If the media were honest about January 6th

By | October 19, 2022

the events of this extremely eventful day will eventually blow your mind

[Music] After millions in Damages months of Coverage and multiple indictments the January 6th committee is still trying to Answer the question who gives a About January 6th after 12 months of Searching this committee has been Completely unable to find a single Person who gives a about January 6. Do I know anyone who gives a about January 6th where do I look like I hang Out the gay bar do I know anyone who Gives a about January 6th what do I Look like some kind of millionaire who Doesn’t need to worry about inflation January what when asked why they can’t Seem to be bothered to give about January 6th one percent said inflation Another one percent of those surveyed Said grooming and 98 said dude I can Barely feed my family I don’t have time For your stupid about how you Think the man in charge of the entire Military decided to overthrow the US Government by sending a secret coded Message to a bunch of Boomers to go Inside of the Capital that’s seriously The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard the January 6th committee has set up a Hotline and is asking people to contact Them if they happen to encounter anyone Who gives a about January 6th but Some experts are questioning whether That’s even possible when there were

Riots that lasted for months killed Dozens of people and cost us trillions In Damages and everyone told us not to Give a about that and then the Dollar goes into free fall and we’re on The brink of World War III and Everyone’s told not to give a about That either it becomes less and less Realistic to expect anyone to give a Single dingleberry of a sh about some Boomers going into the wrong building Two years ago in a desperate attempt to Weed out just one person who gives about January 6th the committee has voted to Subpoena Donald Trump here were his Comments January what fascinating here With us we have a senator from the January 6th committee welcome Senator oh Thank you for having me yes I I bought The January 6th committee senator who Gives a There were Millions there were millions Of Damages who gives a Is It was against the law They broke the law Trump said stared Down and stand by and stuff to be clear Okay I’m I’m asking you who gives a Who gives a yeah nobody gives a Become a member at freedomtunes.com and Get access to exclusive cartoons like Painting lessons with Hunter Biden

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