HUGE: They’re Getting Named And Called Out!

By | October 30, 2022

HUGE: They’re Getting Named And Called Out!

This video shows you the real situation and who’s getting called out.

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[Music] Okay I hadn’t made some kind of a dent By now Poor guy he’s gonna be there all day Does he know how many people were Censored for political speech It’s a lot of people welcome back Beautiful and amazing human beings this Is lukanowski here we are and There is so much absolutely crazy news To get into today especially when it Comes to the Mima verse as Elon Musk Himself has fact checked some real life Fake news from Hillary Clinton as the Story about Paul Pelosi just gets a lot More bewildering and confusing we’re Going to be talking about that all the Major fact checks people being called Out on their bull crap what’s coming our Way on Twitter well we’re going to be Talking about that plus a lot more if You like the shirt that I’m wearing you Could get it on the and of course The clip that we played in the beginning Of this broadcast is by the extremely Talented draft fans their memes and if You’re not following him on Twitter what Are you waiting for if he has a YouTube Page we of course will link it down in The description below but of course you Could watch many of his amazing memes And clips and Goofs and gags and Jukes All specifically on his Twitter page

Twitter at Dre fan Zer if if again we’ll Just link it all down in the description Below as of course it is brilliant Comedic meme magic that definitely Deserves to be shared widely now in the Making of this video it definitely looks Like the political discussion in this Country is centered around the horrible Events that led to of course Paul Pelosi Being attacked the Speaker of the House Husband who was attacked recently and Automatically this tragic event is being Heavily politicized as of course A lot Of people are selecting whatever Elements of the story that they want to Pick and choose in order to set a Narrative here that works for them in a Political Advantage when in reality we Should be saying hey this is horrible That this happened we don’t know what Happened yet we shouldn’t be jumping to Conclusions and we shouldn’t be using This horrible incident for political Brownie points and that’s the exact Opposite of what happens and here as an Independent media organization we of Course have and always will have call Out political violence for what it is Little idiocy tools of low IQ thinkers And something that no matter who it Affects should always be called out Against unlike of course many famous Leftist commentators who on social media Routinely call for political violence

Like Brooklyn dad defiant and of course Other commentators that do call for Political violence but then when it Happens against their side they feign With how horrified they are and again How about we just don’t call for Violence in the first place which is Again what we’ve been doing here from The very beginning and in the midst of All of this it’s important to note here That Paul Pelosi did suffer serious Injuries he did have to have brain Surgery and I think first before doing Anything else we have to call out this Specific violence as well as any other Idiot and pundit that has previously Called for violence the second thing we Should do from this incident is of Course try to understand it now According to the corporate media According to the official version that There was a crazed man that was Radicalized and became far right because Of the internet and then he came to Personally take take out the Pelosi’s Launching a very vicious political Attack on them and when he couldn’t get Nancy Pelosi he then of course used a Hammer against her husband injuring him Very severely that’s the official story Now I think it’s important to take this Story one by one and kind of break it Down here especially when it comes to The larger assertions by the corporate

Media that he was some kind of Right-wing radical when we’re finding Out he was a part of a nudist hippie Commune in Berkeley California Lived in a van and sold hemp jewelry now That right there doesn’t signal the Larger tropes of uh right-wing ideology There to say the least this attacker’s Previous lover was a pro nudist activist That of course was also a very strong Left-wing personality and if that wasn’t Enough to to kind of question that Official narrative we also have Reporting from the guardian that Literally detailed how he was listed Years ago in voting records as voting For the green party you go even a little Further there’s allegedly blogs written By this guy talking about invisible Fairy friends and whether they are his Writings or not they do talk about Someone who was quote Off the Wall which Was the way that his neighbors described Him talking about how he used to Routinely abuse and sell psychedelic Drugs and essentially as Michael Schellenberger calls him a quote Psychotic homeless addict estranged from His child herding lover and their Children who was most likely in the Quote grip of a drug-induced psychosis Which makes sense when the actions are Described here rather than of course Just some kind of right-wing organized

Plot against the Pelosi’s here yeah I’ll Be honest here it doesn’t seem like he’s Been predominantly driven by right-wing Ideology or conspiracy theories it seems Like he was just a crazy person and the Story here gets even crazier from here As of course Politico is also reporting Today that officers on the scene of the Attack arrived at the the Pelosi’s house Knocked on the front door and were quote Let Inside by an unknown person and then They quote discovered that Poppy and Pelosi struggling for a hammer there’s Other people hypothesizing that Potentially the glass was broken from The inside rather the outside again I Don’t know about these things other People are bringing up the 9-1-1 call as He then described the attacker as Someone named David that he is a friend With with of course other corporate Media Outlets saying that he was doing This as a koi way in order to get the Police officers there and what exactly Happened there what transpired there I Don’t know and I think it’s too early to Jump to conclusions I I think it’s fair That we should at least wait to assess The situation to wait until more Information comes out before having any Kind of hypotheses here but that of Course is something that Hillary Clinton Is not doing and again trying to use This tragedy as a way to score political

Points this again is just that Disgusting Behavior with her Specifically using the your strategy and Saying on Twitter recently that quote to The Republican party and it mount pieces Now quote regularly spread hate and Deranged conspiracy theories it is quote Shocking but not surprising that Violence is the results again Hillary Clinton is trying to say that all people Who don’t believe the government who are A part of the Republican Party are Somehow responsible for this and that That again is an unhinged dangerous Radicalized idea that is pushing more Partisanship in this country and more Division Hillary Clinton then goes on And says as Citizens we must hold them Accountable for their words and their Actions that follows again Hillary Clinton is now hinting at the fact that People need to be punished for being a Part of the Republican party people need To be punished for being conspiracy Theorists and not believing the Government a hundred percent of the time And that right there is is deranged Thinking this is the same Hillary Clinton that just a couple days ago told The internet that right-wing extremists Already have plans to seal the next Election in 2024 and as her language Becomes more hyperbolic more unchecked More radicalized it’s also important to

