By | November 2, 2022

In today’s video, Christopher Greene reports on Breaking News 2022!!
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All right ladies and gentlemen the FED Pivots today just like expected Jerome Powell dances fed boy danced just like I Thought that he would inflation which Their target is two percent is obviously Not there real inflation rates here in The United States are 20 plus percent we Are living through a hyperinflationary Collapse in the United States of America And the westernized world this is a Worst case scenario and of course the War in Ukraine which they’re going to Blame the war in Ukraine and on Vladimir Putin for the hyperinflation is the Perfect scapegoat for their gross Negligence and of course Jerome who’s Just a face a puppet of those that are Actually in power are driving the USA Like the Titanic intentionally into Icebergs to sink it but I do want to Talk about his commentary today because It’s very important what he’s saying Because he’s signaling what he’s going To do so what’s the summation of Jerome Powell fedboy’s speech today which is All one big teleprompter read and you Should be profiting on all this by by The way ladies and gentlemen there’s not Much that I’ve gone wrong so let’s see Here Dogecoin up 100 over the last seven Days I told you that the FED would Weaken and pivot that they would stop The raid hikes that they would give us That language that the markets would

Rally and the deal of Twitter the Acquisition by Elon Musk would be looked Back on as the new start of the secular Bull market in the cryptocurrency space All things that are transpiring now in Fact Litecoin up 10 earlier this morning And I think we’re going to see even more Momentum pile into the crypto buy this Freaking dip trade as people realize What just happened so there’s only two Mandates the Federal Reserve has one Price stability which they get a giant F An absolute failure there’s zero price Stability here in the United States of America we have hyperinflation and it’s A worst case scenario two employment now What’s interesting about employment is Even fed Jerome pal chair dude said Himself people don’t want to work so we Have disproportionate demand for workers By employers but people that actually Don’t want to work now this is Interesting and also plays in of course To the socialism and the universal basic Income that they want so the two Mandates that they have that the FED has Unemployment or full employment rather And price stability they get F’s on Every single account so what did the Federal Reserve do today they did Exactly what we expected 75 basis point Height they have raised interest rates Some 3.75 percent this year now it’s Important to understand that the FED

Funds rate still sits at four percent my Grandma had a loan a 30-year mortgage For like 15 percent they own CDs at 20 Percent so we are still essentially at Zero these rate hikes are not hikes They’re fake okay and it assures Hyperinflation they would have to raise Rates to 20 or higher to have any Meaningful impact to get this economy Back to where it should be without the Obvious manipulate nation and fraud Being implemented by the central bank And the Federal Reserve So it’s a 75 basis point hike to four Percent and it sounds like they’re going To start softening by the end of the Year by Christmas now again they have The perfect scapegoat and smoke screen Which is going to be the World War III Event in Ukraine so they can blame Putin And by the way they’re saying now that Putin has pancreatic cancer these are The allegations also beginning stages of Not Alzheimer’s But it’s the other one it’s the Cognitive decline one they say that he Possibly or potentially might have Schizo uh what is it some kind of schizo Disorder he’s got the puffiness in his Face some of you probably seen that There’s accusations that he’s got Markings on his hands and he’s being Filled up with steroids all these kinds Of painkillers and medications that he’s

Been shaking on tables I don’t know if I Believe that but obviously the Westernized media is putting out this Psych Warfare to the general public as We engage in the war with Russia and Ultimately China which is what the proxy Wore is also the Pentagon is now Admitting U.S troops are on the ground They’re calling them inspectors but They’re now admitting U.S troops on the Ground in Ukraine so it’s a full-blown Ground Invasion worst case scenario Which will ultimately lead us into a Further escalation as we’ve seen Saudi Arabia of course pivot warn of Iranian Attacks here in the last 24 48 hours and As we’ve seen Saudi Arabia completely Depart from the U.S hegemony and cut Some 2 million barrels of oil per day Another thing that’s going to create a Boon for inflation so we know it’s not Going to stop So U.S is not stable at all it’s Unstable we don’t have stability we had A 2.6 GDP rate last quarter and we see That kind of trending with really not Not real any growth and that’s another Major thing that you need to understand Is in the westernized world especially Here in the United States we’re in a Marketplace where there’s zero growth Permanently so there’s zero real growth And high inflation rates so that’s not Just stagflation it’s hyperinflation no

Growth and high inflation now if you Want to control people and populations What you do is you make it so they can’t Afford energy and they can’t afford food And of course energy determines the food That they can actually afford So very very bad uh consumer spending is Also slowing as a result of the rate ice Because the consumer being consumers Extremely extremely weak after the Lockdowns and the shutdowns and all the Job losses in recent years that the Politicians have caused and now the Sanctions which are causing Europeans to Freeze all by Design and intent overseas Is something of course that they did so Consumer spending is slowing we are Seeing a little bit of a housing slow Down in parts of the country not here in Maui Bill all the elites and all the Wealthy and all the big money is Continuing to flow into Maui Boo and all These cash flow producing assets is the Opportunity of a lifetime you guys Should be getting an island project and More but as a media inside home size Home prices and the average Joe we are Seeing an impact with that in some of The hottest hit areas with mortgage Rates now nearing like seven percent So the labor force is out of balance no One wants to work that’s what they want So that they can issue Ubi inflation is Well above two percent just add a zero

