It’s Exactly The Opposite Of What The Media is Saying

By | November 2, 2022

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Well the media is gonna sound like a Broken record for the next week as the Midterms approach blaming Donald Trump And Republicans 24 7. for that LGBT Activist to attack Nancy Pelosi’s Husband in his house while she was out Of town he was an illegal alien by the Way of course should have been deported A long time ago not one of the 25 or 35 Million illegals who have come into the Southern border surprisingly he actually Came in from Canada but then overstayed His Visa long overstated his visa and of Course he must have had numerous Encounters with the police over the past Several years and should have been Arrested and detained then and deported And so of course the media is attacking Marjorie Taylor Greene for pointing that Out that’s uh yes the Democrats really Are to blame for the Nancy Pelosi attack Because their Sanctuary City policies Allowed him to remain illegally in this Country for years and Max boot over at The Washington Post and operation Mockingbird asset who pretends to be a Conservative but all he does is just Complain about conservatives in the Republican Party 24 7 says don’t accept The gop’s framing of the assault on Paul Pelosi as evidence of a problem plaguing Both sides of the aisle oh the Democrats And antifa and black lives matter They’re not violent at all

Political violence in America is being Driven primarily by the far right not The far left yesterday on MSNBC Andrew Mitchell surprisingly admitted the Obvious fact that numerous Republicans Have been victims or targets of leftist Violence and then her name started Trending on Twitter from so many people Demanding that MSNBC fire her for Surprisingly doing her job and actually Reporting the obvious truth let me just Repeat that Republicans have been targeted Justice Kavanaugh Justice Alito mentioned this They’ve been death threats you know Susan Collins Talk about the protection at one’s home So it’s both sides actually to be fair The political violence in the United States is almost always perpetrated from Someone on the left like when a gunman Opened fire on Republicans practicing Softball and almost killed Steve scalise And then Scott Pelley on the CBS Evening News that night said that it was to some Degree self-inflicted yes I guess he Just brought it on himself because he Supports The Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler Donald Trump or like when that Black lives matter activist Micah Xavier Johnson opened fire on a bunch of police Officers during a black lives matter March in Dallas Texas in 2016 killing Something like a half a dozen of them

Another story that just got swept under The rug immediately to never be Mentioned again in the media and right Now at the moment that I’m recording This video the hashtag Trump is dead is Trending on Twitter with Democrats Expressing their hopes and dreams others Expressing their disappointment after Seeing it trending and then finding out That it was fake news a lot of them are Just posting fake news screenshots like This fake article from CNN which I guess All CNN articles are fake but this is an Extra fake one Donald Trump dead at 76 So a bunch of fake headstones more fake Screenshots and fake articles of them Fantasizing about Donald Trump being Dead but they left it doesn’t engage in Hated violent rhetoric that might incite A lunatic to act out do they during the 2020 Summer riots for George Floyd black Lives matter antifa brought a guillotine And put a life-size Donald Trump Effigy A doll in the guillotine right outside Of the White House and I was actually Surprised that Newsweek covered this but Doesn’t mean anybody even knows about it Newsweek virtually gets no traffic They’re on the verge of bankruptcy but There is video footage of it This is literally right outside of the White House well this isn’t inspiring Any violence this isn’t violent at all Just the president of the United States

At the time Being put in a guillotine right outside Of the White House and it’s not an Exaggeration that the lead story on CNN And MSNBC every night in prime time and Probably throughout the day with a few Rare exceptions is January 6th they are A broken record I feel like I’m stuck in Groundhog Day but we can’t forget that During President Trump’s Inauguration in January of 2017 the black lives matter And antifa activists rioted in Washington DC trying to prevent the Peaceful transition of power most of These articles have been dumped down the Memory hole so kind of got to go to Foreign news outlets like Reuters I’m Not going to show any the footage of the Riots otherwise YouTube will probably Take this video down because you’re not Allowed to show violent content even if You’re thoroughly denouncing it only the Mainstream media is allowed to do that While they mostly encourage it of course But you can look them up yourself in Fact I just saw that somebody got a Strike for showing footage and Denouncing it of course course of a Group of uh black people rioting in a Restaurant and then when they were Replying to YouTube on Twitter about the Strike they literally linked to the same News report being shown in other Mainstream Outlets but of course if

You’re just an ordinary YouTuber you’re Showing that footage not to glorify it But to just show how we’re in a Collapsing Empire you’re not allowed to Do that because it reflects poorly on The Democrat Party and then there’s this The government dropped the charges Against all inauguration protesters Literally the ones who you know set the Fires broke all the windows rioted in Downtown DC yes uh the district attorney Just decided to drop all those charges For all of those Riders and I’m sorry That I have to keep pointing out that Certain articles and tweets aren’t Parodies or videos but they’re not this Would seem like a parody The government drops charges against all Inauguration protesters and the photo is Real that’s the limo that they burnt Down on the inauguration day in 2017. There’s a real article from NBC News the District attorney and the justice Department to set it to you just throw Out all the charges against those you Know hundreds of protesters who are Arrested for trying to overthrow our Democracy and stop the peaceful transfer Of power and who could forget that Jerry Nadler says that antifa is just a myth It’s just a figment of your imagination Guys true his balance across the whole Country do you disavows from antifa That’s happening in Portland right now

That’s a myth that’s being spread only In Washington DC about antifa in Portland yes sir there’s there’s videos Everywhere online there’s fires and Riots there’s throwing fireworks at uh Federal officers DHS up there it’s like Look online that’s crazy Wouldn’t denounce the violence and when Ted Cruz pointed out on The View last Week that antifa and black lives matter You know burned down hundreds of Businesses across the country during the George Floyd riots then Newsweek decided To fact check him and said that that was False the antifa riots Cruz refers to Are almost certainly protests which Followed George Floyd’s death he had a Heart attack of course he was saying That he couldn’t breathe before he was Even put on the ground if you actually Watched the whole clip the footage that They don’t want you to see most of these Occurred between May and early June 2020. although many buildings were Damaged or destroyed by fire during the Protests this did not carry on Throughout the year while protests did Continue in Portland Oregon for nearly a Year uh these were not all characterized By arson most other cities quieted down After June up and they actually are Willingly change this this is not what The original article said surprisingly They added a little note down there on

The bottom that this article was updated To clarify the definition of antifa and Add comments from Ted Cruz’s Representative after they denounced this Fake fact check but the original draft Of this which I could pull up in the Wayback machine probably or go find a Screenshot of it but it literally said That antifa doesn’t exist it’s not an Organization at all let me just do that Let me pull it up On the way back machine we’ll get the Exact quote of what the original draft Said okay here’s the original article This is from the Wayback machine because I want to be thorough so after it says That the protest did continue in Oregon But most cities quieted down after June It ended by saying labeling the protests As antifa riots is misleading too as There is no organization or group known As such there’s no group known as antifa And click the thumbnails on the screen To check out some of my previous videos That you may have missed some classic Man on the street episodes or petitions For crazy things stay tuned I will see You soon

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