IS YE THE BLACK ALEX JONES? | Louder with Crowder

By | October 20, 2022

Ye is becoming the new Alex Jones, as the family of George Floyd is suing the rapper for using WORDS! Also, everything Joy Reid says is a lie, and she says a lot. And it looks like Boston created a new COVID. #Ye #GeorgeFloyd #JoyReid

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Like um Or um Joy read everything that she has said About Florida and the scientists every Single portion of her statement a one Paragraph statement Is wrong I can’t believe that she’s Ignorant I think it’s a lie do you think That what you’re seeing from the left Now do you think it’s ignorance do you Think it’s a difference of opinion or do You think they’re in so deep they’re Just going to lie about it anyway I’m Really curious to see your answers here Because I’ve evolved on that I used to Try and give them the benefit of the Doubt now no benefit Like a right to work state okay we’ll be Talking about that and a new super covet Coming your way oh Jeremy how are you I’m doing well how are you I’m good I’m Doing fine oh this is this is the merch Up I forgot the Halloween shirts I mean It may not know it’s a little late for Buying it for Halloween but buy it Because it’s fun all year you can use it For next time that’s exactly right or You can use it to scare people all year Wrong there’s there’s gonna be another Halloween all year round I meant to say Long or round but I said oh you’re wrong By the way I got something wrong Yesterday I don’t know if I need to be Admonished now or later well it’s not

Exactly breaking news I said that’s fair I I said Yorkies instead of corgis oh those are Totally different pooches and I screwed That one corgis were used largely to Warm the foot of the royal bed yes Yorkies are the uh they were made for Dog fighting and they’re easier to drown In a cappuccino cappuccino machine Really little known facts when they lose On Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos hosting dog Fighting if they were Michael Vick I Highly recommend it one of the best Comedians working today and one of the Best comedians working today I don’t Want to say the best for anyone because Then they’ll all get mad and jealous and I’ll get letters but the fastest man on His feet I’m on tour with him we only Have shows left at two two dates right Only tickets left for two shows Nashville November 12th at the Ryman Auditorium we added a second show so That’s like 2500 seats times two you Guys sold out the first one like that Demanded a second one you can get your Tickets at tour Dave Landau how are you Ahoy good how About you sir oh my goodness I can’t Even be seen but what happened I don’t Know it must be why is he so dark it’s Because I’m bezeled out maybe Darkwing Dave Dark Wing day let’s get dangerous Yeah suck gas evil door oh we’re just

Gonna turn me off is that what happened I think he just shut me off they just Did you just turn him off yep he’s still Dark I’m sorry so what happens is the Static in the studio will reset the Camera so we gotta reset it this is well This is a good time as any before we get To the stories that actually matter Dave You’re going to be a Kansas City improv All weekend I am I’m going to be the Kansas City improv all weekend but There’s an overlay where they can see You I appreciate that yes come out to The comedy club uh and then yes of Course uh and thank you for the Compliment Steve and I feel the same About you you can come see us out on the Road in uh Jersey and uh jersey sold out Is it yeah there’s only Baltimore and The second show at Nashville oh that’s Right we only have Nashville number two And I think yeah the those are moving Quick I’m excited to do that the Grand Old Opry we’ll see what it’s like it’s Now the Ryman but it’s the original Grand old Opry I’m really excited about That actually Yeah in the very very back control room Be sure to revoke Gerald’s tickets if he Comes near the stage yeah I will hurt Him if he comes near the venue I know Yeah we’ve told him he’s not allowed It’s weird you guys have a restraining Order on me at these venues yep yeah we

Don’t think it you didn’t know I filed It under domestic abuse and by the way We also happen to have a civil union That you signed while you were drunk yes Oh Lord and I want to wish a happy Birthday to Snoop Dogg yeah I’m bezeld Out a little bit d-o-g you don’t honor Rappers while they’re alive But he if you count uh the products he Endorses he died a long time ago that’s True Corona yeah rolling down the streets This is not like iced tea selling Whatever it is reverse mortgages Boom done I used to jack cars now I Shield him and Shaq doing this listen to Me don’t beat your wife if you have Joint pain Get your icy hot and then rub some Tussin is your elbow the size of an Elephant hip Icy Hot would you run from The police and now your feet all sweaty And you might want to think about wool Socks if it’s moisture Wicked yes it Wicks moisture grip nine Socks Martha Stewart was the pillowcase That they gave me All right so we have so much to get to Here today and you know what look it’s a Thursday it’s a slow news day but this All affects you remember everyone Thought it would stop with Alex Jones Didn’t Kanye West right now with George Floyd the family and something people

Don’t do you know this at Kanye West did You know that Kanye West paid for the Tuition of George Floyd’s daughter Did you know that no no good deed goes Unpunished I guess true yes uh so here’s Before we get to that I don’t know if You know this it’s very unpopular For us to be uh to be white is it it’s Not a good thing right now it’s not it’s Not in it’s not in Vogue I’m not black If Only Could you know we were born for The we were born the wrong time well I’m Not should have been like the early 18th Century yep the Kings yeah we’d be Totally cool yep could be standard Height yeah I know maybe a giant hey Gerald would be Goliath well he would Already be dead yes they picked me and Be like yes we must kill the tall one Nobody his height lived past 22 back Then right yeah you’re basically just Being synthetically kept alive at this Point it’s all artificial I’d be what They called slightly above average yes In in 1854 wait you want me to box under Queensbury rules Mr Landau he’s enormous All right I’ll butter your biscuits yes Yes I’ll take this stance that allows me No facial protection but guarantees a Breaking of my wrist let’s go All right so here it is unpopular to be White here’s a guy this is this is not Fully new but I think that it deserves More attention than it’s gotten

You’ll see why uh he’s sitting in his Backyard uh and at first I thought Mozambique turns out it’s not uh saying That uh you know you if you’re white Like this is just this is the kind of Racism that really is just it’s just Plain it’s not Reverse Racism it’s just Racism racism The nature of a white person is evil you Cannot run away from that fact and when It comes to us as Eternal people oh that Guy better be in Zambia devilish not in Poughkeepsie we are imitating the ways And the culture of these Devils we want To be like these Devils we want to talk Like these Devils we want to walk like These Devils we want to have the money That these Devils have Okay Poor Man’s Coolio I gotta be honest I think it’s the other Way around This is just that that’s a guy in Houston I thought yeah he’s in Houston Texas dressed that way yeah Calling us white devil in Quincy Wearing his mom’s old sex curtain yeah Oh it’s all leopard the white devil oh Okay how do you usually dress yeah That’s not I don’t think that’s that’s Erroneous it’s not it’s not erroneous I’m willing to bet that your benefit hey Aren’t you Taping that aren’t you Filming that on this uh modern Technology a camera phone yeah you just

