In Loving Memory of Brian Stelter’s Career – The Ultimate Mark Dice Impersonation Compilation!

By | December 26, 2022

Sadly, CNN fired Brian Stelter this year, one of the greatest sources of entertainment on television. So in his memory media analyst Mark Dice presents The Best of Brian Stelter.

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Sadly we lost Brent stelter earlier this Year and one of the rounds of layoffs at CNN and it remains unclear if he's ever Going to return to television again and So in honor of his memory and all the Joy that he has brought us over the Years I present to you this tribute I Put together the best of Brian Stelton Who knows I think that's uh that's a That's an example of a broader question For Twitter which is For you uh if you get invited to Something where there are no rules where There is total freedom for everybody do You actually want to go to that party or Are you going to decide to stay home We're still processing what it meant to The country into our lives so Hunter is There a disconnect between the people Who were there that day in DC and the People who were not you know someone Like me who only watched it on TV well I Ever really get it joining me now is CNN Chief media correspondent host of Reliable sources Brian stelter Brian What more do you have as you said Kate Tucker has been a larger than life Figure at this news Organization for Nearly a decade a pioneering figure and Now his resignation is stunning this Newsroom and the News industry Jeff Zucker's departure was shocking To the staff at CNN This place is not perfect it will never

Be perfect we will always have flaws we Will always script we'll always have to Run Corrections we'll always have to Keep working to make it better and Better and better every single day That's the goal But the people who say we're lacking in Journalism That we've become an all-talk Channel That we've run off and we're all Opinions all the time the Jeff Zucker Led us astray Those people who are watching CNN They're not watching CNN they're Watching complaints about CNN on other Channels that don't know what they're Talking about just some of the anchors Say provocative things yes To some of those clips get played over And over again on other channels and Mislead people about what CNN actually Is yes your reaction now to this uh Appeal from the committee to get Hannity To cooperate well I think the big Question that a lot of people are going To want to know including Sean Haley's Viewers is what is Sean Hannity hiding What does Haley know that he's been Hiding from his audience because he has An audience of millions of people who Rely on him who trust him who believe Him even though he's given the many Reasons to disbelieve and so what has he Been hiding from them for the past year

So I think it really comes down to that Key question what's he hiding what has He known over the past year that he Hasn't told his viewers or told the Public is he in on it in some way as we Know we're learning about this fast Conspiracy was he in on it in some Fashion cat you wrote on Twitter about Spotify you went viral for a comment About it yesterday tell us your point of View first about this Spotify mess Because it's really dominated the week Yeah you know what I think is Interesting about the backlash against Spotify's Joe Rogan is that Um you know people are fundamentally Angry about not being able to stop his Audience from wanting news that is bad For them uh you know wanting something That's bad for them so you know we're All haunted by the Specter of this guy Who's listening to Joe Rogan and Internalizing this bad information and Making bad choices as a result but Rogan Is like a weed that sprang up outside The mainstream media ecosystem and he Thrived there and he has this huge Audience and that's what's really scary That Spotify could kick him off tomorrow And it wouldn't make a dent it wouldn't Make a dent in his audience people would Still listen to him and crucially they Still wouldn't trust more mainstream Media sources and I think that's what's

Really really frightening to people Here's a there's a big overly broad Question for you okay is the media at This point out of time touch with the Public about covid I think it's hard to Argue that uh you know the media is a Large group of people but a lot of the Media does seem when I look at it and Then travel the country to be very out Of touch with people I mean if you Travel the country people are not really Living in the same uh bubble that it Seems that most of the media is Messaging toward and so yeah and I I Think this is an issue because if people Are turning out what's going on in cable News if we're not messaging toward uh The general population Um then they're just ignoring everything And and living their lives uh and we're Not really getting the information that They need to them I want to show all Kinds of opinions Which sounds great but not all opinions Are created equal you think about major Newsrooms like CNN that have health Departments and desks and operations That work hard on verified information On covid-19 and then you have talk show Stars like Joe Rogan who just wing it Who make it up as they go along and Because figures like Rogan are trusted By people that don't trust real Newsrooms who have attention a problem

