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Obviously we took some big losses in Midterms it's very disappointing but the Fact that the media is saying it's all Donald Trump's fault because he endorsed The wrong candidates is all the evidence That you need that is completely false Remember Mitch McConnell earlier in the Election cycle said that he thinks we're Going to lose the Senate because of the Lack of candidate quality meaning Donald Trump's picks but I don't want to hear Anything about candidate quality when we Had people like Carrie Lake on our side Who was extremely intelligent smart Funny beautiful and they had people like John fetterman who literally has brain Damage and can't finish a sentence Imagine for a moment that we live in a World with no voter fraud whatsoever I Know but it'll be an exercise for your Imagination bear with me because we Obviously live in a collapsing Empire Financially morally intellectually the United States is a house of cards and We've all seen it turned into something Out of The Twilight Zone or idiocracy That makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like It was inhabited by Puritans intelligent People vastly underestimate the amount Of stupid people that there are living Out there and we have entire Generations Now which have been bombarded by Hollywood propaganda indoctrinated Through government schools and through

Social media celebrities which have Turned their brains into mush and They'll vote for a Democrat even if Their brain is mush as well as John Vetterman obviously showed tell us Kamala something about the demographic That the Democrat Party is crediting With putting you guys over the top in The Senate and in numerous gubernatorial Races what's the other thing we know About this population and it's a Specific phase of Life remember age is More than a chronological fact What else do we know about this Population 18-24 They are stupid That is why we put them in dormitories And they have a resident assistant They make really bad decisions Except for the ones watching my channel Of course and that statement was fact Checked as missing context because Technically she's not talking about Voters But she was talking about just young Adults in general making stupid Decisions and obviously supporting the Democrat Party is one of them but there Are other factors at play as well as Blake Masters who ran for Senate in Arizona explained on Tucker Carlson's Show Senate leadership fund Mitch McConnell McConnell decided to spend Millions of dollars attacking a fellow

Republican in Alaska instead of helping Me defeat Senator Mark Kelly had he Chosen to spend money in Arizona this Race would be over we'd be celebrating a Senate majority right now and so my Message to the people of America my Message to actually my the Republican Senators hopefully my future colleagues Let's not vote Mitch McConnell into Leadership he doesn't deserve to be Majority Leader or minority leader you Get a choice you can stand with your Constituents and stand with Americans or You can stand for Mitch McConnell And this sentiment has been echoed by Ted Cruz and many others who are saying That it's time for him to go if we gain The majority in the house which Hopefully we will at this point I don't Want to get my hopes up but it looks Like we might then Kevin McCarthy wants To be speaker of the house and so Matt Gates is leading the charge to stop that Kevin McCarthy you may recall through President Trump onto the bus after the January 6 protest saying that he Bears Some responsibility but that didn't go Over very well with the Republican party And especially the base so he then Quickly pretended like he never said Such thing but he did he should have Immediately denounced the mob when he Saw what was unfolding These facts require immediate action by

President Trump Accept his share of responsibility and The president's immediate action also Deserves congressional action which is Why I think a fact-finding commission And Accenture resolution would be Prudent even the New York Times is Saying that Republicans appear on track To take the house and again at this Point it almost makes me believe the Exact opposite so just cross your Fingers but we hopefully will get Lauren Bobert back in they still haven't Decided the outcome of her race that Might get more complicated because if It's within a certain number of votes or A certain percentage then it will Trigger an automatic recount and then That might take another few weeks if we Could take back the majority in the House that means that we take over Leadership positions in all of the Committees and could create new Committees and Republicans can issue Subpoenas and that means that people Have to come and testify and answer Questions otherwise they're going to Jail Hunter Biden's laptop Dr fauci I Would say black lives matter and antifa Leaders should all get subpoenas and be Thoroughly investigated for what it is That they've done to this country and You know that I always give it to you Straight I don't sugarcoat things I'm

About as blunt as anybody could possibly Be I don't know how to say things any Other way even if it's going to upset my Own audience some people do only want to Hear what their itching ears want to Hear to paraphrase I think it's second Timothy in the Bible so things are going To get very tense here and very Turbulent very soon Donald Trump is Expected to announce that he's going to Run for president again tonight which is Fantastic but the never trumpers are Sharpening their knives and plotting to Complete the mission that they failed Back in 2016. there's going to be a lot Of them this time this is not going to Be just a fringe movement like it was in 2016. now the never trumpers include the Former vice president Mike Pence who is Doing a mainstream media tour not only Just to try to derail the relaunch of The Trump train but also to try to cash In because he has a brand new book that Just came out today here he is on ABC News yesterday beating around the bush Because he doesn't really have the guts To just come right out and say what it Is that he thinks We do know that the former president Could announce any day now that he's Running for President yet again Given all that you witnessed in the Capital on that day this is a pretty

Straightforward question a yes or no Do you believe that Donald Trump should Ever be president again David I think that's up to the American People That's a Dodge but I think we'll have Better choices in the future well that's Because he wouldn't reject certifying The Electoral count votes on January 6 And send the decision back to each state Legislature and the liberal media would Have you believe that that was just a Crazy idea cockamami scheme that Trump's Attorney had come up with but before the 2020 election van Jones from CNN gave a TED Talk breaking down what he described As a legal loophole and was concerned That Donald Trump might actually do just That and called it perfectly legal now Some people would call that outcome a Perfectly legal Perfectly constitutional coup against The very idea of majority rule in the United States a perfectly legal Perfectly constitutional that is Possible under our Constitution and it Can happen this year then when the Fallout s from the mostly peaceful Protest at the Capitol that day Lawmakers amended the Electoral count Act to close what they called a loophole To change the language so that it was no Longer ambiguous about whether or not That was actually legal and possible

Today most legal Scholars even Republican ones say that if Mike Pence Did reject certification try to send it To the state legislatures of course the Democrat Party would have sued it would Have went to the Supreme Court and the Court would have ruled that that's not Allowable but the fact that at the time Until they amended the Electoral count Act it closed that loophole and Clarified language at the time the Language was ambiguous enough so that You could make an argument that that was A strategy and it wasn't part of a coup It was a legal strategy and tomorrow Mike Pence is going to be sitting down With Jake tapeworm for a special CNN Town Hall event where he's going to Continue to air his grievances about President Trump and try to sell his book To Democrat pets who are going to be Coming through it trying to find dirt That they can use against President Trump can you imagine sitting down with CNN and actually taking them seriously After everything that they've done the Mike Pence to president Trump to all of Us it's despicable currently his book is The number three bestseller on Amazon Again which just came out today Michelle Obama also had a new book that came out Today so it's going to be interesting to See if all of the Democrats looking to Dig up dirt on Trump will push it to

Number one oh and look at this the New York Times confirms that the FBI had Informants in the proud boys uh leading Up to the mostly peaceful protest in Fact as many as eight informants and the Number two in command of The Oath Keepers was also an FBI informant what a Surprise what's the saying again the Only thing different between a Conspiracy theory and a fact is time Click the thumbnail on the screen to Watch some of my previous videos that You may have missed only about 15 Percent of subscribers watch any given Video usually on any given YouTube Channel so click the links and check out Some of the ones that I'm sure that you Probably missed stay tuned because I Will see you soon

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