Didn’t go into Brooks Brothers yes You’re like you can’t get wider man yeah He’s a model for J crew yeah no more EPS Son I will take your money but I will Use it to subvert the white Devil’s Money against him it’s Jiu Jitsu against The white devil hey imagine you just Said just look that’s just racism racism And I’m not saying all black people Believe that but that is everything that Is wrong with Society it’s phony it’s Fraudulent just like a lot of hip-hop Artists it’s just that doesn’t have Anything to do with your culture sounds Like you got a lot of land that you’re Complaining from that probably cost him Money can we play let me I want to see Something again I think I might have Missed something actually as I saw this Earlier let me see it the nature of a White person is evil Oh yeah no that’s a Hot Topic friend Bracelet change It’s a goth girls like beaded yeah Necklace he’s got the love bead on there So be careful he’s got Super Mario Underwear all right well message not Taken Ah well I am a little devilish yes yes We are he’s not completely wrong no so Here’s another example uh of and this Just happened this happened 16 years ago I believe but you know there’s this myth Going around and I think it’s important

This will tie into what we talk about With with Kanye and joy read because This really is sort of an episode about The dishonesty of media and how it’s Gone completely unchecked for a very Long time and I get that a lot of you You watching right now you might say hey The Democratic party left me or I miss The time of Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather back when journalists there never Was journalism in this country just so You know everyone has always had a bias They just used to lie to you about it so Uh case in point here the media’s always Been incompetent or uh blatantly Dishonest in this case completely Incompetent to a level that is hilarious We have irrefutable absolute proof Foreign So if you don’t remember this 16 years ago today let me set up this Clip the BBC uh here’s the thing they Interviewed a taxi driver okay but they They actually sold him to the public as A tech expert and the taxi driver found This out live on air now that you Understand Marley’s debt to begin with Watch it unfold in real time the most Respected name in English news Well guy CUNY is the editor of the Technology website a news Wireless hello Good morning to you good morning were You surprised by This Server dick today I’m very surprised to see this verdict

To come on me because They told me something else and I’m Coming you got an interview there so It’s a big surprise anyway a big Surprise yes yes Um with regards to uh the cost that’s in Involved Um do you think now more people will be Downloading online actually if you can Go everywhere you’re gonna you’re gonna See a lot of people downloading to the Internet and your website everything They want but I think it’s it’s much Better for uh to import people what they Want trying to get on the easy way and So fast everything they’re looking for [Laughter] Technological expert he’s like oh Are we going to bring up how I was Robbed yes I I’m just here to take Someone to the next building I was here To tell you about how I had Saudi Passengers who had a pressure cooker With Nails in it yes So you can just interview anybody and Say there’s someone yes no they didn’t Know I guarantee they screwed up some Interns screwed up somewhere like walked Him in like this is no no he did a very Good job about the internet this is the One with email yes correct yes yes yes Uh very happy to be here uh talking About Netscape Navigator sometimes I’ve I Ask Jeeves yeah

Meanwhile this is a guy waiting in the Office just getting yelled at I don’t Have a taxi why do you keep asking me to Drive you Tim Cook being escorted by Security yeah they’re just like could You just be a little more patient please Sir we’ll get to you but he’s on TV now Here’s the point if nothing else just Don’t when people blame you for not Trusting institutions we get blamed all The time and oh you don’t trust the Institutions you don’t trust the Electoral process oh you don’t trust the Media oh you don’t trust your elected Representatives Whose fault is it this has been going on Look this happened to me one time when I Was on Fox News uh and they told me that I was going to be I think I was going to Be talking about something that was Domestic and then they asked me about The North Korean conflict I was like uh Whatever [Applause] I just said like our expert dropped out Can you show up I’m like yeah but I’m Not an expert though and then I realized I was just as much of an expert that guy Honestly is passable as a tech expert I Can’t tell the difference no I would Have no I mean he was right yeah His assessment was spot on and just Going yes people will be downloading More stuff and using the internet more

They will yep I don’t think you really Download websites but but yeah I mean Just naming internet where it’s like uh Website yes you can download sometimes The h o the the TTS I include the PE yes Um the porn is free Mouse yeah double Click A Yellow Cab yeah It’s a it’s a good day yeah and he’s Like fascinating thank you very much we Have to have you back please let’s back And put them in our guest Rolodex and Bringing you all the News That’s fit to Print if an Apple logo right behind me [Laughter] Should have brought up the kid from Blank check oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah That’s a real con man uh by the way in Other news uh speaking of British the Prime Minister Liz truss after 40 Something days resigned Um Okay so it’s a live show Monday through Thursday 10 a.m Eastern if you’re on YouTube I would love for you to switch Over to rumble or of course mug Club Will be taking its chat Thursday yeah 10 A.m Eastern Monday through Thursday Because notifications don’t work that’s Why we have to hit like share comment All of that for the algorithm otherwise Just head on over Rumble and Mud Club I Would love to not have to worry about YouTube anymore oh please all right

Speaking of things you’re not allowed to Discuss Superbugs Oh so you know how you uh generally Speaking the best way to learn from Learn for the future is to learn from Your past mistakes and correct them yes Yes and everyone here knows about the You know covet in the lab yeah okay good Yeah yeah maybe possibly yeah just based On the way the show is going I wasn’t Sure if we were on the same page yep Okay so The researchers at Boston University Seamless did the opposite of that and They developed a new strain of covid in A lab why would researchers Intentionally do this You know Um there’s something about Omicron that It was less virulent but more Transmissible we all knew this by this Point and we have multiple studies that Show it’s less virulent so they wanted To see Red Mr Freeze before you hit that made It less virulent by sticking it’s not a Gizmos Of covid-19 Omicron onto the ancestral Strain and then they found that whatever The ancestral strain had over here Beyond the spike protein that was what Was leading to virulence because this is A very deadly strain and it’s very

Transmissible both it has all the worst Things going for it uh in terms of Causing disease so I have to say I’m a Little bit worried Um that this is created and I think Point proven let’s destroy this now well Are they just method acting as the mayor From every natural disaster film ever Yeah yes We worried that we’ve created this holy Crap we need to destroy it now yeah Let’s do it again I think we’ll get it Right next time yeah you know hey they Can’t all be gems let’s see what this New extra deadly strain does yeah yeah Hey you guys want to cure it no I got an Idea let’s make a worse version of it Yes oh yeah I like that let’s make more Of it yeah remember how the first one of These that was more deadly spread around The entire Globe like really from a wet Market let’s let’s make it spread faster Not from a lab from a wet Market from a Wet Market from a wet laboratory Market Where they were slaughtering animals Without using proper hygiene yeah Speaking of which I’m gonna go get some Bat sandwiches anybody up for lunch yeah Well I I want grilled I don’t like to Eat fried food in the day it makes me Sluggish no yeah it does It’s fine braised is fine Black broiled that’s what I was looking For make mine broiled yeah I want it

