Jesse Watters: Women, Stop Chopping Your Hair Off & Calling Men Toxic

By | November 30, 2022

Fox News Host Jesse Watters is continuing to tell women what to do and who to date. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): Women need men, and men need women. We need each other. And if you understand nature, you understand there is not a war between the sexes. We need to make love, not war. And you need to stop chopping your hair off and calling us “toxic.” We are on a mission — yes, we peacock, but we peacock for your attention — so fall in love and let’s all live happily ever after.”


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And if you understand nature you Understand there is not a war between The sexes We need to Make Love Not War and you Need to stop chopping your hair off and Calling us toxic There's Jesse Waters going on and on With this uh latest topic that he seems To be obsessed with which is telling Women what to do and who to date now uh There's more to his weird plea but first We need to give you some context that's The important part to the story now the Five we're discussing a story involving A rich heiress who allegedly Um paid someone 300 a day to deprogram The so-called wokeness from her daughter Okay so her daughter went to college and Allegedly became woke and it was so Toxic and so terrible that they had to Pay 300 a day to deprogram the wokeness We'll show you a video of the daughter Her name is Annabella Rockwell Describing what allegedly happened to Her to Tucker Carlson in just a moment But watch the video with a grain of salt Because uh she's now working for prageru And if you can recall from my debate With Prager himself he loves to make up Stories about how college students will You know persecute a woman who says that She doesn't want to pursue a career and Would rather be a homemaker which is Just laughable to say the least but

Nonetheless let's take a look at this Video again this is Annabella Rockwell As time went on and I studied history I Became completely brainwashed into Believing that I was oppressed by our Toxic patriarchal society and I left School I was sad anxious intellectually Starving and by 2015 when I graduated I Completely estranged myself from my Family so in this Panic of me not Communicating with my mother she Consulted a cult specialist this person Gave her devastating statistics that Most people don't make it out but a Glimmer of hope that it tends to be Young women who do so she spoke to him And he made it very clear to her do not Affirm your daughter's Newfound identity You know her best she is your child Don't affirm yes I made a lifestyle Change I stopped drinking I started to Believe in God again and lastly I had to Unlearn my four years of wokeism by Watching five-minute prageru videos on Online for free Okay so that's the context that sparked This discussion with Jesse Waters but Before we get to Jesse Waters I have to Comment on something just don't go to College No it is interesting right because Right-wing parents Who love to complain about wokism on College campuses also send their kids to

All sorts of Expensive Ivy League schools private Universities it's almost as if they know That you know getting higher education Is correlated to success in your career In your life more earnings they just Want to discourage you from sending your Kids to college or they want to Discourage you From going to college in the first place Because they want the advantage so they Share all these ridiculous made-up Stories about wokeism on college Campuses we still have problems with Rape victims not getting taken seriously On college campuses you want to talk to Me about wokeism on college campuses and I'm sorry one other thing I'll note as a Woman myself uh who went to college Undergrad graduate degree got it all Okay you know what I hear over and over Again from people uh whether they're on The left right doesn't matter what are You gonna have babies when you're gonna Have babies when you're gonna have Babies when you're gonna have kids what Are you gonna have kids when you have Kids are you gonna get married or by the Way I am married but before I was Married when are you gonna get married When are you gonna get married where do You get me the idea that women get Persecuted for wanting to be Homemakers In this country is hilarious but moving

On I just had to get that out Waters engages in this rant because Janine Pirro brought brought up CRT on College campuses and then Waters Demanded uh that he not be discriminated Against so how is he discriminated Against exactly let's watch You know Jesse what Dane is talking About is the fact that uh 58 of the top 100 U.S medical schools uh have Mandatory programs in the fundamentals Of critical race theory that we've been Told pretty much doesn't exist uh it's Awoke indoctrination to the doctors Um and they're raising social justice as A focus is that relevant to medical School teaching Well I don't want to be discriminated Against as a straight white male by my Physician like I said if there's a Mistake made and I undergo some radical Gender reassignment surgery because Someone has it in for me that's going to Be a problem So Jake I'm just going to open it up to You Okay so there's a couple of issues here First I'm going to read you a graphic Here to give you a sense of why they Teach that at medical schools but let's Note for the record she's like ah they Tell this critical race Theory doesn't Exist no we never said that we said Critical race Theory doesn't exist in

Elementary school and Junior High in High school that you guys were talking About we said it's a graduate level Class that's why you guys are being Absurd saying that it's in elementary Schools and guess what medical school is Graduate level College all right that's Where you were teaching isn't that Interesting just like we told you but You see how they just do that sleight of Hand non-stop so why do they teach that In medical schools black and not all of Them but but a lot of them and that's Great why because let's look at this Black patients are systematically under Treated for pain Decades of research Have shown in the 2016 survey of 222 White medical students and residents About half endorsed false beliefs about Biological differences between blacks And whites residents like they've Already gone through the medical Training they're residents and they Think this it's Jesus Christ and those Who did also perceive blacks as feeling Less pain than whites and were more Likely to suggest inappropriate medical Treatment for black patients according To the paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences so they're teaching the doctors Hey listen the students a lot of times Unfortunately the studies the meta Studies have shown over a course of an