To it we’re at twenty percent I would Argue real inflation rates we have a war In Ukraine Long period of below Trend growth zero Growth and high inflation and now the FED doing exactly what they thought that They were going to do so I’m not Necessarily expecting huge moves today In the cryptocurrency market or in the Stock market I’m expecting this to Settle in and then the institutions that They’ve been building their positions to Pile end and then once the identifiable Trend is identified by the general Public they’re going to capitulate in as Well So I’m mostly watching I was watching The Federal Reserve today I’m also Watching of course what’s going on with The proxy war in Ukraine which is Exactly what it is and I was tweeting You can follow me at amtv media my Official Twitter account Elon Musk now Charging eight dollars I think it is a Month for a blue check mark Mark I Actually support that because it’ll Limit Bots and scams and it’s the only Way to properly ID public figures as you See all of us on the internet Have problems with that so I actually Support that I think that that’s a very Good move we’re also seeing Elon Musk Through his purchase of Twitter now fact Checking the White House so for example

The White House just deleted a tweet uh Saying that they were crediting Biden For Social Security payment increases Well that was actually set by a former President of the United States regarding Inflation it’s not something that Biden Specifically did so it’s funny to see Them cower and all the rats now flee The Nest also the United States this is uh For my Twitter now fully amidst the Troops are in Ukraine I already reported On that and we can also see here big Tech if you look at all these companies On my phone I tweeted it all the blue This is a chart of all the large Fortune 100 big tech companies and their Donations for the midterms to Democratic Leadership so just take a look at how They’re absolutely opposed to Conservatism in the Republican party and People that actually are a little bit More conservative look at that at this Is the red that’s the Republican and This is the blue donations from Companies like Netflix Twitter Airbnb Apple stripe lift Google alphabet Salesforce Facebook Tesla eBay PayPal Microsoft Amazon Uber the list goes on And on in fact Oracle is kind of Interesting at the bottom is actually The most conservative but you can see Here it’s overwhelmingly weaponized Towards liberals and Democrats so Basically the entire internet and all

Fortune 100 companies the big power Brokers and monopolies here in the USA All lean to the left none of them lean Right so it’s an absolute oligopolistic Political system with really no fairness At all But I do want to talk about Putin Because I was talking about that they Say he has pancreatic these are the Allegations I’m not saying I believe Believe them he’s alleged to have Markings on his hands from IV infections In the shakes in recent months and they Are also saying that he might have early Stage Parkinson’s disease and Schizoaffective disorder now first off If he’s got pancreatic that would mean He would only have months to live Depending on the type of it I’ve had Family members with pancreatic they only Last a couple of months my grandfather God Rest his soul I’ve had friends if You get pancreatic it’s over just expect To rest in peace and so if that’s true Putin would only have months to live how Would this impact his use of say Potential nukes or defenses is this to Be believed why would the Kremlin Inner Circle allow him to maintain his Position of power unless perhaps he’s Just a true autocratic leader with Absolute control and power if he wasn’t Going to be here by 2023 then you think That they would just simply replace him

So Allah lot up in the air right now we Can all feel what’s happening again we See the Beast fully expose himself Yesterday Elon Musk of course dressing In full demonic Satan Garb over the Halloween Holiday it’s not a holiday I celebrate But of course and you know pagans like To celebrate that we saw his mom dressed Up as a witch he had upside down crosses All over his body in fact if you go to Elon musk’s Twitter account right now it Says he’s in the location of hell so He’s literally dressing as Satan Dressing as the devil he has upside down Seance crosses his moms dressed up with An All-Seeing Eye she poses in Vogue she Looks like she’s dressed like some kind Of demonic witch and he himself also Says he lives in hell as he takes over Twitter and he’s about to promote Neurolink in the brain ship which I Would say is the mark of the beast that They’re going to put in people’s Freaking hats as they take cell phones Out of people’s hands and then put them Into their freaking hats so again guys Pretty wild out there but Jerome fed boy Powell danced just like I thought he Would 75 basis point hike and then more Importantly his language that they’re Going to start softening because the Only thing we can count on America and The Federal Reserve is for them to bail

Themselves out to Infinity cut rates to Zero and keep on dancing for the Elites In Wall Street you know once you learn These truce ladies and gentlemen and the Secret that America is a scam and wall Street’s a scam that’s when you start to Make the real money that’s what the Hedge funds know that’s what Wall Street Knows and that’s what the big Banks know So just understand that truth and Hard-hitting fact always expect a Bailout always expect fat boy Jerome Powell to dance always expect rates to Be at zero always expect War the Military-industrial complex to continue It’s pursue and then expect a full-blown Economic Financial hyperinflationary Collapse here in the United States in The west All By Design and an eventual Reset to cbdc’s and digital currencies All by AI design trust that plan started Decades ago and we’re living through it Now anyways guys pivot leverage and Profit today your first shift in mindset People say they need money to make money That’s not true the first thing that you Need is mindset Capital that’s the most Valuable Capital human energy your mind So if you’re not thinking about how to Make a million dollars that’s actually Your first step it’s easier once you Have money to compound of course those Returns but the first step is mindset Capital I also encourage you guys when’s

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