Flavorless and great so here’s the thing The story was run by Daily Mail not to Be clear they claimed the new strain has An 80 kill rate right but in a lab That’s different from what happens in The general population now okay The original strain of covet had a 100 Kill rate on the mice just to be clear So it’s not necessarily more deadly but You heard her say that it could be Pretty deadly more deadly than Omicron More virulent but we don’t have a ton of Information on this here’s the deal okay And you can comment below I’m very Curious to hear where you line up I’m not afraid to stick my neck out on These and say that I think creating new Deadly viruses in a laboratory is as a Is generally bad Yeah I’m anti that Yeah so it doesn’t really seem though Like these people when you think about It what we’ve been through the last two Years it just doesn’t seem like they’ve Been even trying to learn their lesson I Think you’ve just been canceled genetic Power is is the greatest force uh on the Planet and you wield it around like a Kid who just has found his dad’s gun Um so your scientists were so Preoccupied with the question on if they Could right they never never stopped to Ask if they should

If evolutionary history has taught us Anything it’s well you know Life will not be contained it’s uh it’s That’s it simply Life uh Finds a way Okay thank you Dr Michael I don’t even Know why we have a couch in the studio I Mean yeah it’s weird it was just brought In today yeah I didn’t see him come in No I didn’t see him either we really Should have you know like a lock that’d Be helpful Sorry by the way we also Found that this disease in the lab uh Was created by uh Dr super uh an even More lethal version of Dr fauci so it Seems like it’s following a trend of Foreign [Laughter] I hear that guy kills like 63 beagles a Minute oh no no try 75 days actually no The new one though the new super once It’s a thousand but it’s it’s a Veritable Posh Fitz [Laughter] It’s warpaw Oh yeah just we could easily do a seven Plus one oh easy on dog concentration Camps I think I’m gonna get that Tattooed on my back out they they Huddle and they release the zycon Beagle All right Hit the like button if you’re okay with How dark that got is so

Oh please hit the like I just am amazed That like this is again the media you Think they’re experts you think that uh People who work in Laboratories the Scientists you think they’re experts Trust the science don’t mistrust your Institutions like media this is a very Broad umbrella media science you see What they do why do we act as though They are Beyond making mistakes like the Rest of us when they’re financially Incentivized to do so you know you’ve Bitched about click bait we all Understand that clickbait where people Will if you don’t know what that is it’s Where people put in a title that’s not Very accurate you click it and now They’ve had your click they’ve generated An end dollar that’s completely Inaccurate well what do you think Happens when you encourage more and more Faster more so that you get another Grant that you get the public attention Only with science it’s click bait Science and all the beagles die Save the beagles yeah true that’s true Yeah Air Bud 19. yep actually you know What killed the beagles never mind yeah Weird Science if it keeps us from having Another Air Bud I’m fine What just inject him with air You don’t want to have a kicker that’s a Dog no because the rulebook doesn’t say Anything about dogs what about a golden

Receiver yes Come on I like that one can I have it Please airpod 24. He’s a Pfizer intern he’s just shaking And gray they’ve never replaced Air Bud He can’t catch anything Except the super virus now uh Kanye or Yeezy or yay as he likes to be called Is it Diddy Are we down to Diddy it was Puff Daddy Then it was Daddy then it was P Diddy Are we down to Diddy it became ditty and Then I I think it became didio did it no I am oh But I did think it became something else I could be wrong though stop changing Your names guys Sean Combs yes That’s a terrible name in Monster’s Ball He was Sean Combs yes and that was the Only time yes yes also uh yeah I don’t Think there’s anything that destroys Your street cred more than doing Proactive commercials with Vanessa Williams oh yeah that destroys Everything you’re saying he’s like your Boy did he told you proactive you’ve got Zip uh 50 Cent was shot in the face nine times And I was like I got a blackhead man you know that’s why Nelly wore that Band-Aid right I Guarantee you it was a zit that he Couldn’t cover up and he’s like I’m Gonna make this my thing I always wear a

Band-Aid it’d be smart pockmark you Don’t want people to see that right you Gotta look tough because it’s all in Your head Yeah nothing looks tougher than a Band-Aid Commercials On it Flintstones yeah it’s a remix I am Stuck on Band-Aids because germs don’t Stick on me ha Fine that’s what it’s going hot it’s Like a little blowhole His next one is yeah [Laughter] Like a really really big one yeah that’s When you had a sebaceous cyst ah I also Understand why he wore that gear I could Never understand the m m uh wearing the Do-rag with the hat on top well you know It’s it’s good in arid regions yeah I Guess I don’t know sure like that guy in Houston who wanted us to think that he Was from the Congo I hope he got eight Alive by mosquitoes yes everywhere in Houston all right well don’t joke about That they have malaria in Houston so and Cheetahs so Kanye Yeezy yay okay he’s Being sued for 250 million dollars okay He’s also been issued a cease and desist Letter now here’s why from the family of George Floyd this is why he is being Sued and this is important it does Affect you it’s easy to say oh this Person’s a celebrity it’s easy to say oh

He put out some anti-semitic tweets or Oh he’s bipolar whatever issue it is That you have with Kanye West but when You understand why he’s actually being Hit with this fine why he actually may Might face legal ramifications and what Actually happened with Alex Jones I Recommend you go and watch our episode With him It is having right now the effect that They wanted it to have and we’ll show You their exact words but these are the Statements that got Yeezy in hot water The family of George Floyd is preparing To file a 250 million dollar lawsuit Against Kanye West Uh it comes after the rapper who now Legally goes by the name yay said in a Podcast that Floyd died from a fentanyl Overdose and not from Suffocation after Having a police officer’s knee on his Neck for more than nine minutes okay so That’s them telling I think we have a Clip from what yay I keep wanting to say Ye actually said here you go watch the George Floyd documentary that Candace Owens Put up one of the things that his Two roommates said was why they yelling They want a tall guy like me they want a Tall guy like me hit him with the Fentanyl If you look the the guy’s knee wasn’t Even on his neck like that when he said Mama mama is his girlfriend they said he

