In 6 Days, Trump Could Be Made Speaker Of The House

By | November 2, 2022

In six days, Donald Trump could be made Speaker of the House if Republicans win control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections. Many prominent republicans have publicly stated they’re all for such a thing happening, making voting in the midterms all the more important. Stand up comedian and Rebel HQ’s own Ben Gleib breaks it down.

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Give us the ability to fire Nancy Pelosi Take back the majority impeach Joe Biden And I’m going to nominate Donald Trump For speaker of the United States House Of Representatives Thank you very much thank you everybody [Music] Well that was interesting Well I’ll be damned the scary Possibilities this country is facing Just do not slow down so if you didn’t Have enough reasons yet why we need to Vote on November 8th or before for these Midterms that’s one for you if Republicans retake control of the house By just getting five more Republicans to Win elections over Democrats next week They could appoint Donald Trump to be The speaker of the house it turns out There is nothing indicating that the Speaker has to be an elected member of Congress in fact there have been many Protest votes in the past for people Like Vice President Joe Biden for people Like Stacey Abrams there have been Protest votes but it’s not precluded and What’s to stop in this new Lawless and Traditionless time these moralists and Stop at nothing to get what they want And what they want is to just sow chaos And destruction so they can line their Pockets even more modern Republican Party what’s to stop them from put in Trump the greatest bomb thrower of them

All from setting fire to Congress from Within he couldn’t destroy the Capitol Building from the outside so they may be Plotting to put him in from the inside Think of the grift he would do as Speaker of the House think of how he Could tell any lobbying interest any Pharmaceutical company or agribusiness Or for him to come up to them and say my Office is open if you uh put a little Money in my pocket I’ll bring your bill Up for a vote he would have full control Over the votes and an even bigger Control over the media as they could not Ignore the legitimate Speaker of the House of Representatives Freedom is Conservatives the extreme extreme of Them all like Marjory Taylor green and Gosar well they don’t want McCarthy they Don’t think he’s conservative enough Doesn’t protect them enough from Democrats attacks they love nobody more Than Donald J Trump the J’s for jerk we All know that and imagine if they do it If they nominate him McCarthy loses a Few key votes it will be political Suicide side to go against Donald Trump For speaker because he will back your Opponent in every race going forward and So if we don’t go out and vote in huge Massive presidential election numbers And then some come November 8th of this Year 2022 not only are we not able to Pass the essential agenda of protecting

Our rights protecting a woman’s right to Choose protecting our democracy Rebelling against the election deniers That are running by the hundreds to Control elections as Secretary of State And become Attorneys General and become Members of Congress and make elections Never count again in this country Marijuana is on the ballot we can Expunge all marijuana records we’ve got The Voting Rights the John Lewis Voting Rights Act the George Floyd Justice and Policing act all of them can be passed By just getting two more Democratic Senators and Democrats holding the house But even this even Donald Trump could Become a de facto member of Congress and The most powerful of them all please go To check your registration Status find out where you’re polling Place is and if you’re not registered Register right now in many states you Can register the day of the election and Still go vote do not miss this chance to Stand up and save our democracy and Sadly this is not that far-fetched CNN Reported that in November former white House chief of staff under Trump Mark Meadows said quote he would love to see The gavel go from house Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump you talk about Melting down people would go crazy and Trump has in general sense entertained The idea too and to make this totally

Legit possibility even scarier the hill Reported the real twist in this plot Comes after Trump is elected speaker at Long last he has a perfect license to Investigate any ridiculous conspiracy Theory he can invent or imagine maybe he Starts by settling a few old scores Convening select committees looking into Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email servers and the Mueller Investigation from there you can move on To Hunter Biden’s laptop and his own Version of the Jan 6 committee and get This instead of running for president Where he could have it Max just one more Term he could keep being re-chosen as Speaker for the rest of his life and we Would have Trump in our faces in Government until the day he dies which Knowing how somehow his insides are Lined with Big Macs and Diet Cokes that Maybe turns out to protect you in the End will be another 60 or 70 years we’ll Have a 145 year old Donald Trump saying I’m the greatest elderly in the world And I gavel this country into sesh Whoops did I just crack the whole Country and it’s collapsing Around me mission accomplished Please vote I’m Ben gleib for Rebel HQ You can subscribe to my news and Politics podcast last week on Earth and Check out my stand-up comedy special the Mad King on YouTube and give it a share


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