‘I’ve Never Been Assaulted At A Drag Show But I Have Been At Church…Twice!’

By | November 2, 2022

After a county library director in Tennessee was fired for refusing to take down a Gay Pride-themed book display, Columbia Tennessee resident Jessee Graham spoke at a Board Of Trustees meeting opposing the firing and laying out the hypocrisy of taking such action to supposedly prevent abuse. Graham told the meeting, ”I’ve never been assaulted at a drag show but i have been at church…twice!”

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Check out more from the MR crew:
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Couple of uh things to talk about in Terms of like the transmigatory in this Country and in the idea that like you Know we have authoritarian State when You look across the country In terms of what’s authoritarian it’s Not college students protesting that They don’t want to hear from Ben Shapiro On campus It’s not Um you know the wokes If you want to talk about genuine Authoritarianism you want to talk about Government and position Of of an ideology In Florida We are literally just days away From Florida Banning Any type of gender affirming care For minors under the age of 18. doesn’t Matter what the parents say Doesn’t matter that it’s it’s puberty Blocker I mean on some level this is Going to end up hurting people who take Some of these medications uh for for Other reasons but nevertheless the Evidence is quite clear That when you provide this care You are uh diminishing Suicides you are diminishing Suicide ideation You are Making the lives Of hundreds maybe thousands some

Instances maybe maybe across the globe Millions of of children better Um But there is a there’s enormous bigotry That is spreading because it has the Electoral uh salience and of course you Know the the sort of like The people who are just worried about The excesses of trans ideology but Here’s this is one end of it here is a Columbia Tennessee resident Jesse Graham She’s at the Board of Trustees meeting In Columbia uh Tennessee A County Library director in Tennessee Was fired for refusing to take down a Gay pride themed books display Because These religious Fanatics do not want in Any way The idea that people may have a Different sexual orientation than what Uh their Bible says that they’re Supposed to have or may have uh a Different perspective on gender than What they have they don’t want it to be Normalized at all they want these people Ostracized and to be made pariahs of I’ve never been Hurt This whole scenario should have stopped At the United States of America where we Have Free Speech but it didn’t we’re Here And it’s so ironic and he also served as

A military That guarantees us these freedoms and he Is here moved from another place to come Here and tell us that a community that We love we are related to we are friends With they babysit our kids we work with Them that their dangerous They haven’t done anything to anyone and I’m so sick of listening to this weird Fake Pious crap about Christianity being The reason behind we have to protect the Kids Jesus didn’t go anywhere and Condemn people he did not ever walk into Any place And Completely Annihilates a group of human beings who Just want to age this I mean that woman is a hero love her That’s a real American right there yeah And she’s talking about that county Commissioner who who’s been leading the Charge but who apparently is the he runs A local organization called the Foundation for Liberty and freedom and He was concerned that the materials were Quote unquote child targeted that’s Maury County Commissioner Aaron Miller Which just goes to show you that all of That is yeah Liberty and Freedom which is why we are going to Censor This Florida is going to ban Um

Is going to prevent doctors and parents From agreeing on treating any children Under the age of 18. Puberty blockers hormone treatments any Type of gender affirming surgery which Of course is extremely rare and would Only happen after years of consultation And therapy and in addition to these Other measures They uh some board had essentially a Public hearing where they uh refused to Hear from most of the people and they Had a bunch of fake uh Doctors in there the academy American Academy of Pediatrics Um wrote written testimony against the Proposed rule The American Medical Association the American Psychological Association Support gender affirm and care for Transgender minors all of these medical Associations Dedicated To assessing the validity of treatment And the efficacy of treatment Completely irrelevant in this decision Because we’ve got to protect the kids And uh somewhat related Um We’re seeing this all around the country We’re seeing it all around the country It really is uh nuts Um It really is uh and this is all and it’s

Not going to go away It’s going to be unless it like proves Completely ineffective for the Republicans in this run-up to the Election it’s not going to go away

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