Screamed for his mama mama was his Girlfriend it’s in the documentary the Free George Floyd Zone that they made The murder rate is up 50 since George Floyd it’s Mayhem it’s it’s Mad Max okay So uh the suit claims that his comments Are detrimental quote too George Floyd’s Daughter and uh as the sole beneficiary Of his estate that’s why they’re Claiming these damages this is after Again all references available at Yeezy Kanye paid 2 Million dollars Towards George Floyd’s George Floyd’s Family for his daughter’s tuition So again this does matter this you may Not like what he said you may not like How he said it but this Thai spirit is even though he disagrees With the media narrative Two million dollars to the daughter at That point because his heart went out to Her don’t when do we get to the point Where we start judging people based on Their actions more than the words we Can’t because we have to judge him on Skin color we have to judge them on Gender we have to judge them on Political affiliation we have to judge Them based on not only their own gender But where they line up on the other Countless slash 52 slash it just changed To 74 genders two million dollars to the Family and by the way everything that he

Just said Is accurate yeah but everybody’s going To try and silence him and not I you Know we didn’t even know you and I both Didn’t know that he had contributed any Money to the fact I’d forgotten it yeah And so it was money towards the family And towards her education if she spends Two million dollars on a college Education I’m not exactly sure where She’s going right but no he’s he’s Supporting people when they’re in need And then they’re turning around and Suing him for 250 million dollars I Don’t understand where the damages come From I don’t know okay so they’re saying And they’re trying to be very opaque About it they’re trying to say that it’s Causing damages because this was settled In court he wasn’t killed by the drugs It was shaven and it settled and Something interesting is that if Kanye Goes in it goes into the paint here yeah Guess what uh that might actually Force An acquittal for Chavin if he now goes Through a lawsuit and can prove that no Wait a second there were other reasons That contributed to his death there are A lot of Dynamics at play this is to Silence someone with a platform you have A big enough platform they will try and Silence you it’s not about the kind of Platform that you have right now it’s do You a either wants to be able to have a

Platform any platform and B do you Understand that it’s necessary for People on your side to have platforms Now let’s go through George Floyd’s Autopsy report at the time of death and We’ve done this a lot we we went through This topic not Ad nauseam as it was Taking place but okay there are no Life-threatening injuries that were Identified okay there was no physical Trauma to the neck he had covid he had Hypertensive heart disease he had Artheos I can never say it you know the Hard Video school erotic heart disease yeah Artheliosclerosis I can never say it can You say it don’t make me look can you Say serious no that’s not what it is I Mean that’s arterial sclerotic heart Disease I’m trying to say the word that People know in their head I don’t know I Can’t say arthritic Why are you here And by the way the most arterio as Credit R Kelly heart disease yes all Right Archie Bunker so uh the meth Levels in a system were 19 nanograms per Milliliter okay and there were various Forms of fentanyl uh it was a cornucopia Fentanyl uh totaling around 16.6 Nanograms wow again all the references Are available at hit the Like button if you want to help the Algorithm here because a lot of people

Still don’t know this information the Lethal amount of fentanyl uh Particularly in combination with other Drugs so they have the threshold right Lethal and Fentanyl and then of course That threshold changes if it’s in Combination with other drugs you ever Taken medication at home and says do not Combine with other medications do not Combine with alcohol it’s very common we All know it they didn’t talk about this In the media so the lethal dose I think It’s the mean dose of lethality for Fentanyl in combination with other drugs Is only seven nanograms Per milliliter oh again he was at 16.6 And 19 anagrams of Meth Which we know by the way meth of course Is one of the worst drugs to combine With any of the drugs by itself it’s a Wonderful solo artist I highly recommend It yes no only if you don’t want to have Teeth yeah or you don’t want to sleep For nine days and you want just don’t Don’t take it unless you want your Apartment to be pristine and live Forever yes yes I was really interested In this I thought once the tempers kind Of flared down a little bit on this we Could go back and review the actual Evidence of this case right and see like The information like this if you look at This in a vacuum and you don’t have the Social outcry that was going on during

This trial and during that time you’re Like wow this guy left to his own Devices in that car probably dies within Hours right at the very least and even The corner we’ll talk about in a minute The corner even said like yeah if you Find him at his home absent any other Trauma you’re like that’s one hell of a Drug overdose well you know what let’s Run guys I know we have that clip from Our show we’ll run that last but here Don’t take my word for it here’s a video Presented during the shavan trial of George Floyd in other words to hear George Floyd say it and again this is a Tragedy of course you don’t you never Want to see someone someone diet whether They’re in custody or at their house It’s a life lost but he said I took too Much drugs [Music] Did you hear that yes I did did it Appear that Mr Floyd said I ate too many Drugs yes it did Now does that mean it’s spelled too Right does that mean that it’s the only Relevant no but it is relevant very Relevant and we’ve gone from Alex Jones right well don’t say that the Parents are crisis actors and harass Them which never actually he never told People to harass him he did say that he Thought it was a hoax at one point that Was his opinion but people would say

That’s an extreme exact if if he just Didn’t do that he wouldn’t be sued and He wouldn’t have lost well hold on a Second regardless of where you line up Kanye repeated what George Floyd himself Said and the autopsy report reveals That’s worthy of a lawsuit Do do you start do you start seeing the Picture here And just in case you’ve forgotten Remember the prosecute from The Alex Jones trial said that this was not only To hurt Alex Jones but to remove his Platform and to act as a deterrent to Anyone else speaking out that was the Goal of it I ask that with your verdict you not Only Take Alex Jones platform that he talks About a way I ask that you make certain You can’t rebuild the platform that’s What matters Take him out of this discourse of this Misinformation of this peddling of lies And make sure he can’t do it again That is punishment That is deterrence so I ask of you to Take the bullhorn away from Alex Jones And take the first steps towards taking That bullhorn away from all the others Who have it or all the others who might Want it all the others who believe they Can profit off of fear and Misinformation

Make them understand that they too will Sit their ass in that chair right there And have to actually respond In a court of law for what they do if They choose to do the same thing that Alex Jones did A couple of things they weren’t able to Prove that Alex Jones profited off it They just meant that his show was Profitable and at some point he Mentioned Sandy Hook out of the years And three hours a day of footage they Could only find 25 minutes and honestly It wasn’t nearly as damning as you would Think but let me ask you this it’s about The profit right that was the argument It’s because what Alex Jones said was so Crazy all right what Kanye has said now Is is not that crazy whether you Disagree or not it’s certainly certainly Factual when he said there were drugs in His system that George Floyd said he had Consumed uh too high of a dose of drugs When the autopsy report reveals that the Blood levels are higher than the lethal Dose required okay let’s ask another Question how is Kanye profiting off of It How is Kanye profiting off of it you Could maybe argue if he has a single Called George Floyd didn’t die [Laughter] Right but how is he prop it’s not about The fact that Alex Jones is profiting