That's much bigger than Spotify much Bigger than any single platform Cape but That's what's at the heart of this right Now yeah but you're right it is going to Get something bigger that isn't going to Be solved in one Joe Rogan video or one Statement from Spotify that's for sure Donald Trump Jr Um something about me looking like a General Potato Head Then the twins started rolling in on my Computer people telling me about Donnie Jr insulting me and I thought of some Really cutting responses some really Clever ways to reply some way to go Viral but then I stopped I didn't post anything It was just another distraction he Wanted me to respond this was just more BS fuel for the culture war and it does Not matter there is too much real news Going on There's no time for potato heads four Words four little words that are hurting America's pandemic response what are They here let's Sean Hannity tell you he Loves these words do your own research Please do your own research do your own Research do your own research there's a Ton of it right on you know at the tip Of your fingers on your own phone that Phrase do your own research is popping Up a lot in conversations about Coronavirus and about coveted vaccines

Nicki Minaj used similar wording in that Tweet this week saying she was doing Research but this code alone approach Doing your own research it seems so Innocent but it can have serious Consequences Jen thanks for coming on reliable Sources my pleasure busy summer ahead Infrastructure election reform what does The Press get wrong when covering Biden's agenda when you watch the news When you read the news what do you think We get wrong I'll have to just circle back with you And we can Circle back with him I'm Happy to Circle back with you I can Circle back I will have to Circle back On that one that's an excellent question Oh such an important question oh we will Circle back with you and we'll Circle Back with you for journalists to watch What you do what's your advice for them About trying to stay as close to the Truth in this world of lives Well I think what I try to do is stay Grounded to the facts and what I mean by That the details and I can I'll Circle Back if there's more I can share with You the major networks did not carry Donald Trump standard in Israeli even Fox News ignored it but Fox is serving The ex-president's agenda in lots of Other ways reporters like in the rally Tour revenge tour and fox shirt knows

Revenge to understand why so many Republicans have abandoned democracy to See why so many believe the big lie to Get why so many are trying to rewrite Voting rules you have to hear the Poisonous propaganda that the gop's Activist face is listening to so that's What I did this week I watched every Episode of Sean Hannity's show and I Color coded it as you can see right here I focused on his language the insults The phrases that he repeats every night Nasty little words like these socialist Stalker weak failure Shameless psychotic Indoctrination hell holes And that's just the beginning look the Beginning of the biting years is not the End of Trump's war of Truth the Fractures the fault lines of the Trump Era are very much still with us I'm Talking about the mainstreaming of Conspiracy thinking the demonizing of Others they're gaslighting that's going On Trump himself can't tweet anymore so He's not quite as visible and lots of Folks don't want to hear about him at All anymore and his apologists say Everyone should just move on and forget About his years of misconduct but it's Not over it's not in the past the Scientists not really about him anymore It's about his acolytes now the Trump Era of War on truth is being waged every Day by his lieutenants reducing a liar's

Reach is not the same as censoring Freedom of speech freedom of speech is Different than freedom of reach and Algorithmic reach is part of the problem There is a gathering storm Most of us can feel it in the air but it Isn't being reflected on the air what Happened on January 6 was not a passing Storm in American politics the Peril Remains Donald Trump's attempt at a coup Was not the end of the story he is still Trying to steal the election and by Claiming it should be desertified and He's already clearly planning to run Again you know the rally last night so What does that tell us about 2024 it Tells us that there is a gathering storm The only NBC program to mention the Trump coup this week was Late Night with Seth Meyers And this that's already covered it well But the newscasts did not cover it look I get that there's a lot going on but a Slide towards autocracy should Merit Some air time where our Tucker and Sean Hannity and Lauren Ingram where Zanesville your heart Steve Ducey and Brian Kilmeade where are the biggest Stars on Fox getting vaccinated Everybody else is doing it right man I Mean it all across television all these Anchors are rolling up their sleeves why Do you think you haven't seen the Biggest terms on Fox News get vaccinated

