INTERVIEWS With Matt Walsh’s Protesters

By | October 22, 2022

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Following the success of his documentary What Is A Woman? and his expose of Vanderbilt Hospital, Matt Walsh is keeping the pressure on the trans lobby by hosting a rally against child medical transitions in Nashville, TN. We were in attendance, and managed to get a few words with the counter-protesters who predictably there.

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Hey Lauren here let’s talk about the Rally to end child mutilation a lot of You have probably already seen Matt Walsh’s documentary what is a woman in That documentary Matt Walsh interviews Some not only activists but actual Pediatricians who all believe that yes Children can and should transition if They feel like they are in the wrong Body that was pretty eye-opening and Concerning especially since at least one Of the therapists who was all on board The gender affirmation craze she was Actually based in Tennessee so this Stuff isn’t just happening in California Like a lot of us would like to believe And to that point actually just several Weeks ago by this point I would say Matt Walsh and his team did uncover that Vanderbilt University’s Hospital which Is in Nashville Tennessee they were Actually performing surgeries on minors Who were claiming to be trans things Like diplomasectomies and hormones now Once that was exposed uh thank goodness There was a lot of negative attention on That hospital to the point where they Actually stopped performing these Procedures under pressure from the Public but also politicians and so Following the those Revelations some Politicians in Tennessee and I can’t Believe I’m about to praise politicians On this channel but some of them are

Actually now working to legally ban Medical transition procedures for minors Which obviously if you’ve been following My coverage of this whole issue you will Know I think is a very good thing and so Building on that momentum trying to show Public support for this issue Matt Walsh Also just today I just got back from it Hosted the rally to end child mutilation Really not pulling any pensions with That name so I attended and there were a Bunch of different speakers there no Shade to the speakers though I was more Interested in the counter protesters Because even before I actually arrived At the event I just I knew there would Be some there the whole issue of trans Kids is one of the most controversial Ones today and I was indeed correct There were full-on antifa at this Protest thankfully though uh the boys in Blue in Nashville Tennessee were not Messing around there was a huge cop Presence and as far as I could tell uh No fights or anything like that broke Out and I know I personally felt very Safe attending the event even as some One who was kind of trying to engage With the counter protesters and to that Point actually my whole purpose of going To this event was to interview counter Protesters uh which proved to be easier Said than done obviously no one owes me Any of their time and I understand that

If you’re not used to speaking on camera It can be really awkward so I don’t Blame people for not wanting to talk to Me it’s just this random person with a Microphone however what I did find kind Of weird was that there were several People at this event who were actually Trying to scream and yell over the Speakers which obviously didn’t work Because there was a sound system but It’s like you don’t want them to be Heard you clearly want people to hear You but you’re not willing to actually Talk to someone who wants to hear your Ideas and wants to hear what you have to Say and not only that but something else That was strange was this one woman she Was trying to grill me on what my Political beliefs were and when she Found out I was conservative she changed Her mind in wanting to talk to me how Conservative Um I been on well not Matt Walsh’s so But I’ve been on daily wire shows before No okay once more I’m not owed an Interview by anybody online or in person But it’s just kind of strange what’s the Point of going to a counter protest if When someone who does have a different Belief than you wants to hear you out You say no with that being said though I Did get some people to talk to me we’re Gonna be showing those clips but first I Want to say thank you to today’s sponsor

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Of organized this are you familiar with His work Um not not really I don’t really pay Attention to that stuff but I did read Up on him a little bit in preparation to Come here okay and is there anything Else you wanted to say Um just that I think he picks points That are anomalies and he’s using Individual negative experiences to Uphold this idea that everyone else will Have a negative experience and that’s Just not the reality of the world so Um this speaker I think she’s coming From the place of having been through a Transition she has a negative experience You know obviously no one no experience Is universal do you think there could be Something to remedy those negative Experiences without a total ban like do You think we could be doing more either Way to yeah I mean thank you so much I I Think it would be on them to say what Where they think the system failed them Um I don’t have experience with that Personally so I can’t really say Um but I think just listening and taking Time with people to see their point of View could probably help okay thank you So what brings you out here today so I’m Here out to protect the bodily Integrity Of all children and so Matt Walsh is a Hypocrite because she’s saying that he Wants to end child mutilation but yet he

Has publicly came out on social media Supporting infant genital cutting so I Guess you’re referring to male Circumcision is that right yes so what Would you say to people who claim that It’s different because oh it’s a Religious practice Religion ends we’re a non-consenting Miner’s body begins I guess when it Comes to policies would you support a Ban on trans affirmation gender care if It also included no circumcision no I Don’t believe in any type of Um I’m a voluntarist I don’t believe in Government or laws of any kind the only Law that we need is interact voluntarily And self-defend yourself like defend Yourself and your family and your Property we don’t need all these crazy Laws leave people in their choices on Their own bodies alone okay so you’re More here to just critique the practice But you don’t want it banned by the Government if I understand the Actis uh Male circumcision for example Um I don’t the government whether they Do it or not it’s still wrong like Whether they ban it or not it’s still Wrong I’m here more to educate the map The masses so that they can make the Educated informed Choice whether the Government does the right thing or not Okay thank you so what brings you out Today