Off it which they didn’t prove it’s not About the fact that what he said was so Radical it is as he said removing the Bullhorn from anyone else hey Who’s next because I don’t believe Personally that George Floyd died Because of the niana’s neck I think it Was bad practice from the police I think They were trained improperly because That was a practice that was taught to The police department but I will say That that 100 okay irrefutably just a Knee on the neck from 165 pound man uh Would not kill someone in that amount of Time why Well I don’t know is this worthy of a Lawsuit I did it Well now absolutely people watching I’m Not saying that it’s Pleasanton I’m Asking would this kill someone somebody Can do just fine in this position it’s Uncomfortable but it’s not going to kill Them right now you don’t know what I I Will actually go further than that my uh You know I do grappling uh and my father Who’s a one minute a brown belt it’s far More uncomfortable for me to be under Side control for him I would not be able To maintain that for nine minutes and by The way I have been talking this whole Time and in case people wonder I talk Really fast and uh I have a you know I Have a recognition that’s a chest Condition where my bone grows into my

Heart I have to get surgery in July the Point is sounds like l or Alf the point Is that this is probably more difficult Than it is for a lot of you out there Watching uh but I also don’t have four Times the lethal dose of fentanyl in my System and again I’m already laying down Because this is more comfortable Okay I didn’t hear seek I couldn’t hear You back then I didn’t realize you said I sounded like else well you did oh I Guess I shouldn’t have taken that Spain Ball place with fentanyl I should stay away from meth and stick With consuming cats [Laughter] Hanging out with the dad on his show we Just love the track oh yeah he’d be a Fan oh yeah exactly be like yes let’s do Those drugs the guy I want to replace One of the words that he said he’s like I want to use and I’m going to say Exactly what he said I want them to have To sit their ass in that chair and Answer for free speech yep that’s Exactly what he wants he wants to put Free speech on trial by the way Alex Jones wasn’t the first person to talk About that Alex Jones wasn’t calling for People to go after them Kanye certainly Is not the first person to say that George Floyd would have died from those Drugs and that no the knee wasn’t on the Neck like that he’s certainly not the

First individual the only reason I know That is because we watched the trial That was the defense right that was what Evidence was presented to prove how in The world can you go after somebody for Merely in expressing expressing an Opinion that’s already out there and it Has been that’s by design it came that’s By Design it’s not by accident well a Billion dollars in advertisement is a Lot for that particular topic right yeah I mean that’s really I don’t I don’t Understand well I don’t understand how People think that this is a great way to Go like he’s definitely going after Free Speech Alex Jones as much as you may Hate what he said had a right to say it And Kanye certainly has a right to say It He absolutely has a right to say it and Everything that he has said is factually Correct you may not like the tone of it Keep in mind this is a guy who gave two Million dollars to the daughter of George foot what have you virtue Signaling white Knights on Tick Tock Done Actions should matter remember we judge People by their actions they’re like What we virtue signaled yes we did we Said that Kanye is bad yes what are you Going to do to solve the problem well I’m gonna talk about it we’re actually Going to hold a meeting there right next

To the cup of foods I couldn’t burn his Physical album so I just smashed my Phone yes uh but no are you actually Going to raise money and do any what no We I like I said we’ve talked about it So it’s good right yes I’ll get another One from Apple made by a young young Young boy yes exactly Of Oriental origin by the way I ignore That one silver lining this is the first Person who ever died with kovid that was Not listed as a code of death that’s True that’s true he did have the covid George Floyd yeah if I say that do I am I going to be sued no I mean but he did Hey by the way I’m fine with it But but look if the guy in Michigan that Shot himself that had coveted can be Counted as a covet death yeah I think it Was in Michigan you don’t think you Don’t think a 12 gauge through the Forehead would actually be contributing To well you know what that’s the problem It was a contributing factor he can Stare he can stare facts right in the Face and just ignore them must be do be Nice to go through life Bliss Bliss Fair pre-existing condition it Didn’t matter you think that it was you Think that it was the Mossberg at his Temple and not the slight cough you Insensitive prick that’s my fault guys I Have some growing to do oh by the way Before I move on here to Joy reading

Everything she said is wrong uh this is A wonderful sponsor of the show you’ve Heard me talk about X clear the nasal Spray uh spry gum you can get this at Most pharmacies or Amazon A lot of people don’t know about this I Actually think doctor I think it was it Rhonda Patrick was on Joe Rogan talking About chewing Xylitol gum yeah so Xylitol actually Um there there’s a Litany of benefits That you can uh you can go read up I Think on the website uh regarding your Mouth and regarding sort of the what’s The equivalent to a microbiome in your Mouth the film of bacteria uh that’s Basically what this does you can chew it Between brushings I have not had a Cavity in my adult life Really yeah I have one tiny small thing Because I didn’t have my wisdom tooth Removed and it’s back in my gum and they Said yeah you’re probably gonna have to Have that removed because that’s gonna Grow it’s never grown I mean we know how Bad Dave’s mouth is can can it clean his Mouth Is squeaky clean I’ve never had a cavity Really that’s good got my wisdom teeth Out the day of the biggest blackout in The history of uh Michigan it was when It shut out part of Canada yeah Detroit I remember that I was in Ohio well you Know like nowadays so when I was a kid I

Used to try and be rebellious I’m not Going to brush my teeth you know my Parents said you have to uh but I just Realized I could have just said uh I’m Gonna take puberty blockers in it they Wouldn’t be able to do anything I know They would have been like yeah you don’t Need to yeah you don’t need to yeah You’d be you right I identify as a Platypus yeah British yeah I identify as common Street trash yes so Go to x and or you can just go Buy it in a drugstore Pharmacy I mean I Actually have like oral cancer right Diabetes Alzheimer’s or a bunch of Benefits to it you can have covet in Your mouth just so you know go look it Up okay yeah let’s get to Joy Reed Oh yeah I’m a There it is Now I don’t want to say that she uh lies About everything she lies about some Things but she’s at the very least wrong About everything so yesterday she went On a tirade uh and by the way when they Start attacking people that means those Are the people they’re afraid of so you See it with Kanye West and you see it of Course with Ron DeSantis and of course You’ve seen it with Donald Trump Um she wanted a tie it against Ron DeSantis and she tried to say that Florida is the best example to use as a Modern Jim Crow State now first let me