Or show us their vaccine selfies uh this New report about YouTube it's up on the TTP website it's more evidence Oliver of Something that's been emerging for years Right but not only you know the echo Chambers really really insane yes They're also louder more on one side Than the other right and I don't think It comes as a surprise to anyone Including the folks at YouTube right That's their recommendation algorithm is Really a radicalization machine and the Thing is what are they going to do about This problem so many millions are being Seduced and being deceived lived by an Alternative reality Trump isn't really The leader of this anymore Tucker Carlson is from downplaying the Pro-trump ride of January 6th to Mainstreaming a white supremacist Conspiracy theory and I know Tucker's Been here before remember that time he Said wait was it hoax But his comments this week on Thursday Were another new low as he identified The so-called white replacement Theory By name this is something that's Fringe Often on racist websites but he pointed Out for his viewers to hear and it's Been played a lot I know the fox segment Has been played repeatedly so I'm not Going to hear it here but Tucker knew Exactly what he was doing look at the Quote he even predicted that people

Would be disturbed by his argument which Made him all the more delighted to make The argument anyway uh Sean Hannity and I used to have a really friendly Relationship he gave me great advice When I graduated college he gave me Great advice when I joined CNN went into Television and honestly like a lot of Relationships in the Trump years our Relationship Fred and the Trump era in The Trump years and then it's Disappointing to me your response uh and Explain to us how you approach your Interviews how you try to be fair Sometimes I think I'm just a Content Machine for Fox News because they need Something to complain about social Distancing has transformed the news in Some ways forever it's kind of crazy From Dr Sanjay Gupta to lawmakers to Celebrities everyone is adjusted to at Home Studios from local to international News reporters trade tips about the best Ring lights tripods and mics I invested In blackout Shades and soundproofing Though it didn't really work there's Only so much you can control home life Shots are a source of TV drama during a Stressful time staircases doors leave Viewers wondering will somebody walk in Will a kid interrupt will there be a Surprise guest appearance or maybe two And how will the guests handle it I Quickly learned to lock the door before

Every hit but you know sometimes it is More fun not to David Cameron was Talking about oh I'm really sorry that's My son hey reported Deborah haynes's son Just wanted a snack yes you can have two Biscuits Sky News cut away but it's Better to just embrace the chaos Embarrassing moments are humanizing Moments and the media needs more of that Being live at home it's relatable and Revealing although sometimes a little Too revealing they will scale up the Program if it is successful guys Very cool we love it will next time he Wore pants but hey I can relate this was Me live on CNN with just two minutes Notice talking with Wolf Blitzer about Trump's Twitter account being banned Later that night I changed rooms Switching up the backdrops and that's When my phone blacked out And we lost Brian but little Brandon but Ultimately it's about news judgment it's About lack of judgment uh but I find it Befuddling right that's where we start That's how I'm feeling I'd love to know How you're feeling you know this is such Heavy subject matter I just want to save A lighter note Mark I love your kitchen It's giving me great renovation ideas I Gotta find something positive to say Because the news is so dire well thank You it seems everyone these days is Reporting on the news from their kitchen

With all the social distancing but I am Getting fat though because just six feet From me is a bunch of food and I just Bought one of those super-sized Containers of peanut butter filled Pretzels from Costco the one benefit of Working from home all right thank you Everybody happy Sunday to all of you There's this new social media app called Parlor getting a lot of attention Because conservatives are saying they're Leaving Twitter Facebook going off to Parlor because they believe parlors a Safer space for them what we're seeing Is even more of a bunker mentality in Right-wing media and ultimate really That's not good for the country no it's It's not good it's a threat to democracy That these people are in Echo Chambers And they're getting fed a diet of Lies Essentially I don't think CNN is or any Other Channel right now is is anti-trump Well we are seeing our journalists Trying to stand up for truth and decency And when President Trump gives inspiring Speech we should we do say so not even When I was growing up I was interested In being on television I would practice Pretend to be a television anchor in the Basement uh but sometimes I still Marvel That they allow me on television Let me just can I just put that over There It's okay to not be okay right now