Note here that very few people are able To call her out in the establishment as Of course a lot of the people usually Stay silent on it or cheer on her crazed Messages except for today when Elon Musk Officially responded to this particular Tweet by Hillary Clinton saying quote There is a tiny possibility there might Be more to this story than meets the eye Specifically highlighting a tweet Talking about the potential of an Alternative theory of what happened to Paul Pelosi here saying that this could Have been a cover-up for something that Could have been happening intimately Between the two now again Elon Musk Didn’t say this was a reality he says There’s a small possibility that this Could be the case here but of course now We have a media Firestorm with many People in the political establishment Including big Pharma Representatives Like Jimmy kimball who came out and said That Elon Musk is full of ish and again I will revert back to my original Statement which was ushered also by Mike Cernovich who said waiting for evidence And refusing to accept evidence free Narrative is now a conspiracy theory and I think he hit the nail on the head here As at the end of the day we still don’t Know what’s going on here show us Evidence we’ll look at it either way What matters at the end of the day is

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Good ideas is one of the key essential Components towards a cohesive growing Progressive Society Progressive means Growing not the political idea you know What I mean but we do have to recognize That this is all possible because of Elon musk’s acquisition of Twitter will He keep his promise well of course we’re Going to be keeping his feet to the fire Here as we have previously on other Broadcasts before but so far things have Gone off at a very promising start Especially when it came to firing a lot Of the head people at Twitter especially When it comes to some of the things that Elon Musk is publicly tweeting about Talking about how comedy is now back Talking about the important need of Communication talking about how Individuals will be getting their Accounts back and to some people this is Absolutely horrible why would it be Horrible well if you allow people to Talk freely with each other they could Actually talk and criticize a lot of People in power who don’t want them Talking to each other and finding out What’s really happening to them and this Is why we have seen a concerted effort And larger attack Pieces by a lot of Very powerful institutions like the Independent that just declared that Twitter is dead at the hand of Elon Musk Again just dramatic emotional hyper

Dribble that that doesn’t amount to to Anything and very interestingly instead Of Joe schmoe instead of just the Average small user with 10 or 100 Followers getting fact checked or Anything anti-establishment being Fact-checked for the first time we’re Seeing the president of the United States Joe Biden being fact-checked on Twitter correcting his statements where He is toting how the inflation reduction Act puts an end to 55 corporations Paying zero dollars in federal tax with The fact checked actually reading how It’s only 14 of them that would be Eligible for this new tax law will they Be taxed will there be a loophole well We don’t know but again the president of The United States was saying something That was inaccurate and very Surprisingly he was held accountable to It which the corporate mainstream media Was supposed to be doing but they didn’t And it’s not just Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden getting fact checked and Presented alternative possibilities to What’s happening out there it’s also LeBron James that from an elitist point Of view talked about how some people are Unfit to have free speech describing how People are using bad words here which Elon Musk officially responded to saying That the people using all these bad Words were inauthentic accounts fake

Accounts spam accounts as there is a Possibility that of course spam users Were taking this advantage in order to Try to make Twitter look bad Elon Musk Is calling it out and actually going After the trolling campaigns that are Inauthentic there’s another ballot Harvesting report that actually Twitter Flagged which Tom Finn the president of Judicial Watch came out and complained About which Elon Musk actually responded To saying I will look into this quote Twitter should be even-handed favoring Neither sides and that’s a great way to Deal with this and there’s a lot of bull Crap out there there’s a lot of lies out There presented by of course Central Controllers and politicians will they Now be fact checked on Twitter if that’s A possibility where they could actually Face the reality of their words holy cow We’re talking about a landscape that is Absolutely worth paying attention to and Why personally I’m going to be using Twitter a lot more from now my account Is at Luke we are change and again There’s a lot of other stuff that should Be flagged as disinformation like this Bilderberg European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde coming out And now saying today that inflation came From nowhere and uh that’s an absolute Lie that’s that’s almost impossible to Happen here as of course what we’re

Going through is not a recession It’s a Robbery as Central bankers and Politicians have essentially bankrupted The world and we’re going to be paying The larger consequences of that and in The larger scheme of things the bigger Financial mess we are in I think is a Lot more serious than some Mean Tweets That people are of course are obsessing About and acting like children about Again what’s going to be happening with Twitter I don’t know so far things are Actually going in the right direction And I can’t complain here has everything Happened that I wanted to happen Immediately no but I understand in life You don’t always get things you want It’s it’s important to be patient it’s Important to wait here as we wait and See this entire thing kind of progress Where is it going to be going well Probably towards a WeChat society and as I previously said before if Twitter if If x if if it becomes the next WeChat And is integrated in all of society then I will become critical of it but so far I think we have a very incredible Opportunity that I think we should not Only take advantage of but we should Take seriously as independent content Creators and try to of course make this A place that is the place to be rather Than the place to run away from I’m Going to be doing that as best as I can

Luke we are change on Twitter see you There for that conversation if you liked My opinions and perspectives share this Video with your friends and family Members it’s more imperative than ever If you disagreed with them let me know Why down in the comment section below I Always appreciate constructive criticism I always appreciate the ability to be Wrong and to see things from a light and A perspective that I didn’t see before And you guys participating in that you Guys still being here all the way at the End of this video you guys buying the T-shirts is one of the reasons that I’m Still here and this is why I love you Guys stay tuned for more here on we are

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