Preface this my bias uh here is if That’s a Jim Crow State then sign me up But here she is making her stupid case It’s a warm in tonight with Florida Which I would argue even with Texas Existing has emerged as the modern state In this country that comes the closest To a modern day version of Jim crowd in Texas If there is a state that better Exemplifies the rot of Maga Republican Rule than the State of Florida that the Governor has named in very orwellian Fashion the free state of Florida I Honestly don’t know where it is don’t Know what it is I mean Florida has it All a law Banning gay people from Declaring their existence at school Teachers can actually get fired for it a Law against anti-racist policies at work Like you have to let the racism be in The workplace or else Book bands and requirements for Patriotic Christian education propaganda In public schools and of course a Concerted effort to make it as hard as Possible for anyone who might vote for The out of power party the Democrats Hashtag black people to vote or to have Representative districts Florida’s Jim Crow Redux Governor Ron DeSantis even Has his own office of election crimes Okay so there’s so much there uh let’s Break down some of the claims and lies

From Joy read slash Gary Oldman from The Fifth Element and see what it is that we Who wore it better oh do you have to ask My boy Gary Rocked it at first I was thinking she Looked like the Halle Berry in The Flintstones but then I realized Halle Berry was far too attractive too Complimentary yeah [Laughter] Halle Berry’s Beauty blinded me to what A crap hole that film was yeah you just Watched her the whole movie and how bad An actress she is stop it don’t choose The lady the lady has an Oscar well Excuse me maybe you’ve not seen her Breasts and swordfish so does Randy Newman or a monsters ball yeah or pretty Much every film yeah or I don’t remember Anything else about those movies but I Do remember the breast I do remember the Breasts I have made my point I also Remember the breast and Catwoman even Though she didn’t show them because when I was watching the film I was just Picturing her breasts that’s right that Was one that she was a quality actor the Whole time I was a get in the suit oh Remember Gothica yeah yeah yeah that too Was awful but her breasts it’s not bad Yeah terrible film what do we do with This terrible film I don’t know call Halle Berry I know we need breasts they Just walk up they’re like hey Mrs Perry

Uh you know we’ve been doing some some Reshoots here and uh this film is uh it Doesn’t seem like it’s very good do you Think you could uh show your breasts one Step ahead of you she’s just right yeah She’s like I say no extra 200 Grand each Yes she’s like these are insured it’s Key tit Insurance oh boy Statement there every single statement Is factually incorrect and I don’t know How that happens by accident I’ve got to Believe that she is proactively lying at This point but I do like the fact that She fit in hashtag black people I know That like yes doesn’t let hashtag black People vote I’m like that’s a weird That’s like the the soccer mom trying to Be hip in the van like hey kids did you Have a good hashtag soccer practice yeah You’re like shut up mom because they’re Spoiled they throw a shoe at her they Just jerk the wheel into oncoming Traffic And just being strung behind the van Afterwards like just married cans the Point is she’s insufferable so let’s go Through all of it here’s one claim that She made of course that the teachers in Florida uh who can’t be gay and they’ll Be fired for their existence let’s just Let’s just play the clip I mean Florida Has it all a law abandoning gay people From declaring their existence at school Teachers can actually get fired no and

No so the don’t say gay bill which is Maybe how you know it if you’re a stupid Person uh it never actually mentions the Word gay here’s the actual text of the Bill classroom instruction by school Personnel or third parties on sexual Orientation or gender identity may not Occur in kindergarten through grade Three or in a manner that is not age Appropriate or developmentally Appropriate for students in accordance With State Standards so to oppose that You must you must be maintaining the Position and uh your position is that it Is appropriate for kindergarten through The third grade to teach them about Sexual orientation and hypersexualized Issues that’s the only way you can Actually oppose this bill doesn’t say Doesn’t say that you can’t be a teacher If you happen to be gay your students Just don’t need to know who you’re Plowing that day exactly it doesn’t even Say that you can’t tell your co-workers About your spouse being gay as well Right so it doesn’t say any of that Stuff it just says that a five-year-old Doesn’t need to know that right yeah it Doesn’t even know your first name either That’s true Mr or Mrs or I don’t know There’s other things now so is it Z yeah Z I don’t know where you start with that You don’t give her an app you don’t give Z an apple you just give him like a nice

Like oblong pair can you be like call me Call me Dave and sit on a chair like AC Slater so they’re like this guy’s cool As hell yeah yeah yeah that’s the kind Of teacher I would be exactly and then You can you have a side hustle selling Drugs yeah or like yeah like the Substitute yep with uh we all knew where To get some nice speed balls here’s Another claim that she makes right there About Florida uh Banning anti-racist Laws I just listen to her a law against Anti-racist policies at work like you Have to let the racism be in the Workplace or else Incorrect here’s the truth The Santa signed the stop woke act hb7 So w-o-k-e you know it’s an acronym uh Into law in April I believe 2022. uh Here’s what the law actually does it Makes it illegal for employers including Schools by the way to require training Or promote ideas such as an individual’s Moral character status as either Privileged or pressed based on race Color sex or national origin so Basically talking about the fact that You are not allowed to teach people that They are inherently discriminated Against because of insert whichever Identity politics here they wanted to Make it merit-based right or privileged Yep either way or educated by the way it Also makes it illegal this bill to

Discriminate against any individual or Group to achieve what diversity Equity Or inclusivity I’ve talked about this in The past do you believe in equality then You can’t believe in equity do you Believe an equal outcome then you can’t Believe in equality it’s either equality Of opportunity or Equity meaning insured Equal outcomes right which by its very Definition has to be racist we’re going To do a change my mind on this you know There aren’t a lot of women in the Military I think it’s now enlisted forces have Gone up to 13 uh but here’s what’s Fascinating about the military about Half Would be minorities Hispanic black In enlisted Services because it really Is a meritocracy it’s about can you can You meet the requirements right that That is one of the great ironies here When you make something merit-based you Tend to actually see more diversity so The bill just says you can’t actually Teach people that there’s inherent Racism without evidence and it’s illegal To discriminate against anyone based on Race class sexual orientation in order To try and artificially ensure Equity it Is an anti-racist Bill Joy reads a Racist and she is exactly right she is Promoting racism but only if it’s Directed at one group of people this

Sounds exactly like what was happening In slavery like you could be racist just Against black people in slavery right That was the thing now it’s like no no No we’ve just replaced that with white People you can discriminate against White people to make sure that everybody Else has an opportunity let’s go one Step further White victim no no okay what about Asians so here’s an example a law like This in Florida is very necessary so They don’t have the kinds of problems That you have at Brown or at Harvard Where they were refusing to enroll Asians and universities in order to Achieve diversity meaning Asians with Better scores meaning Asian students who Are better qualified they were being Rejected why to ensure Equity of outcome In University so you don’t even talk About the white thing you can talk about Anyone who isn’t the cause du jour and By the way remember stop Asian hate Sorry Asians the Democrats have no use For you anymore hey black Americans Maybe it was it going to midterms Trends Are more useful at that point and they Might silence black female voices namely Black women who compete in sports for Example the uh track athletes in Connecticut it can’t be consistent and So it has to self-destruct but only only If the information

