Infamous Time Traveler Ali Alexander THREATENS MTG With “Evidence”

By | January 7, 2023

Ali Alexander – organizer of the stop the steal rally, self-proclaimed prophet, and right-wing nut job – has turned his back on Marjorie Taylor Green Jayar Jackson and Ben Carollo break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“Oro Valley Republican Mark Finchem has been publicly tight-lipped about his whereabouts on Jan. 6 and his connections to #StopTheSteal organizer Ali Alexander, but his testimony to the Congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection gives new insight into a man who has been instrumental in misinformation around Arizona’s electoral process.

On Friday, the U.S. House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol released a slew of transcripts of depositions of individuals who had participated in interviews with the committee including Finchem. Some interviewees have chosen to invoke their Fifth Amendment right to not self-incriminate, but Finchem answered the committee’s questions with an attorney present. “

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I will not suffer this harlot I will not be taught vows and loyalty Commitment From a You have gotten me mistaken for some Damn fool and a fool Ollie Alexander has Never been called Um I'm not sure about that bro but There's Ellie Alexander talking about How he's not going to be held hostage by This he will not suffer this Harlot what was he talking about this is Crazy he's upset about the speakership Uh debacle that's going on how it's Extended but particularly no from the Folks who continue to uphold this uh I Guess fake Republican Kevin McCarthy Margaret Taylor green apparently is the Target of his ire there Uh but this whole thing uh comes down to One other thing though how can he get Rid of this Harlot well he's got some Dirt let's listen to more In the coming days I'm going to reveal That Marjorie Taylor Green in my Summation and the summation of lawyers Committed a crime That crime is going to be handed to the State of Georgia and the state of Georgia will decide whether they Adjudicate that crime or not The house Ethics Committee And house rules must expel Marjorie Taylor green when this evidence comes to

Light Hoe go home I am done with you You are lukewarm I am spitting you out Of my mouth you played me and no more So we've got Harlot horror and ho go Home and for some reason Margie Taylor Green is in Ali Alexander's mouth and he Must spit her out is this part of the Scandal by the way I'm all ears let's Listen to the Scandal uh outright I Wanted to say BS come on calm down bro Because this is the same guy Um who said that he's got this power too Watch Even if Kerry was going to lose I would Will it into existence And I know that sounds kooky And I know that sounds crazy What if I told you That All of us are capable of traveling well Not all of us because you're not smart Enough but what if I told you that there Are a lot of people capable of time Traveling they just don't know it what If I told you that time traveling Is Easier than you think Uh it requires a lot of discipline and No machines So let's keep it this is the approach That's coming by the way like I said I'm Ready for the information ali uh but Also the time traveling and these are

Things that maybe might poke some holes Into your argument of how you're this You know time traveler you're 21.1 Gigawatts I haven't watched the movie in A minute but I've been first before we Go to more because there's layers to how They're going after margin to the green And it's privileged it's pretty you know Predictable but uh first thoughts on the Alley and uh what we're looking for This is amazing this is amazing I love It I want more of it okay I want more of This energy in 2023 because this is Hilarious this is so absolutely Hilarious because like aside from the Fact like because this is the worst People against each other right like oh Yeah like Alexander versus uh Marjorie Taylor green like Marjorie Taylor green Is easily like the scariest person alive Right now like I would not want to be in A room with Marjorie Taylor green I Don't think most of the people in Congress want to be in a room with Marjorie Taylor green like she's just Got this energy about her that it's just Very like Um but the fact that like this Republican is like trying to take her Down it's just like it's just so funny And it just shows like how like they Don't have any cohesive anything right They don't have any cohesive message They don't have a policy they all they

Care about like it's right now all Republicans really are concentrating all Their time and energy on outside of this Kevin McCarthy nonsense is Hunter Biden's laptop and like trying to make It illegal to be trans right like those Are like the two big things that Republicans are doing across the country And so when those are like the only Things they're doing legislatively of Course they're going to be like you know Climbing over each other to like prove Who like the best Republican is who the Worst Republican is and just like I want To see the evidence like come on like Show me evidence what exactly crime did Marjorie Taylor green commit like does She seem like the person that could Commit a crime sure I guess but like What are the odds of uh what are the Odds of him actually having some type of Evidence like that I doubt it well uh uh Maybe there's some evidence here Ben Stop doubting these uh principles human Beings Nick Fuentes jumped on as well This is what he said about Marge total Roid Rage meltdown from Large Marge Yikes again this is someone who had much Support for Mark for Margie Taylor green Marjorie staked her political career on A McCarthy speakership that she is now Realizing will never happen she should Go on home to back to Georgia and repair Her failed marriage instead of trying to

Play politics with the boys because she Sucks at it I want you guys to keep Listening to this theme we've heard ho and her Harlan now she has to Go back home because the boys are doing The real job Continued to put it simply she Herself out for a Payday from McCarthy With her goodies being the earnest Support of gullible Trump voters and Conservatives looks like some more Concession a more um uh some more Admissions are happening here and then He goes and she's not even hot because That makes a difference with this whole Fight Paul and Jason might be a good Time to publish that recording from AF Pack 3 greeting room you know the one I'm talking about the thing about being A genius is my foresight is always 20 20. uh last thoughts on this have been As we go to that picture of them being Buddy buddy until now she's a Yeah I mean this is just like a random Like look okay to all the women in the Republican party like I need you to Understand right like this is how Republicans view you right like this is This is how they view you like Fundamentally Republican men view women As property and they view that you as Property lose value as you age and Become in any way shape or form less Attractive to them and so just know

That's why like like literally like look At the conservative commentator women That have been unlike different networks Like Fox News I mean seriously like it's Just such rampant obvious misogyny that I don't understand why like any woman in Their right mind would like support the Republican Party unless of course their Racism fuels them so much that they care More about being racist than they care About being the victim of a misogyny you Know it's about the money it's about That power and it's about I guess the Perceived political respect