultimately Inseparable It reduces the role a person plays in Society as a man or woman to a Subjective preference based on their own Wishes and internal perception of Themselves rather than the concrete Reality of their body and how it Interacts with the world using this Tortured language allows him to attempt To disguise his argument as having some Level of sophistication or substance When in reality it’s a complete Non-sequitur at bottom what he’s saying Is we shouldn’t categorize people based On the role they play in sexual Reproduction because everyone has Different personality traits Speaking of different personality traits John has the unfortunate trait of having No idea what he’s talking about but Things could be different if he had Ground news are you sick and tired of Being unloved and bad at debunking Things well news can solve one of those Problems that’s because ground news is The world’s first news comparison Platform it allows you to sort through The news and see how the left is Reporting on things as opposed to the Right making you a fact checking whiz it

Won’t make you less ugly though not Unless beauty is defined as knowing Who’s funding the news you’re reading How often they get the facts right and What their biases are it’s not no one Would ever Define beauty that way you’ll Definitely want to check out the blind Spot feature it’s an extremely useful Tool that shows you specific stories That have gone under-reported by the Left or right like the story of how Opposition assistant sued Michigan’s Health system for firing her because she Wouldn’t use medically incorrect Pronouns or make referrals for gender Transition drugs literally zero left Wing Outlets are reporting on it if you Scroll down a little further you can see Each of the news outlets that have Reported on the story as well as Brilliant as we are huh but you can be Less like Jon Stewart than you were Yesterday to try ground news for free or Subscribe to get access to all of the Features you see here and support a Small team of Independent Media Outsiders working to make the media more Transparent go to Freedom Tunes that’s ground dot News slash Freedom T-o-ooms now back to the debunking but That hasn’t stopped the traditionalists Apparently believing what everyone in The world believed five years ago and

What 99 of the world still believes Today makes you a traditionalist From deploying their newest weapon in The culture war arsenal well deploying New weapons Obvious gotcha question I gotcha huh he must be about to show us A real slippery and fair question The real basic question what is a woman Asking what a woman is is a gotcha Question no what does a question even Have to do to qualify as a gotcha and Also how is that a new tactic what’s a Woman stop it with your gotcha questions Do you remember when Sarah Palin was Asked if she reads books and she called That a gotcha question Because this is way more embarrassing Than that Do you consider any of these to be Gotcha questions if so you should Probably keep that to yourself I promise You’ll be less embarrassed this way can You provide a definition for the word Woman for all of recorded history people Have known what a woman is correct if You couldn’t demonstrate that you knew What a woman was just 20 years ago you Would be considered profoundly mentally Disabled yes All of recorded history we’re gonna Scream what he just said like a crazy Person and that’s going to make us Correct

It was simple until like a year ago the Answer to what is a woman has always Been the same it’s uh a woman is a Deformity that occurred in the ordinary Course of nature Why that’s That’s Aristotle I apologize that’s oh Wow look Aristotle said what people who Believe in evolution say about literally Everything that exists but I guess Mutation is a nicer word than deformity Not really though probably on the same Level of insensitivity I’m sorry that’s not what I meant I Meant a woman is a person who has no Legal existence once married that’s I’m Sorry that’s that’s Not a definition It’s a law John what’s the definition of automobile Uh well in some places you can’t you’re Not allowed to drive more than 55 miles An hour in some places you can’t go more Than 35 miles an hour so who who even Knows what a car is That’s early American coverture law That’s that’s not right no the Throughout history it’s not a gotcha Question a woman is 30 shekels once Again that’s not a definition and not Even intended to be one Embarrassing he set out two on Earth Definitions of Womanhood throughout History that conflict with one another

And he couldn’t manage to find three Thanks for making our argument for us we Have Aristotle’s description of women a Centuries-old law about marriage and a Passage from Leviticus about the Financial value of a woman in a specific Context none of these are definitions And none of them refute the definition Of woman as adult human female and Regardless of whether we would agree With the people writing these statements About how women should be treated one Thing is for certain all of them could Tell us what a woman is and John you Can’t I wonder why that is we clearly Have so many varying ideas about all of This all across time and culture and yet This understanding that women are people Whose reproductive Anatomy is ordered Towards pregnancy is definitive in Virtually every single culture except Seahorses almost like there’s an Objective reality to all of this that Jon Stewart refuses to see and until he Can he’s going to keep regurgitating Tired left-wing talking points until we Can be certain that his arguments will Remain as tiring as his jokes We’re waiting on our apology [Music]

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