Can be delivered to you directly and That’s why they don’t want the Alex Jones out there that’s why they don’t Want this show that’s why they don’t Want people like Kanye or anyone even Expressing opinions you know what let’s Not use them as examples how about uh The sitting president of the United States Donald Trump being removed from All of social media that should tell you Where they line up if that isn’t just Something that is terrifying to you that A sitting president while the Ayatollah Still has a profile I know it’s Repetitive this is remedial at this Point but it’s a big deal Well it should be repetitive when Nothing’s changed I know I mean it’s Been three years of nonsense well people Are not just now accepting of that They’re promoting that well and here’s a Good example too they will say oh yeah Your this is a constant argument Right you about cancel culture While you’re selling books yeah Kanye is Really hurting for money well often they They succeed in spite of that let me Give you an example Carrie Lake very Likely to be the next governor of Arizona okay Kerry Lake was on this show And she was questioning some issues Regarding a primary she won Now she just wanted to win right if she Was just looking to achieve political

Political power She would have kept her mouth shut it Was something she won and she said I Want to know exactly how I want I want To know by how many votes and I want to Make sure that my constituents the Voters can trust this election that was Removed here from YouTube so if Kerry Lake is governor of Arizona it’s in Spite of the fact that millions of plays Were stripped probably tens of millions If you add up all of the other platforms All the other pieces of content that Were removed so she’s not doing well Because she’s a white woman she’s doing Well in spite of the fact that you are Trying to silence her don’t just look at The end result that’s the problem with Identity politics you say oh you must be So impressed you’re a white man you’re Doing okay do you think it’s because He’s a white man do you think Kanye is Doing all right because he’s a man by The way I love how we’ve eliminated Black at that point you’re completely Allowed to destroy a black American if They just happen to be conservative Like Larry Elder where you can throw bananas At him while wearing a gorilla mask I Just still my brain partially explodes When I say that out loud it happened It’s on camera nothing oh yeah that was A hate crime that was really insane yeah I don’t even believe it

That’s getting pretty close well he’s The black face of white supremacy Stephen we now have that You can hit the like button you know I’m Pretty pretty sure it’s there you can Hit the like button helps with the Algorithm because you know hey that Stuff gets removed go and watch the Kelly Lake episode that’s been removed Here from YouTube you can watch that mug Club here’s another claim that Joy reads Slash Gary Oldman from uh Fifth Element Made But they’re a book band right book bands And requirements to ban more books in Florida and that they require you Actually instead uh uh use patriotic Christian education propaganda in public Schools hear her say it book bands and Requirements for patriotic Christian Education propaganda in public schools Okay yeah again these are short phrases Because she went through a whole Paragraph it was like a cipher of Well she narrowed it down for us it made The clips easier to get together so that Is incorrect here’s the truth The books in question that are not Allowed in the education curriculum in Florida all feature Incredibly sexually explicit content uh By the way things like you know Masturbating until climax things like

Underage gay sex things like sexual Assault again which let’s call us old Novels yes exactly it yeah it where She’s like oh my gosh I think your Powers are fading you must all quick the Only answer is to run a train on me well How do you know that call it a hunch Turns out there was no clown people Don’t realize that if you’ve only seen The film here are the top five books That by the way are banned uh in Florida And by Band they mean not Age-appropriate to teach to Children Genderqueer a memoir uh all boys aren’t Blue Lawn Boy out of Darkness The Bluest Eye I thought it would be the brownest Eye you can see all of these at for the References uh all have an incredibly Sexually explicit We’ve also banned pool boy yes yes the Bluest ball is also on that list And here’s the thing this is not Banning Books from the Public Square it’s saying Well this probably shouldn’t be taught To kids let’s contrast that with Examples of books that the left has Actively tried to ban Like To Kill a Mockingbird They wanted by the way if the Anti-racist book If the book that says Hey hold on a second we need to Acknowledge that we have these Prejudice And it’s wrong and that just because a

Man is black does not mean that he Forfeits his rights what are you saying He needed a white lawyer probably back Then yeah it helps wasn’t Harper Lee a Woman I was still thinking about Emmett Till What sorry wasn’t Harper Lee a woman who Wrote A To Kill a Mockingbird yeah yeah Like had to make her name sound like a Man’s just to get it published well then You have Boo Radley and I just the point Is there was an anti-racist book and now They’re saying anti-racist books are Racist yeah what was anti-racist written By a woman who probably couldn’t have Had it published if she didn’t have a Male sounding name at the time so they Want to get rid of To Kill a Mockingbird Uh The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Hey here’s the thing you may not like That the n-word is said in that book did You notice that a friendship grows Between a white kid and a black kid Despite racial discrimination at that Point in time not to mention Dr Seuss Books because they’re racist and Whatever it is insert here so we have on One side not the Banning of books but Saying you shouldn’t teach this to Children Well I don’t want my son Reading a book where a guy talks about Masturbating in a broom closet all right That one’s Fair versus you guys saying To Kill a Mockingbird isn’t anti-racist

Enough and even though it’s a huge part Of American history and it’s a Fantastically written piece of of Fiction uh we’re gonna ban that just Where do do you line up One is actual censorship and one is About age I don’t have a PR it’s the Difference between a rating system with Films Versus just banning all films It’s the difference between saying like A Christian Evangelical said well we Just don’t think South Park should be on You know early because it’s not Age-appropriate which by the way uh Stone and Parker said yeah we agree Versus Banning episodes because it Features Muhammad which Comedy Central Did with South Park very very different A rating system versus all-out Censorship here’s another bit of Truth Uh when she says you know they want to Push Christian propaganda instead Florida’s Civics literacy Uh Excellence initiative is what it’s Called it’s not Christian propaganda Just to be clear it’s an initiative that Focuses on including at least some Patriotic form of education meaning that You can’t only espouse revisionist History for example like at Berkeley if You go and watch that video where they Taught their students that we created Slavery that we kidnapped people from