That's the main thing I want to say to Everyone watching it wasn't until Um this Friday night that I hit a wall I was supposed to be finishing my Nightly newsletter that I mentioned Earlier but I couldn't do it I couldn't Get it done and that's when the tears Came I mean yeah there were some messages From uh from guys trying to do that Performative masculinity what do you Think saying I mention cry or talk about Crying [Music] Yeah he still seems to prefer these Small fights with the Press instead of Focusing on the virus and that Anti-media propaganda video is an Example he started this briefing with That anti-media propaganda video which Is nothing short of disgraceful the Country is being misinformed I think It's fair to say the country is being Lied to about the small pilot program That they're implying is going to help The entire country starting Sunday or Monday I am sorry to say will not help The entire country on Sunday or Monday How is this going to affect Americans Well it's a big picture today was the Day the tens of millions of Americans Felt the impact of the virus for the First time whether it's your favorite NBA team being affected or whether it's

The view not having a studio audience I Think in some ways companies and Corporations are leading the way now They are head of the federal government The president not reassuring the public Tonight labored at his breathing Struggling to get a coherent message out But corporations are leading the way In signaling that this is going to be an Impact to our lives for the next month Or two or three or more uh I've been Getting some grief from Sean Hannity This weekend speaking of Fox right from Hannity for for once suggesting that I Thought avenatti could be a serious Candidate for presidents so give me a Media critique was that stupid on my Part what do you make of how abidadi was Covered by CNN and MSNBC despite Trump's Claim there is no evidence that Bloomberg is asking to stand on a box And there's nothing wrong with standing On Boxes by the way some of the Candidates do that at debate so that the Camera angles don't make sense and let Me just say one more thing which is is This the state of the GMP that we just Sit there and we just make fun of other People is that what this is though Hey I'm Brian Skelter welcome to Reliable sources this hour is the Impeachment trial goes on brand new Polling from Fox News right now we've Spoken about this right-wing supporters

Are leaving Twitter for parlor switching The channel from Fox News to Newsmax What do you think is driving the change Changes we're seeing in the media Landscape yeah this is the giant move From three channels to thousands of Channels and in every interview Obama's Given about his new book he is talking About these changes in the media Ecosystem that are making it harder he Says to govern and to have a functioning Democracy I don't think anybody would Would want to turn back the clock 50 Years and go back to a time before the Internet before mobile phones at least Most people wouldn't want to turn back The clock but the consequence of this Technology is that everybody is the Member of the media and these incendiary Platforms with Hyper partisan content And lies and smears they are able to get Major traction Obama talks about this in The interviews that are going to come Out in the next few days he is very Critical of this disinformation world That now exists but like everybody else Pamela he doesn't have any easy answers He connected up with the problems then He's right about the problems but there Are no easy solutions to these problems What we are seeing from the president is Delusional weakness unable and unwilling To accept reality he is spinning up Delusional stories about Mass voter

Fraud and about machines being rigged And there is demand for it let me show You the ratings for Newsmax I've never Seen anything like this in the 16 years I've been covering Fox News I've never Seen a channel pop like this going from I don't know like a hundred thousand Viewers a day on a good day Greg Kelly Is now getting a million viewers a night Fox has never seen competition like this In its history So what you have going on is this Right-wing audience that's ticked off at Fox News for not being pro-trump enough I never thought I would see it the Photos the White House has been Releasing the videos we have to show Them because they're the only evidence That we have the president's condition But they are propagandistic that's Unfortunately the situation we're in and Out of the White House correspondence Association is calling out the white House right now this is the Press Corps The Press pool that is supposed to Travel with the president at all times They were not informed of this photo up They were not with him when this Happened that is a grievous breach of Protocol and the association to say Quote it is outrageous for the president To have left the hospital even briefly Amid a Health crisis without a Protective pool present to ensure that

The American people know where their President is and how he is doing now More than ever the American public Deserves independent coverage of the President so they can be reliably Informed about his health that is Absolutely correct and by the way Anna If the president was feeling so well why Didn't he walk outside in the fresh air Rather than get cooped up in that car I Mean that's not a comfortable place for Anybody to be in as a coveted positive Patient he could have walked out under The lawn and waved to the public here is A unique way to evaluate presidents just Look at their diets look at what they Are consuming I'm talking about their Media diets and what those diets reveal About their leadership he is tweeting About Newsmax and what American News More than ever before then he flies to Georgia and he plays a montage of clips From those Newsmax and OEM shows at his Rally a montage It's like he wants my job We usually make the clip reels around Here But I really shouldn't joke because There is nothing funny about this it's Getting more severe uh Aaron your view Of this you know when you see um entire Media companies essentially exist to Tear down Joe Biden is there an Equivalent to that on the left tearing

