Is Atlanta Wakanda? Dulcé Sloan Finds Out | The Daily Show in Atlanta

By | November 2, 2022

Is Atlanta Wakanda? A Black utopia? Or just a city where Black people can be themselves? Dulcé Sloan investigates. #DailyShow #Comedy

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[Applause] Hello friends I’m Atlanta Ray celebrity Dual face loan now Atlanta has been Called many things the black Mecca Wakanda a black Utopia is basically the Opposite of Portland Oregon but does the A-list up to the height I’m at Ponce City Market to talk to fellow atlien and Cultural cultural curator name Joyner of Atlanta My name is Van Joyner co-founder of Atlanta influences everything which is a Civic-minded creative consultancy known For a popular phrase in shark in Atlanta You said a lot of it sounded like a very Atlanta thing because it sounds like you Gotta um A bunch of like slashes on your business Oh yeah like do you also DJ nope but There’s a DJ in the store there’s always A DJ there’s always a DJ okay we’ve been Talking about this question for decades As black people who live in Atlanta or Who are from Atlanta is Atlanta a black Utopia I I don’t know if I would say Utopia we still in America Black America Black Utopia wakanda Uh All of the things it’s it’s a place Where Where black people are comfortable right Utopia makes it seem like You know ain’t no crime ain’t you know Ain’t no ain’t no problems you know what

I’m saying well it is interesting Because where your story is we’re in the Pull-up and we’re at Ponce City Market But you know and I know for a long time On this Back Street this street used to Be very sketchy man it’s crazy you say That because the other piece today Remember the name of the Kroger that was Right here yes and I don’t care how I Know y’all call it Beltline program it’s Murder Kroger we don’t care and when They try to change it if we call it Murder Kroger so this is a a multi-layer Thing yeah there there are The perceived streets pay with gold for For Black people to achieve Whatever they are trying to achieve Without a barrier right but there’s also Like multi-layered classism here too That’s just how black it is you know Right it’s aggressively black whereas Tribal like wakanda right it’s a safe Black place to be black and if you have A fair shot to make it What you want it to be do you think that Black people here have a different Experience of black people from other Places because we’ve seen generations of Black wealth and black at higher Education and just upward Mobility for Black people it is rooted in the black Narrative kind of going back to W.E.B The boy and Booker T Washington’s debate

On Blackness that took place on Atlanta University Center campus so yeah and we Want to tell that narrative all the way Up but if you look none of these other Black cities have anything like the Atlanta University Center right so there Are four hbcus historically black College universities in Atlanta it’s Morris Brown Clark Atlanta Spelman and Morehouse and so you know as people grew Up here to see like not only one black School but four Black University yeah and so it’s that Post-secondary education right that Oakland Chicago Detroit they don’t have The Morehouse and spelmany thing and I Think along with the consistent black Mayors yes that became the attraction is The fact that Atlanta has had black Mayors for 40 some odd years has that Made a significant impact on the city Most definitely the mayor that kind of Set everything off Maynard Jackson he Put forth those policies and took that Risk he understood that police chief Police force superintendent teachers Everything that the public sector could Touch that that also had to be on Mission like what he saw and if he Couldn’t get buy-in from the Working Class People in those sectors that this Was the mission so everybody got to get Along so we have to understand so I mean That’s a very interesting thing for you

To come for someone to come in and just Go especially a black man to come in and Go Okay we got a chance yeah so compared to The rest of the country is it easy to be Black in Atlanta So the way we engage with Blackness the Way we engage with white people we Didn’t know that it was odd until you Start traveling or you get these other Stories I’m like You talking to white people like that Like yeah yeah you just have more Confidence whether it’s louder whether It’s quiet confidence than the average Black person and we don’t know that That’s odd until people start exposing Us to the rest of the world and it’s Like oh yo you don’t move right there Where you from I think white atlanterns Are are unique in their experience with With Blackness For Better or For Worse Atlanta seems to have become a safe Place for that as somebody who grew up Here is from here What do you love about Atlanta The ability just to be be my black self You know whatever I say that is I like that so there you have it Atlanta Might not be wakanda but it is a city Where you can just be your black self [Music]

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