The old world and turned them into Slaves in the new world ignoring the Fact that 90 something percent on the Low end 90 on the likely end 98 were Sold into slavery by Western North African slave traders to begin with you Just have to teach both sides of it Because if you actually learn human History you will understand that you Know what United States flawed pretty Decent place so the initiative focuses On that kind of education here’s a quote Resources will highlight patriotism Based on the personal stories of diverse Individuals who demonstrate Civic minded Qualities including first-person Accounts of victims of other nations Governing philosophies who can compare With those philosophies of the United States hmm I think that’s probably the One that they hate the most because they It’s like hey socialism well we’re going To teach you about all of the Socialist Places in the world in existence over Time and show you how they suck compared To the United States yeah we don’t Really want that yeah well these people Who by the way you have like Tom Morello Out there who has the that’s why we have The Che Guevara shirts The Rage Against The Machine you do realize Che Guevara Uh killed gays and also hated blacks Right have you read shank event we’ve Done a whole segment on that he hated

Blacks and he actually enjoyed watching The Firing Squad at work Didn’t you want to have a wall removed Yeah you want to have a wall removed From his office so he could actually Watch them at work he was like hitter Hitler only less effective in his Attempted genocide Poof Now when people say are you saying it no I’m not saying it’s a good thing I’m Saying Hitler was effective at Implementing his horrible agenda Che Guevara had a horrible racist agenda That he was not effective at Implementing thank God as far as how it Impacted the rest of the world but you Go and wear your shirt so when you see The chick of air shirt think Hitler Without the charm to some people So patriotism is propaganda now to Joyride yes correct anything that paints The United States as being a a Bastion For freedom and democracy is just Against What She Likes right well people Are triggered by the American flag now I Mean that’s not surprising I mean There’s plenty of people in this country That aren’t have no patriotism and I’m Not saying you should be rah-rah all the Time and you shouldn’t question your Government but being anti your own Country is very bizarre to me she’s Describing hell she is literally

Describing what she’s making up a place That doesn’t exist yeah where my son in Three years could come home with one of Those books as a five-year-old teaching Him how to masturbate or gay anal sex or I didn’t even realize sexual assault Included in this book if this was all About straight sex if this was all about Teaching kids just say sex Well I did did said gay sex yeah but I’m Just saying it’s redundant to say Straight sex well no I’m saying like if This is thank you I’ve said gay anal sex And then straight sex this is about sex Regular and a woman yeah having sex I Would still not want the book to be There for my five-year-old son no you Don’t want to read 50 Shades of Gray to Yourself yeah no I don’t want to read 50 Shades of Gray and I don’t want my son To think that he grows up in a hellhole And I don’t want my son to think that He’s an oppressor that needs to get down On his knees and kiss people’s feet that He has done nothing wrong to him would Probably befriend on the playground and Play ball with yep that’s what I want my Son not to have to do and joy reads Describing all of that well I think it’s A double standard because who can forget When our substitute teacher rolled in The VHS television and showed us show Girls oh I remember those days She was just trying to make a living

Stephen no that’s a good point you know What you’re going to create more racism Than ever Joy Reid wants a more racist America than ever in its history if you Teach young white kids that they’re evil For something over which they have no Control and by the way have you ever Looked at any social experiment Conducted with children where you’ve Given one Versus the other authority they Immediately wield it and they’re Immediately abusive what do you think is Going to happen if you say hold on a Second this is the hierarchy you’re Black therefore you’ve been oppressed so You’re going to get special privileges You’re white so you need to be brow Beaten and you need to feel guilty what Kind of dynamic do you think is going to Set up and how do you think that young White boy is going to grow up who do you Think he will grow up to be You think think there might be some Resentment for the same reason Rightfully so that young black boys who Grew up pre-civil rights there who grew Up in actual Jim Crow South guess what Had every reason to be resentful We see this in all these films like oh You just end up perpetuating a cycle of Violence as they do it in front of your Eyes based on a lie none of that upsets Me as much as the brownest eye where the

Boy masturbates furiously at his desk Chair I don’t think my child should be Reading that nope it is not even I have No idea I just don’t why would you read It I I guess I don’t understand like This is for elementary levels well I Mean I don’t know exactly what level but It’s in the library yeah right so at Schools right so Library it’s not There’s another R in there Dave we are Going to read you another wonderful American classic today this is from the Magazine section it is known as fangoria Yes enjoy Hustler yes hey this is called House Forum yes here’s a letter we’ve Replaced Huckleberry Finn with the Adventures of jugs with a z Yes dear Penthouse I was straight from the Convenience store with the thing Covering the front we’ll remove that wow Look at this boys and girls yes and I Might Direct your attention for more Resources to What do you mean they’re not naked in Playboy anymore oh that’s why I went out Of business yes stories let’s go on to I Think this is the final claim from Joy Reid don’t know how she gets it all Wrong that uh of course and this is the Coup de gras that uh a conservatives uh Florida they want to make it to illegal For blacks to vote or something then of Course a concerted effort to make it as Hard as possible for anyone who might

Vote for the out of power party the Democrats hashtag black people to vote Or to have representative districts look I just I’m not going to read the quote Because you know where this is going you Can go check out the website for all the References here’s the truth uh Senate Bill 90 it just it just strengthens Voter ID laws you just you just need Some identification so that we know who You are when you’re voting and by the Way I dare you a huge portion majority Of Americans support requiring voter ID Including about 70 of black Americans And uh when you take all minorities Together it’s 82 so I guess were they Racist How was how is identification racist oh Because black people can’t afford it It’s free well black people don’t have a Car there’s a bus well some black people Don’t know how to use the bus well they Can walk well they’re more likely to Have diabetes do you hear how racist Your is and by the way are there Not poor white people poor Asians poor Hispanics that might have the same Challenges and you’re like well no it’s Just aimed at black people because we’re Poorer right and we’re less capable We’ve been told that our entire lives so It must be true right the Democratic Party thinks so little of you I can’t Imagine being an adult and being able to

Rest my head on my pillow at night and Feel good about myself if I believed What the what the joy reads of the world Were telling me boy talk about a way to Shatter any hope and you want to do that With children so what does she say oh You’re going to be fired if you’re gay Okay that’s not true it’s not even Remotely true uh they want you to not be Able to vote okay that’s not true they Want Christian propaganda that’s not True they want to ban books no they just Want age-appropriate books you want to Ban books because you don’t think that They meet your woke quota enough every Single thing that she said in the span Of about what 40 seconds what do we Wreck up six lies Hey why do you mistrust your Institutions By the way we’re going to go here to a Mug club or we can talk about these Things without worrying about getting in Trouble share the show sharing is caring We appreciate it because it helps us With the algorithm on YouTube if you Search this show and its name you won’t Find it uh YouTube must go faster Must go faster Okay must go faster All right thank you Dave’s going to be in Kansas City you Too piss off Oh

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