Down Trump Uh there really isn't [Laughter] It's so disappointing to look at what We're seeing and right when many of These days where there's such an Obsession with the Deep State and these Revelations about the Russia probe and The decision about Michael Flynn when The president called into Fox and Friends the other morning Friday morning Right before the unemployment numbers Came out he talked about the Flynn case For 20 minutes let me introduce you to One America news it's a conservative Cable news channel that claims to be Your source for credible honest unbiased Reporting from around the world but it's Actually anything but that Elliott is Put traditional newsreel Facebook Announced was a major deal Nancy Pelosi Called Joe Biden the right man for the Job today marks National Jelly Bean day And part right-wing commentary with the Occasional baseless conspiratorial video Thrown in for good measure so beyond Irresponsible content and hard right Commentary oan is probably best known For for asking some of President Trump's Favorite questions and White House Press Briefings go ahead oh yes Political views on key issues have Remained remarkably the same for nearly 30 years uh Chanel rheon who is a bill

That's their White House correspondent She has a long history of spreading Conspiracy theories Rhian has not Responded to multiple requests for Comment from CNN despite facing all the Increasing censorship over the last few Years I'm still doing okay and I'm Confident that my book is going to do Very well so really understand that Someday you're going to regret this Right I think you're going to regret This oh yeah there's times I should have picked a different career 20 years if we just sit down and talk About this you're going to recognize how Damaging this book yes Oh try to do your job you're hilarious Brian well I appreciate you coming on to Talk about it yeah Do it dude I'm having fun he is getting Worse we can all see it it's happening In public but it's still a very hard Very sensitive story to cover when you Watch a broadcast nightly newscast how Often do you hear about just how far off The road Trump is not often enough So something's wrong there are lots of Theories about what it is there are some Doctors who think they know there are Others who say we shouldn't speculate There are ethical questions about even Having this conversation at all Foreign but we can't tiptoe around it Anymore

We've gotta talk about this don't be Fooled by the partisans who Cherry-picked the worst mistakes of Individual journalists or the craziest Ideas from commentators and claim that's The entire media it's not You're gonna hear this from the right For the next days and weeks to come the Press basically made all this up to take Down president Trump But the Press is just following a trail That Trump created He has proven time and time again that He cannot be trusted and if the President was watching Fox and Friends This morning he saw this Banner it says Trump cuts usaid to three Mexican Countries The reference of course was to Central American countries The network apologized several hours Later said the banner should have never Appeared obviously that's the case [Music] Um But I don't know what's going on over There president Trump right now Celebrating Robert Mueller's no Collusion conclusion he's celebrating by Condemning the Press he's repeating a Fox News talking point you can see it Right here it says the New York Times The Washington Post Pulitzer prizes for Russia coverage should be taken away

Fake he says there's also been an Enormous amount of speculation in the Past two and a half years about Collusion and even worse there has been A reckoning in the past week about the Media's coverage of these issues and yet We're still kind of in the dark I mean Let's remember that headline right there The mother report is more than 300 pages Long and so far we've only seen 101 Words uh what was the trajectory of how This went wrong yeah the headline was so Sensational and so disturbing it first Came out on TMZ that only that small it Said he'd been attacked but that the Attackers said this is Mega country well Obviously Chicago at two in the morning Is not Mega country so it didn't make Sense in the first place lots of parts Of the story didn't make sense but the Activists actors Hollywood celebrities Friends of small Democratic presidential Candidates they all wanted to sound like They were doing the right thing saying The right thing standing up for a victim There was a rush to judgment I think was Mostly in the celebrity press and Amongst activists and among Twitter People I think it was a really careful Reporting by news organizations but it All gets lumped in together at the end Of the day it all gets lumped together Into the minds of these people who now Say what went wrong here and obviously

