James Comer Humiliates Chuck Todd Over Future Hunter Investigations

By | January 11, 2023

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News Buster reports that, in an interview on Sunday’s Meet the Press, moderator Chuck Todd complained that the oversight that James Comer and his committee will be carrying out will look “more partisan than professional.”

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Representative James Comer's impressive Performance in his recent discussion With host Chuck Todd has taught the he Caught the attention of many and raised Eyebrows across the country Comer took a clear stance on potential Future investigations around Hunter Biden and stressed that any Investigation needs to be handled Properly so the American people can make A clear judgment on whether this Administration is compromised how about That I'm rich Crenshaw keep up with the Latest news tap subscribe below and Enable your notifications It was an epic TV moment James Comer Schooled Chuck Todd on the importance of Investigating the hunter Biden scandal In an interview the Republican Congressman reminded Todd of what his Party That his party had lied to the American People so why not focus on stories with Tangible evidence about a president's The presidential nominee's son Comer left nothing to be interpreted As he shut down liberal Todd who was Adamant that political motives were Behind Comer's plans This clear must-see TV should have all Americans left or right excited for a Real investigation News Buster reports that uh in an Interview on Sunday's Meet the Press

Moderator Chuck Todd complained that the Oversight that James Comer and his Committee will be carrying out will look More partisan than professional After making such a Democrat comment Comer proceeded to educate Todd about How that is far from the case Chuck Todd Began You're going to do a lot of oversight a Lot of subpoenas many people look at What you're doing and they see that it Looks more partisan than professional Todd asked Comer Tell me how you're going to try to De-partisanize an investigation or do You expect it to be partisan end of uh Chuck Todd's questioning Comer used this Opportunity to teach Todd a quick lesson On why the Biden Administration needed To be investigated watch Well with all due respect check I I Disagree with that I think the only People that see this as a partisan Investigation are the media and the Hardcore Democrats look At the same moment that the Democrats on The Ways and Means Committee released Donald Trump's taxes they then moments Later turned around and said Commerce Investigation of the Biden family Influence peddling is a revengeuring I Mean are you kidding me look Harvard Poll just came out and said 65 percent Of the Americans believe that the

Contents of Hunter Biden laptops should Be investigated but let me be clear We're not investigating Hunter Biden We're investigating Joe Biden and I Think any American who's kept up with The political process over the past two Administrations would agree we need to Know what is allowable and what isn't Allowable with respect to Foreign adversarial intervention among Family members of presidents of the United States that's something that the Democrats complained about with Kushner And certainly the Republicans myself Included have complained about it If you didn't like son and brother let Me ask you guys to do something So just to defend Chuck Todd if I may Humor me for a moment Going after Donald Trump the way the Democrats have And everyone involved with Donald Trump All the shadow Banning and outright uh You know elimination of conservative Commentators that's not partisan at all Just to defend Chuck Todd Of course I hope you see the sarcasm in That This exchange was far from the end For Comer Todd attempted to compare the Partisan j6 hearing to this upcoming Investigation on Joe Biden and comer Simply finished the lesson watch Todd's Face as he gets completely eviscerated

He didn't like the way the Democrats did It it sounds like you're going to do it In the same way that they did it how is It any better No very it I totally disagree with that Adam Schiff always over promised and Under delivered he said just last week Released in Trump's tax returns was Going to be a bombshell I mean there's No bombshell there there's nothing there Anyway I've served on a bank board for Over a decade there's never been a Developer that's paid a lot of federal Income tax because of depreciation and Tax credits and things like that if the Democrats want to make people like Donald Trump pay taxes they need to Change the tax code not the tax rate the Tax code but with respect to what we're Doing everything that we're have Requested we have evidence to back up There are emails and text messages that Show Hunter Biden complaining about Having to spend so much money keeping His dad up I mean that's a concern Because Hunter Biden's only source of Income were from our adversaries in China and in Russia for influence Peddling so this is something that we Should look into this isn't political we Want to know it was the president Truthful when he said he didn't have any Knowledge or involvement of his family Shady business dealings that once we

Determine remember that we'll move on Well it does sound personal It is personal Dumbass excuse my language Before Todd ended the segment and went To a commercial break he made a Sarcastic comment well it does sound Personal and I just made a comment about That comment Using Joe Biden's influence to enrich Themselves isn't personal or political What kind of is This is the definition of corruption and It needs to be investigated personal or Not that's a proper statement it does Need to be investigated but to say that There isn't some kind of You know excitement on on the side of The right anticipating this Investigation and However we want to see it done properly Todd would be screaming from the roof of The NBC building in Washington D.C if This was Donald Trump Jr you know that This all happened after the j6 hearings Were concluded and uh house Democrats Did the unthinkable according to Fox News thousands of documents from the House j6 investigation were posted Online at the end of the year these Documents include nearly 2 000 Social Security numbers of individuals who Visited the White House in December of 2020.

Chuck Todd's entire network has been a Remarkable indicator of the current Levels of polarization in this country After the hunter Biden story came out in The heat of an election cycle it was Dismissed as being misinformation and Its credibility was not properly vetted Now that it has been revealed as Legitimate news its true Origins are Being called partisan Moves In order to Tarnish its credibility rather than Actually making an attempt to discover The truth behind it all While some may move on you know quickly Move on quickly and take the word of the Media networks without questioning them Well it's concerning how much power that They have to shape our beliefs without Giving us adequate information This hearing is an opportunity for Republicans to show Americans who only Watch fake news what a real Investigation looks like But will NBC News and the rest of the Fake news cover these investigations Like they did the j6 for its viewers Probably not I'm sure you can answer that question For yourself And in fact do so in the comments below For the next News Network I'm rich Crenshaw see you next time Let's continue that conversation now About the coming food shortage that

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