“I’m a white privileged male…” #SHORTS

By | October 15, 2022

So you’re getting very emotional because This is serious yes of course I’m Serious white privileged male why do you Have to rape is a woman to kill a male Rapist when that male could just not Rape in the first place I know wouldn’t That be great yeah wouldn’t it be great yeah do you know why Wouldn’t it be great if men didn’t rape Yeah We all agree rape is bad you think I’m Here saying away with it they don’t get Away with it away with it no they get Away without this campus All right zip it when you say men get Away with it we allow men to get off Scot-free with rape it’s not true and You absolve people with personal Responsibility these are the worst Society some you’re talking to someone Who comes from Canada we have a Parliamentary Appreciate it man thank you hopefully There you go

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