Is brownstone research a legitimate company?

Not only have I lost my annual subscription cost, but I’ve also lost more than 70,000 as a result of their recommendations. Please don’t fall for this scam. They give you a number to call or email them but their answer is the same. This service is run by Mr. Jeff Brown himself, and the focus here is on investing in special acquisition companies, also known as SPACs or blank check companies, before a reverse merger takes place that essentially allows you to get shares of companies at pre-IPO prices.

The company’s website states that founder Jeff Brown is a seasoned executive who brings twenty-five years of investment expertise to Brownstone. Brownstone Research is led by Jeff Brown and serves as a platform for all the services he offers to his readers. Technically, Brownstone Research is a publisher that offers its readers—retail investors—what Jeff believes is the best investment analysis. In these reports, Jeff shares his thoughts on new technologies, technological advancements that investors should be aware of, looks at specific companies, talks about numbers and speculation, and so on.


Jeff Brown Investor