Jimmy Dore Hits Truly PATHETIC New Low, Sock Puppet Twitter Account Uncovered

By | November 8, 2022

Matt Binder discovered Jimmy Dore’s embarrassing sock puppet account. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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Matt binder who works over at the Majority report discovered something Interesting about Jimmy Dore The interesting thing he discovered was That Jimmy Dore uses a sock puppet Account on Twitter to defend himself Now how did he figure this out well the Mystery began when a Twitter account Called two coats responded to one of Matt binder's tweets that criticized Jimmy Dore Jimmy Dore retweeted two coats's Response but there was something fishy About that so let's watch There's no Jimmy door tag he doesn't tag At Jimmy door in this tweet no he Doesn't that's fine maybe Jimmy Dorn is A name Searcher I mean that's really Lame you know people who go on Twitter And search their name he he never says Jimmy door to find this tweet you would Have to search Just Jimmy I look at my replies and now I can't tell the exact time Jimmy Dore Retweeted it but I can see when the First person replied to Jimmy dore's Retweet and so the original tweet From With the 55 followers was posted at 7 38 PM October 25th that's right now that's Today uh just a few hours ago 7 38 p.m And the first person replying to Jimmy Dore's retweet comes in almost right Away at 7 41 PM so that means Jimmy door

Retweeted this 55 follower Twitter Account who did not add him who did not Even type the words Jimmy door in their Tweet so you could find it if you search For the search term Jimmy Dore on Twitter Jimmy Dore found it and Retweeted it within three minutes of This tweet being posted Okay it's gonna get better okay because Like you know it might be a crazy Coincidence it might be it might be well Um first off to make things even weirder Uh Jimmy wasn't even following two coats So he wasn't a follower of that Twitter Account so like how did you see that Tweet and as Matt binder mentioned in That video uh the original tweet didn't Say Jimmy Dore it just said Jimmy and it Didn't tag Jimmy Dore so how did he see It Um and can I just can I jump in for two Things sure there's more evidence coming But uh Jimmy apparently has way too much Time dude okay like in either direction By the way even if it's not him like What do you just like on Twitter 24 7 Like oh somebody mentioned me Tweeted like I don't know people mention People a billion times on Twitter you're Tracking every Nano tweet about you yep That like I almost hope that it is Jimmy Because if it's not Jimmy it's like Slightly more pathetic and then uh and Then if you notice it is him by the way

If you notice he's like you're being Really unfair to me in the Tweet oh dude Oh it's so good I love it so much Matt Binder thank you for doing this okay but He's about to provide more evidence okay So Bender wasn't content content to rest On his Laurels uh he and his Rowdy Friends wanted to continue researching This to see if they could find more Evidence and they did Uh the first is that Jimmy Dore posted Several screenshots of his phone screen Big mistake while he was in Italy in 2018 that notorious Italy vacation where He decided to interrupt his own vacation To say horrible harassing things to Francesca fiorentini yeah that Italy Vacation and you can see that he's using Italian mobile carriers which makes Sense since you can't use Verizon While you're overseas in Italy right While Jimmy was on the on his trip two Coats also posted some screenshots of Their phone And you can see that they were using the Exact same obscure mobile carrier as Jimmy at the exact same time so let's Take a look at this graphic All right so uh you'll see this uh Graphic that shows uh you know it's the Screenshot of mattbinder you see a Circle around the Vodafone Italy uh so That's uh you know the Jimmy door issue Here uh

So that's Jimmy dore's screenshot of his Phone you could see that uh he's Connected to uh Vodafone Italy okay Let's go to the second graphic And then two coats His burner account obviously has the Same marker indicating that it's using Uh Vodafone Italy why don't you just Respond to people like you're trying to Make yourself like look more popular Because others yes no but yes yes that's Why Bots exist that's why troll Farms Exist it's all about shaping public Opinion by making it appear as though a Person spouting something or promoting Something is more popular than they Really are yes that's what it is it's About shaping public opinion but if you Have to it's like one burner account at A time that's like it's it's the exact Opposite is it one burner account at a Time I don't know yeah who knows how Many burner accounts he has maybe it's All Jimmy like all the trolls are Bots He's like he's like on 18 different Different burner phones anyway I have a Twist of the story that you don't know But okay well I want to go to another Video that features Matt binder because He's going to explain the final piece of Evidence that really seals the deal I want you to look here this is that This account he's got a screenshot here Scrolling down the screenshot I want you

All to pay attention to this part right Here This little black semi-circle at the Bottom here I want to quickly Go to Jimmy dore's Twitter account I'm gonna once again show you The screenshot Took What does that look like there to you [Applause] What does that look like there to you Look at it [Music] The reason why [Music] [Laughter] [Music] So the reason why it's relevant is Because when you're going to reply it Shows your handle right yep and so when He's going to reply it's Jimmy's uh Picture uh at the the top of Jimmy's Picture so you know it's actually his Phone uh that is from two coats so that Means it's uh he's the that's his burner You know what I have to say to that yeah [Music] I'm done okay so look this is a Wonderfully pathetic story That's so pathetic I love it Um some folks don't need Bots and trolls And some people don't need burner Accounts and by the way be a man just Respond on your own okay you like it's