At the end of the day what went wrong is That he may have made it up and Ultimately that's his responsibility so Grift grift it is one of the top words Of this political moment liberals and Actually a fair number of conservatives Are accusing the president and pro-trump Media celebs of Band grifters of selling Stuff and exploiting people and these Critics uh say that this Behavior was on Full display at the conservative Political action committee conference CPAC this week so I want to unpack back What this means here to discuss it is Bill Crystal director of Defending Democracy together New York Magazine's Washington correspondent Olivia newzy And CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy who's first back from CPAC uh Oliver grifting this idea of grifting What is it what does it mean why is it Why is it coming up so often these days Well it it's basically this idea of Exploiting gullible people to sell Something to raise your brand awareness And I think it's coming up because uh Well look Brian CPAC has always been a Representation of where the Republican Party is where it's going and I'm not Sure it was ever at this place for Intellectual discourse as some people Would say but it has in recent years Become more like Trump it's a Celebration of trump and so you see a

Lot of grifters people throwing red meat Rhetoric out at crowds to raise their Brand guys like Charlie Kirk diamond and Silk Michelle Malkin those are the People there and they they are selling Books off in that CPAC they're trying to Every night in Prime Time Democrats are Dehumanized they are attacked Relentlessly by Fox News Primetime home Most it was always hard for me to Imagine a Democrat primary debate taking Place in those hours when figures like Nancy Pelosi and now Alexandria Ocasio-cortez are constantly demonized And attacked uh so the Democrats are now Making that official and saying we'll Have nothing to do with fox in this Primary season I don't know if it's a Good thing that store power and TV Savvy Is required for the job but I think it Is and by the way I think President Obama also had a lot of TV star power And that helped him pre-trump uh but Trump is more evident of this and Looking ahead to 2020 one reason why I'm Taking you seriously as a contender is Because of your presence on cable news a Lot of what fox does in prime time is Resentment television making you resent The Liberals and others who are trying To hurt you that's the message from Fox I think all of this matters because it's About decency and standards it's about The corrosive

Ugly nasty behavior that sometimes Happens on cable news or off cable news Involving some of these hosts the the H Word comes to mind hypocrisy there's a Lot of hypocrisy here in the past week From folks who are saying the media Should apologize to Trump there was a Lot of Reason here to be suspicious and Journalists job are to ask those Questions to be suspicious a lot of Those folks on Fox who are attacking uh Mainstream media right now mainstream Media uh they're they're saying that Um this is this is a conspiracy theory Journalists should be reflective this is A great moment to be reflective about The past two years pay attention to the Big lies I know some folks are exhausted By the daily deceptions the small lies From Trump World But Trump and his allies are telling big Lies right now the most popular one is No obstruction no obstruction at all The attempts to obstruct are screaming Off the page So what's the role of the press in this Broken environment In part our role is to keep collecting Facts all of the facts so that citizens Can make up their own minds but I think It's also our role to stand up for Decency and morality Especially if others won't Journalists after all work with a code

Of ethics we have and we try to enforce Standards and when we fall down on those Standards we try to learn from those Mistakes and journalists can help lead The way by talking about morality and Ethics Look I know that I'm a convenient hate Object for right-wing media I recognize That and I usually just blow it off uh But I think there was something Important throughout this conversation That I want to emphasize there was Certainly evidence of the willingness to Collude I think there's a lot of Analysts like Jeffrey Tubman would say Yeah there was clearly some collusion It's a matter of how much collusion There was there's a lot we don't know About the social media efforts and about The attempts to spread fake news by Russian Bots and whether Trump may be Involved but this is the issue right There's two different narratives right Now about what happened it's an awards Dinner a fundraiser in the past Presidents have always shown up even if They were angry with the Press at any Given time here's it's a correspondence Association says they said basically They don't mind either way it's going to Be about celebrating journalists it's All about celebrating the First Amendment and the show will go on There's their statement about this

Weekend's dinner but look it's another Example of what we're seeing this has Been administration's attack against the Media it takes many forms one form is The president having a rally uh this Saturday instead of attending the dinner And I do think it matters mostly because Of what it means about these tensions Continuing to escalate a big move by Facebook banning several accounts and Now there's new blowback from the Commander-in-chief president Trump's Furious reaction to Facebook's action Showcases that he is I'm sorry to say The Infowars president he is promoting The same alternative universe as if Awards and sharing videos from repugnant Characters now Infowars of course is the Web show website led by rageaholics Alex Jones None of this is journalism these memes These smears this crap has no Relationship to journalism but Journalists have to Grapple with this Misinformation muck we saw this at the White House social media Summit that Wasn't did you hear about this a few Days ago it was a clear Stunt by the President he was ridiculing reporters While inviting internet trolls and Far-right Twitter personalities Fringe Radio hosts to the white house uh in Some ways maybe a campaign rally for 2020. it was tempting to say we should

