Joe Biden’s New Plan to “Help” BIack People is the Most Ridiculous Yet😂

By | October 27, 2022

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Joe Biden has an issue with airline seats.

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Joe Biden has come up with a new plan to End racism in America he wants to ban Airlines from charging people for more Leg room saying that it Disproportionately affects people of Color of course I’m not kidding Some Airlines if you want six more Inches between you and the seat in front You pay more money yeah but you don’t Know it until you until until you choose That option when you’re buying your Tickets of course not purchase your Ticket Look folks these are junk fees they’re Unfair in the marginalized Americans the Hardest especially low-income folks and People of color According to this line of logic that Means that football and basketball games And every sporting event is also racist For charging people different prices for Better seats and this week Ralph Macchio Has responded to new criticism that Karate Kid which came out in 1984 almost 40 years ago was too white of a movie by The way this should be a parody article From The Babylon bee or the onion if They actually still did do satire in Comedy but this is from People magazine It’s a real story if you’ve got a Problem with karate kid being too white Then you can always watch The Last Dragon which came out about the same Time which I actually thought was

Fantastic who’s the master I am you are The last dragon you possess the power of The glow Of course no white people complained That that movie was too black and needed More diversity or that the only white Person in the entire film was the evil Record executive but then Hollywood did What Hollywood always does with every Popular film franchise that just so Happens to Star a white character they Remade it and then race swapped them out For a black one this time with Jaden Smith Will Smith’s son playing the lead Role and also Jackie Chan which is odd Because Jackie Chan is Chinese and Actually taught the kid Kung Fu which is A Chinese tradition because karate is a Japanese tradition and you may recall That Mr Miyagi was from Japan they still Called it the Karate Kid though should Have called it the kung fu kid should Have been a totally in a different movie But they just decided to race swap it Like they always do and got woke and Ruined it but if you swap out a black Character for a white one then they get Really upset and they call that Whitewashing and then I guess you get Your Twitter account banned as well Because after they released a screenshot Of the New Black Ariel and the new Live-action Little Mermaid film somebody Decided to take that and swap it out for

A white actress with red hair just like The original cartoon And then they got their Twitter account Banned and they were labeled a racist And you may have heard that the NHL just Released their long-awaited diversity Report because they’re concerned that There are too many white people who play Hockey but the madness never ends there Are also too many white girls who like To dance in ballet class so ballet has a Diversity problem according to the Seattle Times and here’s what some People in Seattle and elsewhere are Doing to change that also apparently There were too many white people who Helped the Allies win World War II and So the University of Rhode Island Decided to remove a World War II mural Because there were too many white people In them now 530 a mural at the University of Rhode Island that’s been On display for nearly 70 years is being Removed it comes after students Complained about a lack of diversity Depicted in that picture for seven Decades thousands of students have Passed by the murals staff says recently For some it’s been a problem I have Received complaints about the the murals Predominantly the person’s painted and Depicted on the wall are predominantly White and that does not represent who Our institution is today Sherman’s

Family says Joe Biden’s student loan Forgiveness program is also considered To be racist because it forgave the same Amount of money for all students no Matter what their race was and black Lives matter says that the black Students should have been given more Money also a new study has linked the Chemicals and hair straighteners to an Increase in uterine cancer which is also You guessed it being blamed on white People because as you know a lot of Black women like to straighten their Hair and so that’s our fault MSNBC says That a new study exposes not the Chemicals that are causing this cancer Allegedly but the new study exposes the Dangerous consequences of white beauty Standards it’s our fault that black Women like to straighten their hair so Maybe it’s time that white people start Calling out people like Beyonce for her Cultural appropriation our culture is Not your costume Beyonce also if you Haven’t heard the print president of the American historical Association which is Dedicated to preserving America’s Historical records and correcting Falsehoods apologized for doing just That after they corrected some of the Falsehoods that the black lives matter Movement was spreading particularly Through the 1619 project which was a Propaganda campaign it was a propaganda