Um I’m a trans woman and I believe that What they’re saying up there is a Crocker so I guess are you referring Specifically to the minor issue Um I believe that Um trains kids trans people in general Should be able to choose how they live Their life and when I say trans kids Um I believe parents should encourage Kids to identify how they believe but And when I say when they’re saying about The child mutilation and surgeries and Everything I’m talking specifically About teenagers Um and I believe that they should be Able to choose how they live their life So are you talking to teenagers Specifically Um that because with uh hormones and Surgeries there are process is that you Actually have to go through before you Can get on now I’m not sure if you saw But earlier there was a woman who Identifies as a d transitioner do you Have any comments about what she was up There saying um there are people who do De-transition and they do it for a Number of reasons Um some do it for religion some do it Because they don’t feel like it’s right For them others do it for medical Reasons there are numbers of reasons and Each one is valid Um and and her choice is her prerogative

Um and no one should deny her that fact So if her living a trans lifestyle is Not hard then that’s her prerogative but I don’t think she should be forcing that Ideology on everybody else okay thanks And um this was I guess rally was Organized by Matt Walsh are you familiar With him no I’m not Um but my mother is Um I have not heard real good things about Him so what brings you here today Um we have a lot of misinformation going On about uh trans Healthcare in general And there are some people who feel very Entitled to trans bodies who are now Attacking children seeking medical care So we’re here to Um personally I’m here to point out Their lives and be a voice for the trans Community which is not being represented Here today okay and are there any Specific points that you want to get out There because you mentioned Misinformation what do you want to Debunk while you’re here Um I would say that people can easily Find out how medical transitioning works And Um that it’s really easy to find Reliable sources just anybody who thinks That child mutilation is going on has Been fed some incorrect info information And I should probably check the people

That they heard it from okay I’m not Sure if you saw her but there was one One person who identified as a d Transitioner who was speaking what do You think of stories like hers I think That everyone is entitled to their own Journey with their gender identity De-transitioning successful Detransitioning proves that these Surgeries quote unquote and these uh Medical Treatments are impact reversible Thank you and so here I want to say a Big thank you to everyone who took the Time to speak to me because obviously You didn’t have to and my intention in Showing these interviews isn’t to shame Anyone or make them stupid I’m not as Bad faith as that however I will point Out that a lot of people I spoke to they Didn’t really get to the heart of the Issue that people like Matt Walsh were Trying to address when it comes to this Rally which is that children do not have The ability to consent to something as Life-changing as a surgery and and you Guys saw even when I mentioned Specifically the the transitioner who Spoke at the rally responses were Usually well if she can de-transition if She wants to that’s her choice but it’s Like all right but it’s like okay it’s Nice to see a somewhat at least in Principle libertarian approach here but That doesn’t really address the fact

That more and more children as the trans Ideology spreads will be going through This same process and will be heard in The same way and actually what was cool Was that at this rally I did manage to Meet someone who was a d-transitioner Herself and this is what she had to say All right um so we just spoke super Briefly and you mentioned you’re a d Transitioner so I would love to hear why You’re here today well I’ve been De-transitioning for Two years now excuse me Voice still Cracks if you can’t tell Um But I’ve just taken a real hard look at My own life and realized not only how Stressful this whole transition’s been On me and learning to understand why I Did in the first place because for me it Was just a matter of not wanting to be Me I was a young person going through a Lot Um But I’m also seeing just like so many Young people who were same age as me When I was kind of getting into the Transition and you know it’s scary for Me because I didn’t go through the Surgeries but I can’t imagine going that Far I did the hormones and I still Struggle with Voice issues and facial Hair but to chop off your body parts Like that it’s it’s scary and I’m really

Glad I got very close to doing that the Top surgery and I didn’t I mean if it’s Not too personal feel free to not answer What age did you start to transition I Was 17 when I was introduced to it and I Spent a couple years kind of like I’m Agender I’m by gender stuff like that I’m 31 now so I identify it as male for 10 years so so I I did manage to speak To some of the counter protesters that Were here and when asked about I guess The policies that are being discussed The bands on I guess gender affirmation Care the overwhelming thing they would Say is like well it should be up to each Trans kid to choose and things like that Do you think that’s fair this is a Decision that should just be up to the Families no child should ever make that Decision no parent should make that Decision for the child no parent should Make that for themselves I don’t believe That transition in general is good for Anyone okay thanks and is there anything Else you wanted to mention very good to Meet you yeah you too thank you Progressives love to talk about the Validity of personal experience but as Far as I can tell when it comes to the Transitioners they don’t really have Solid rebuttals seriously try telling That woman that oh don’t worry about it There are safeguards in place oh don’t Worry about it detransitioning is super

Rare Billy we need more safeguards and Transitioning isn’t as rare as it should Be oh something else that was also cool Was that I did see Bryson gray there and Like me it seemed like he was having Trouble getting counter protesters to Talk to him Bryson how are you I’m Amazing this is amazing we need more Events in the area have you been talking To some of the counter protesters have You gotten any reception we’ve been Trying but I mean they seem a little shy Yeah I think I’m a little too blunt for Them I’ve attempted but I think I’m a Little too blunt so it doesn’t even Though I talk so like calm and nice to Him it doesn’t really matter okay so What do you do got to Rally the message I love it now obviously I’m not a toasty Gather fan so know that but Matt Walsh Is based Um I don’t know who else spoke but we Need more events like this overall this Was a good event I am definitely glad That I went and I’m glad that everyone Remained safe from what I could see However I am honestly disappointed with How few counter protesters were willing To talk to me because I know leftists Usually don’t like to engage which they Don’t have to that’s fine but it’s like If you’re taking the time to go to a Counter protest you would think that Some sort of discourse might be called

For in any case that’s pretty much all I Have to say and as always if you guys Enjoyed this video please be sure to Like share and subscribe it helps me out So so much until next time

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