Just ignore this event and call it a Stunt and move on but something Important was happening Trump was Legitimizing provocateurs and in some Cases extremists who deliberately spread Misinformation it felt to me like he was Preparing his 2020 meme Corps you know The folks that make those visual images That spread across Facebook and go viral Everybody makes spelling mistakes all Right everybody I do everybody does but On Twitter Donald Trump makes a lot more Of them than most people just this week He misspelled Republic looking and Unfair but those are hardly the worst Examples we have seen countless absurd Spellings from the commander-in-chief he Is called Showbiz Shoe Biz there's Hamburgers there's the smocking Gun There's a lot of these even misspelling His wife melania's name it's actually Not that funny I know English teachers Are horrified by the president's poor Form lots of other people are Embarrassed by it too but I've never Seen anyone do a comprehensive study of His spelling errors or look at what they Mean so that's where fat base comes in Fact base is this excellent website that Has every single word the President says Some other politicians as well it looks At all of trump tweets even the deleted Ones for this database of typos and Other screw-ups so we gave the president

The full benefit of the doubt these Researchers only counted true Misspellings homophone swaps and Incorrect multi-word phrases so here's What the researchers found on average Trump makes a spelling area at least one Out of every five days and since taking Office he's made at least 188 of them Total more than 188 spelling errors on Twitter uh here's Trump's numbers up Against Obamas just to get it into Perspective here because again everybody Makes mistakes uh Obama Started tweeting Uh Trump started tweeting in 2009 Obama Started tweeting in 2012. if you compare Their errors since joining Twitter Trump Has made 358 of those spelling mistakes Those errors Barack Obama Four The word cult has been popping up more And more uh thinking back two weeks ago On this program Anthony scaramucci uh Talked about his claim that Trump Supporters are in a cult just last week Dan Rather said he thinks support for Trump is increasingly cultish and this Weekend in the Washington Post a trump Critic and Republican strategist John Weaver said the GOP is not a party Anymore in the traditional sense it is a Cult none of them are mental health Experts Stephen Hassan is he's out with A brand new book called The Cult of Trump he has first-hand experience

Escaping the unification church back in The 70s and he's decided to write this Book Because he believes there's Something seriously wrong in our Politics if you want to say one thing to Mark Dice what would it be I don't know Mark Dice So you don't know who Mark Dice is I Didn't say that I said I don't know Mark Dice personally if you had to say one Thing to him what would it be so again Very clever stunt I love the game I Think you're very good at the game so I Respect the player uh I also respect his Funny videos I've watched a couple of Them I'm sure he'll tell this one also It's funny it's not journalism I don't Care much about it but it's funny The president is constantly lying and Spreading conspiracy theories every time It's getting worse I find myself wondering what more should The Press be doing to try to convey this Extraordinary and uncomfortable Situation should there be a bug in the Corner of the screen that says warning Uh the president is probably misleading You again what are the answers here of Course he tells us to trust him About everything right he tells us all These lies he spreads all these Falsehoods and then he tells us there's No collusion tells us he's innocent but He's done nothing to earn your trust and

Everything to squander it if the White House can't get the small stuff right it Makes you worry about the big stuff and Honestly I think you should be worried Because the president continues to Spread conspiracy theories even about Hurricanes now he does this to evade Responsibility to deflect blame and to Keep his fans fired up but we in the Press Corps have to keep calling it out We can't get immune to this in Discussions amongst friends and family And debates on social media people are Questioning the President's Fitness but These conversations are happening in Newsrooms and TV news Studios as well Usually after the microphones are off or After the stories are filed after the Paper's been put to bed people's Concerns and fears and questions come Out Questions that often feel Out of bounds off limits too hot for TV Questions like these Is the president of the United States a Racist is he suffering from some kind of Illness Is he fit for office And if he's unfit Then what These are upsetting polarizing questions They're uncomfortable to ask but we in The national news media can't pretend Like our readers and viewers are nobody

