“If Kari Was Going To Lose, I Would WILL It Into Existence”

By | December 29, 2022

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Even if Carrie was going to lose I would Will it into existence And I know that sounds kooky And I know that sounds crazy What if I told you That All of us are capable of traveling well Not all of us because you're not smart Enough but what if I told you that there Are a lot of people capable of time Traveling they just don't know it what If I told you that time traveling Is Easier than you think Uh it requires a lot of discipline and No machines Amazing Ellie Alexander there maybe you Can recognize him he's one of the Organizers the organizer from the stop The steel rally yeah that rally that Sent all those Mega foot soldiers Towards the capital to attempt to Overturn democracy uh but anyway he's Talking about how he has the powers to Travel through time you guys don't Because you're too stupid to do it but You know let's let him continue Explaining how this is maybe some of you Can pick up on it because there's Definitely one thing you want to do was Help carry late keep that in mind as he Talks Just don't catch me on a wild day Pete Davidson one time got on my bad

Side And almost killed himself So You're not gonna believe me it doesn't Matter The point is is that no one needs to Believe you the first time the point is You just need to tell them the first Time what if I told you that the reason Why the New World Order wants you to Focus on fiction stories about machines Is they don't want you to know that Everyone has access to time travel Yes of course the Jews time trouble Okay so everyone's not smart enough like Ali Alexander is to time travel the Jews Apparently do all the time so are they Uh these negative folks in the world or They have this power of time travel Because they're so damn smart they can't Figure their talking points that's just A small side note either way it goes so So uh La Alexander has the ability to Time travel he's going to go help Kerry Lake win I'm waiting because she's Apparently lost as of today I'm waiting For that time travel for people who Listen to folks like this just wait for The results it's like Q Anon folks They're still waiting for JFK in Dallas When are we going to finally figure out That these predictions these things of What if I told you that I can climb the Side of a wall what if I told you I was

That fly on the wall I heard of your Whole conversation I would tell you to Get the hell away from me because you're Insane whatever doesn't matter Again I want to remind you guys of who This guy is and the reasons why someone Maybe the reasons why so many people Follow him that was the January 6th Stuff and he's testified about that Already too maybe he should time travel And take back this testimony let's watch Alexander you may remember him and his Face he was the stop the steal rally Organizer They were both there as I said for Several hours behind closed doors with Committee members also uh answering Questions today was Ellie Alexander who You mentioned one of the big stop to Steal rally organizers this is someone That had interactions with members of Congress leading up to January 6 which Is of course of big interest to the Committee as they try and parse through Exactly who knew what and when and Interesting another interesting aside to All of this Aaron as Ali Alexander left The uh committee room uh tonight he was Served with a civil lawsuit he was Handed that as he went into his car we Don't know exactly what that lawsuit is But we know that he was named in a Lawsuit that was filed by a number of Capitol police officers over the summer

So there are legal problems for a lot of People connected to January 6th I want You to keep the faith Oh do you ever watch a stupid movie late At night hoping gonna get better don't Get better but you keep watching it Anyway because the other night the other Night I was watching this movie I was Watching this movie called Fright Night Freak night or some type of night but It's about vampires I don't know if you Know vampires and cool people are they Not but I'm gonna tell you something That I found out a werewolf could kill a Vampire did you know that I never knew That so I didn't want to be a vampire Anymore I want to be a werewolf but then Anyway as I'm watching this movie and Then you tell you how stupid it is Because it's one in the morning so I'm Watching my TV or these kids watching Their TV uh vampire kill on their TV Don't you know it's kind of stupid but I'm still watching I could agree with you on one thing that Was very stupid but I'm trying to follow whenever someone's Going on these types of Rants and Tangents you don't know where they're Going I I make it a notch but like no no The rest you guys don't know where he's Going but I'm gonna follow this first of All vampires werewolves you know where Rules can kill vampires now I want to be

A vampire but vampires are very cool People you ever watch late nights and Stupid things are on your TV that's the One thing I agree with you so far on Maybe if you watch this at 1am it'll Match up as well he has more more to say This is a full story I don't want to Leave you guys hanging off of that see If you can connect From where he's talking there to Continuing on let's watch more What was funny these kids had a vampire In that attic at their house So they were watching their TV Now I'm watching my TV they're watching Their TV or they see the Vampire killer On that TV so they win this contest to Bring this actor now y'all got to stay With me bring this actor who's a Vampire Killer from that TV to get rid of this Real life vampire in that Attic So if This actor comes to their home he got All the right stuff he got all the right Stuff because you know I gotta have a State and got to have a thing to kill Him in the heart and he got a necklace Of garlic for that work I don't know What it does but it worked gotta have a Cross because it burned I know that Worked and then all of a sudden that's What was so funny about it and they're Walking through the house this this Guy's got the holy water he blessing the House this actor now he's all on faith

He's dressed in the house with his holy Water they walked upstairs and this Vampire looking real good in this black Suit whoa that sounds like Santa or not Doesn't it Oh there oh we made one connection Politically there's Senator Warnock Apparently a vampire at the top of the Stairs in a suit looking good you might I want to tell everyone that your Opponent looks good but still he's a Vampire at the top of the stairs Damn it was I told everyone that I like To follow these stories but I have no Idea what he's talking about anymore He's lost me there's one more piece Though see if you can keep up I feel Like wise is on this keep up one more Part because there's some film analysis About how this whole thing went down Because he's not only a former football Player and also a hopefully a senator in The United States down in Georgia but He's also a film critic and an analyst He can break it down watch more Good in this black suit floated from the Ceiling he floated from the ceiling Looking good and cool and I'm thinking Whoa they better get out of that house If somebody float from your ceiling get Out of that house that's that's not your House but as he floated from the ceiling The kid jumped behind that hero as they Jumped behind that hero the guy jumped

In front of this holy word Threw It On The Vampire front here he covered his Eye Then he took his hand away he started Laughing and he said that don't work he Took the crumbs he put it on the vampire Forehead and the vampire didn't even do Anything he said that don't work and That's where it is in our life it ain't Working unless you got faith it is time For us to have faith we got to have Faith in our fellow brother gotta have Faith in this country got to have faith In this in the elected officials and Right now that's the reason I'm here Oh wow wow