Incredible number of patients and Doctors that unfortunately in our Profession does kind of discriminate Against black people but we're trying to Fix that so remember guys there is no Difference biologically that's what We're trying to teach you in medical School we're trying to teach you biology Between black folks and white folks There are some diseases that affect one Group more than another and we're going To teach you about that too because you Need to be a doctor that knows facts Because we're trying to save people's Lives right so there is no better place To teach that and they're like okay I'm All later they're trying to save black People's lives too And Jesse Waters comes in goes oh I hope They don't you know turn me transgender Because I'm straight white male uh and The Fox News audience is having the you Know the time of their lives do you Think all this stuff is real they don't Know that Fox News is systematically Lying to them and brainwashing them they Think oh yeah I bet they their doctors Discriminate against white people yeah It's the exact opposite of what's true Right way the other thing that I would Draw attention to is the high rates of Maternal mortality during childbirth for Black women because their concerns and Their pain and what they're experiencing

Is oftentimes not taken as seriously by Medical professionals so they end up Dying during childbirth at much higher Rates than white women if you're doing a Comparative analysis there now we're Talking about race But without a Segway Jesse Waters takes this as an Opportunity to get right back into his Creepy thoughts about women and what They should do with their lives let's Watch And I want to speak directly to the Heiress right now Dana hold my hand oh Boy Women need men And men need women And if you understand nature you Understand there is not a war between The sexes We need to Make Love Not War and you Need to stop chopping your hair off and Calling us toxic we are on a mission yes We peacock but we peacock for your Attention so fall in love and let's all Live happily ever after Well I'm a big believer in um seeing a Particular gender not as a monolith but As a group of people who are very Different from one another oftentimes so When I think about a man that I love Deeply my husband uh he is on a Completely different playing field than Someone Like Jesse Waters so

My husband wooed me not by letting the Air out of my tires so I'm stranded and Have no choice but to be driven home by Him uh he wooed me in other ways in uh Sharing who he is as a person also like You know he's anyway other things but But that Jesse Waters definitely doesn't Share but my point is like no don't put Yourself in a big group of men You're not the same as all men and look For some people like me yeah I do I do Love men I find men incredibly important In my life okay uh you were and continue To be a mentor for me you're an Important male in my life I love my Husband he's my partner I wouldn't be Able to do many things in my life Without him because it's a partnership That works for us there are people who Don't uh you know they're not into Heterosexual relationships and uh if if I were a lesbian I'd I'd find the same Love and comfort in another woman but This is all to say it's none of your Goddamn business you creep mind your own Business and like if I mean dude cheated on his wife with a Producer who he's now married to Yeah I don't think anyone should be Taking any advice from you on Relationships so and of course why is he Doing this it's all political you think He cares about you I mean I mean that's the saddest part of

All that unfortunately the Fox News Audience and the Trump followers they Really think that Jesse Waters and Donald Trump and Doug Carlson care about Them no we've been telling you on The Young Turks exactly why Jesse Waters Keeps going back to that same well since The midterm elections but I'll show it To you one more time gender by marital Status how do they vote married women 56 Percent Republican 42 percent Democrat So Republicans have a 14 point Advantage With married women single women Unmarried women Democrats have a 68-31 advantage that's According to exit polling from the 2022 Elections that's a enormous 37 point difference uh for unmarried Women supporting Democrats and Jesse Waters actually even said that the first Time he started talking about yep he Showed that graphic and he's like and he Literally just said it out loud he's Like we have to make sure they all get Married but like why do you think that Getting married is gonna suddenly change Their political identity right and are You under the impression that they're Going to go out of their way to marry People who disagree with their politics Because that's also not going to happen Like I actually move further to the left After I got married yeah and and of Course since uh people on the right wing

Aren't that bright he looks at them Thinks that there's a cause of Connection that the minute you get Married remember it's 37 points One Way 16 points the other way that's an Unbelievable 53 Point difference right That the minute you get married they're Like oh yeah I should be a Republican or I will Now dutifully obey my husband and My husband's a republican I will not be A republican due today in 1955. you're Missing one of the reasons why married Women are more Republican is because They're older and the older demographics Not for everyone but generally speaking When you look at the overall numbers uh 45 to 85 is solidly Republican and They're much more likely to be married Than People Under 45 under 35 under 25 But these Knuckleheads don't get it they Really think oh if we just pushed them In do a lot of propaganda to push them Into marriage they'll just instantly Turn Republican that's not how it works And they were more likely to benefit From an economic system before it was Further deregulated and further devolved Into the S show that it is today you Know that's I mean think about that the Working conditions for young women those Aren't going to magically change once They get married so many of the issues That are currently taking place in this Country right now which leads to the

Political identity that people form Those issues aren't going away thanks to People like you so the idea that all They need to do is get married and Suddenly they're going to love Conservatives is insane