So sad to hide behind like oh these Other people think I'm really popular And they're defending me So it's so embarrassing You couldn't even get your mom to defend You you had to do a burner account yeah That's why they have all these Conspiracies about me and us and Etc Like oh yeah I I bet you're uh You know it got burner accounts like Yeah you don't want to come and think of It I don't have enough time to like be Active enough on my actual social media Accounts the idea of having the time to Even create a burner account and then Tweet from the burner account it like Blow I think you're I think you're Overworking me I think that's the Problem oh that's what it is because I Feel like everyone else endless time to Be on Twitter like constantly constantly On Twitter what are you doing to me no You don't want to be on Twitter no I Don't actually I asked you to go on Twitter very happy to not be okay so This is hilarious and funny so but now Here's the addition to the story so Today I'm getting all these responses From Jimmy like like normally he doesn't Respond himself to me sometimes he'll do The ha thing on some Rando stuff right But it's like Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy and I'm Like

Like why today out of any day right I'm Not barely I'm not talking about Jimmy What the hell why is he all over my Twitter Because he can't use his burner [Music] So when I saw that we were doing this Story and I'm like oh that's why I'm Getting all the Jimmy things because he Used to have the fake accounts to it and Since he got caught now he's doing it Himself because he's too embarrassed Ah that's wonderfully sad [Laughter] Man maybe it's not Jimmy's fault maybe It's Debbie Wasserman Schultz maybe Debbie Wasserman Schultz forced him to do it You know uh-huh and we're not talking About that kind of Bo It's a different Debbie very old school Young Turkish reference yeah yes Um so I don't I like there's some chase By the way that there are literally no Left-wing Jimmy fans anymore can I just Give you examples of tweets that he Retweeted with his birthday oh yes yes Please yeah so he retweeted this Hollywood and their liberal media aren't Mad at yay for actual anti-Semitism they Have no problem supporting Ukrainian Nazis it is so Jimmy Thing okay they're mad that he said some Harsh long-known truths about uh the

World Health Organization I don't know About who runs out who wow who runs Hollywood and entertainment how they run It and that one of their own just Exposed this wait a minute that's not Even funny that's like like deeply Anti-semitic oh wow what a shocker that Jimmy Dorr would retweet something like That wow what a shocker is anyone Surprised let me give you more here's Another oh this is just a tweet uh by Jimmy Dore on his burner account Well Jimmy did organize a hundred Thousand people into a town hall to Pressure powerful people to vote for Medicare for all uh That Shook Up the Democrats and exposed the fraud Squad And is now helping start another Political party I guess that's doing Nothing to you good luck no this this Really honestly this solidified what I Had already thought and suspected Jimmy Dore has the biggest like weird daddy Issues with you oh that's interesting Thousand percent because you started Justice Democrats that's why he has this Weird unhealthy obsession with AOC and Like going after the squad he hasn't Actually done anything substantive at All other than you know build something For himself No two coaches told me he started a Party oh we started 100 000 100 000 people showed up Jimmy you're a joke

Man that's so embarrassing not 100 000 People didn't show up anywhere what do You keep it going Jimmy keep it going Okay everyone needs the comedic relief And you do provide it not in the ways That you're hoping but still if I was in A situation like that and I and you do a Burner count you're not it's not even a Joke it's not a gag right and you're Like Jake euger get a rally with a Hundred no 200 000 people showing up you Should be more respectful you know in The middle of the tweet I just like I'm Retiring oh my God okay I gotta I gotta Get to the final one I gotta get to the Final one there's worse Jesus so Jimmy Dore fans are seething that their King Has been exposed for being a weirdo Narcissist which is you know wow total Shocker they're also is it Jimmy Dore Fans or are they all I know who knows Who knows what's real Um but they're also playing the blame Game and they're not doing such a great Job up with it so uh They think that ravana Is a fake account Rayvon is a real Person I can tell you she's on the Network you can see her anytime check Her out on Rebel headquarters so she Quote tweeted the burner account saying Jimmy Dore tweeting about how obsessed Jank is with him from an ALT account is So funny right Jimmy is upset no Jake is

Obsessed with Jimmy this mashup proves That even when smearing Bernie's press Secretary is a fake leftist he still Can't stop thinking and talking about Jimmy door non-stop it's a stunt by the Way guys go to Jimmy dore's YouTube Account search tyt And just enjoy the endless video content About us yeah so that's Jimmy's burner Account writing like uh Jake is obsessed With me right basically when like half His videos are about tyt I know it's Like we forgot about it we do like Little gags like this every once in a While but otherwise we forgot about it How could you not do little gags like It's so delicious for him like we left The room like Years ago months ago right and he's Still in the room screaming him and his Burner accounts oh you don't know how Big Jimmy is you got a hundred thousand People to come he started a party and he Was in his house it was in his basement It was just him and his wife but still He started a party it was like a really Fun party okay they had chips and Doritos and pretzels And then if you notice of course at the End it was like oh found Jake euger's Burner okay right Thank you that's all projection man it's All projection it's so good it's so good I love it thank you for everybody all

Right I like that Jimmy's become like This little Sideshow character that you Comedic relief yeah you run a mountain He's like a little Gremlin Timmy's really important you guys should Pay attention to Jamie quickie go back In Jamie go back in okay Thanks for watching The Young Turks I Really appreciate it another way to show Support is through YouTube memberships You'll get to interact with us more There's live chat emojis these badges You've got emojis of me Anna John Jr so Those are super fun but you also get Playback of our exclusive member only Shows and specials right after they air So all that all you gotta do is click That join button right underneath the Video thank you

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