Campaign started by the New York Times Which really tries to I guess credit Black people for you know building the United States because the first slave Supposedly was brought here from Africa In 1619 of course after they were sold Two European Traders by fellow black People on the continent of Africa so he Published this pathetic and groveling Apology for doing his job and correctly Pointing out the false history that They’re promoting uh he sincerely Regrets being accurate and he is deeply Sorry for that he says he apologizes for The damage and he is hoping to redeem Himself but speaking of slaves in America Michael Moore learned that one Of his ancestors was a Scottish slave Here in the United States of course a White person a Scottish person a Scott Who was then later killed by Native Americans and actor Don Cheadle was Quite saddened to learn when he appeared On the PBS documentary series finding Your roots that his ancestors were not Just slaves here in the United States But that they were owned by a Native American tribe he didn’t know that Native American tribes and most Americans don’t know that the Indians Did own slaves and making it even more Sad was the fact that his ancestors were Still enslaved after the Civil War when White people freed the slaves but the

Native American tribes of course didn’t Abide by those rules and so they still Kept their slaves I might have to Revisit and expand on this for a Thanksgiving Special Report since around That time every year as you know the Liberal media industrial complex Complains about what the white people Did to the Native Americans so we’ll Have to remind them what the Native Americans did to black people things are Getting so strange in the United States That black marxists like those over at MSNBC even say that white people Shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion About what happened at the Oscars when Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith Also I’ll try to put this in context for Um you know our our white fellow Countrymen as best I can and really Truly uh Black America there is a Commonality amongst us all and if we Went to a white person’s home and it was Their family dinner and we were sitting There at the table and the mother hauled Off and slapped the father and everybody At that table has an opinion you know The sister is like Mom you always do This and the brother is like I can’t Believe you guys are doing this and Dad’s like you’re terrible if I weigh in As the guest in this home and I say yeah You guys are terrible everybody’s like I’m sorry when did you get an opinion

This is Our Family Table that’s what This moment felt like for many of us and There’s a Nuance to what happened that We should get into I thought the slap Itself was completely uncalled for and I Want to be really clear while we’re Talking about family talk I think it is Utterly ridiculous to Center this Conversation in the opinions of white Folks this is just about what happened There the jumping off point should not Be oh but what might the white people Think about it is just this moment Between those two men I thought it was Uncalled for so I’m curious your Thoughts Michael and if you thought that The anti-whitism couldn’t get any worse Than what’s spewed out of MSNBC on a Daily basis over at PBS they actually Blamed white people for what Will Smith Did and Professor Ulin I want to jump Right in with you you wrote a searing Piece for The Hollywood Reporter in Which you seem to dissect each action Will Smith took that night in a deeper Context of pain specifically what you Called black pain why do you think it’s Important to see this movement this Moment through that lens I think that anytime we witness violence We need to understand that from um a Place where we recognize the emotional Psychological State that’s driving this Physical response to a trigger and Will

Smith was definitely triggered that Night but I think in the broader context Of American society we need to Understand what was happening there is Really rooted and steeped in a 400 year Commitment to Black Erasure black Marginalization black silencing and the Stereotyping of black people It’s white people’s fault also telling Black lives matter mobs not to riots When they are rioting is considered to Be racist according to this persistent Professor over at Boston University if We’re going to talk about George Floyd And really understand it then we need to Understand Community reactions to it and We often hear politicians we hear Civic Leader years from inside black Communities and from outside of them as Well we hear President Biden say you Know I understand your frustrations but Don’t destroy property well when you say That to black people who historically Have been property one of our greatest Weapons against Injustice was the Looting of ourselves as property from The system of slavery actually white People freed the slaves and hundreds of Thousands of white people died in the Civil War in order to do it uh you’re Welcome And what we see in communities is They’re reacting to the very racism of What we call property right so that’s

Why I think it’s very important for you Know people who see reactions in Communities no they’re actually reacting To fake news of course uh but don’t want To get sued for 250 million dollars by The Floyd family for pointing out what Really happened the family of Saint Floyd said that they’re preparing a 250 Million dollar lawsuit against Kanye West because he pointed out what really Happened if you happen to utter facts or Opinions that may hurt other people’s Feelings then maybe give them a heads up By ordering my shirt from Or click the link in the description Below warning contains facts and Opinions some may fight offensive or if That’s not your style order an arrest Dr Fauci shirt an F Joe biting shirt or any Of my awesome designs all available in a T-shirt long sleeve and hoodie and a Whole bunch of different colors as well So head on over to or click The link in the description below and Check them out

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