Asking they are asking This Is How deep the countries divide Has really become when historians look Back on the Trump presidency they'll say That this was the week that something Changed something really shifted and the Conversations about the president's Uncomfortable questions moved into the Mainstream in a big way Trump's odd Behavior with Vladimir Putin is Compelling so many people to ask what Does Putin have on Trump has Trump been Compromised All of those people those experts those Reporters they are looking at the fact Pattern and they're seeing something Strange even something sinister Is your Twitter feed sick These days harassment hate speech and Misinformation are poisoning social Media and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey seems To know this he's trying to cure Twitter Of these ills but hell At a rare interview at Twitter's Headquarters in San Francisco I asked Him what is the timeline for Re-examining how you show follow Recounts or the use of the like button You know we're I mean we're looking and Thinking about all these things right Now we've we've um We've definitely had conversations about Them but would you I don't

I I worry about a time frame like that Because we we also need to take into Consideration we're a small company the Biggest story of the weekend well Everywhere except the pro-trump media is That big Climate Change Report with dire New warnings released by the Trump Administration on Friday most of the Major networks come to report in detail It's been a big story on cable news Except for Fox News instead of engaging In climate change denialism they just Ignored the problem altogether which I Would argue is another form of denialism And the bottom line is is that yes she Was complicit but she was doing all this Knowing that it was going to be a payoff In the end for her and then once she got Upset with him or he got upset with her Or whatever happened she decides to turn On him she's not a friend she's a liar And I would say she's evil Foreign Stick around Um let's take a turn for a moment and We'll bring the panel back later in the Hour and after the break New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio let me say with Regards to to what's in the Woodward Book right these claims about how his Aides think he's a threat to the country A threat to National Security do you Feel that that's new meaning has

Woodward uncovered anything new here or When you read the excerpts were you kind Of wondering hey what's the fuss CNN is Asking for a hearing today in D.C District Court today or tomorrow Sometime this week to get a temporary Order to get a customs press pass back Right away then CNN will also seek What's called permanent relief so that This doesn't happen again in the future In the past the U.S president's words Had projected power and shaped Global Decisions what the president said meant Something it meant a lot But not no not anymore What president Trump says is so Frequently false or nonsensical that his Words don't have the same meaning the Same power the same impact as past Presidents It's a shame but it's true Trump simply cannot be trusted he's easy President Trump is an easy target you Talked about him being an unwitting Russian asset Jonathan Tate you want to Step further in your cover story for New York Magazine this week we could put on Screen I think you talked about whether President Trump has actually been a Russian asset for decades in fact I've Asked a Twitter spokesman does this Violate Twitter's terms of service Making this kind of threat towards North Korea so far no immediate comment from

The company still waiting to hear I Think they're trying to decide if this Kind of tweet referring to a nuclear Button and he knows how to use and it Works whether that actually is a Violation of their terms of service the President of the United States is the Country's biggest promoter of Misinformation and he's been in an Awfully chatty mood lately super Talkative holding press conferences and Q and A's interviews and Chats on Air Force One he called into Fox News one Night this week and then woke up and Called him the next morning and the Result is even more pollution in the air And on the air I wish this weren't the case I wish the Fact Checkers weren't working overtime On his comments it's usually and Definitely a good thing for the press to Have more access to powerful people both Trump the downside of that access is He's saying so much stuff that's untrue That it's so's confusion and division That's what USA Today did by running This presidential op-ed the other day Full of distortions and that's what Fox And Friends did by putting Trump on the Phone for 46 minutes and then not Correcting many of the errors so this is A list that we made this is all the list Of his appearances since Monday look at How many he's done since that made for

TV moment to swearing Injustice Kavanaugh to a number of interviews with Fox News Etc Q A's from the south lawn At the White House Etc and his press Tour is continuing today with his first Sit-down interview on 60 Minutes since Inauguration day I disagree but I don't Want to have that fight with you okay It's okay in the meantime I'm president And you're not [Music]