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All right ladies and gentlemen Christopher green so after becoming a Member of Island project and you join us Here in Maui Bui comes surfing with me Today I’m going to teach you how to put Your sex wax no I’m not talking about The ACT I’m talking about the literal Wax on your surfboard just picked up This beautiful surfboard we got them all Equipped on the Jeeps as well serving You our Island project members this is About Nine feet so this is pretty agile Actually because there’s bigger boards It’s easier to learn on a longer long Board if you’re just starting out but This is kind of like good right in the Middle because it’ll give you some Flexibility making turns Etc on nice Waves you know two three Footers even Bigger than that so let’s put the Surfboard down here Got my son holding the camera please Like and share this video uh for that We’ve got two versions of sex wax here For the surfboard there’s multiple Methods to wax your surfboard one is Crisscross okay so you do crisscross Like this and you come down the whole Surfboard Okay depending if you want to go all the Way up to the nose if you’re a beginner You can take it to right about here and You go crisscross this way and then you

Come the opposite way and you do Crisscross now what that’s going to do It’s going to create beads of wax you Don’t fall off the surfboard the Crisscross method will have bigger beets Okay I’m not going to do that method Today I’m going to do the small circular Motion method which will have smaller Beads and I’m going to put on a base wax Here on the surfboard it’ll probably Take me about an hour to do this because Uh it’s going to take probably about Four different coats I also have two Types of wax you can see this right here We’ve got the standard sex wax I’m going To use this as the base layer and then I’ve got the more tropical sex wax here It depends on the temperature of the Ocean we’ve got you know warm water here So this will be good for that so Austin If you could let’s break this open Okay which side I love this orange too It’s just absolutely beautiful I love That color surfboard yeah and I had a Really great guy named John at high tech Syrup help me out uh today placing some Items uh and actually he hooked me up With this check this sun this fiberglass Fin okay A lot of times when you buy These surfboards they’ll give you you Know kind of a run-of-the-mill fan this Is an upgraded fin about 50 to 75 Dollars okay this will this is worth the Upgrade is what I’m saying nice

Fiberglass thin here it’s the Sun I’ll start putting this wax on I’ll use As this base coat Um probably about the full Stick here so what you want to do we’ll Start At the back Here Okay got all that Okay and then basically Small circular motions Just like this Okay and again this is going to take About an hour Or so Okay and this is going to be our B our Base Layer coat so we can go out here Beautiful Malibu today Right out of the way bro By the way bro a thousand freaking acts Bruh so let me show you something you Come over here What you want to do a base layer okay [Music] You will be wrong [Music] A lot of hard work [Music] All right so I think I put on probably Like two three different coats just so You can just see what the beading looks Like Okay that’s what it looks like

And Here you can see that’s about how much Wax I’ve used [Music] These little small circular Motions See I wanted to show you guys what it looks Like the difference you see at the back Of the board that’s like three coats Right there versus two in the front you Can see a clear dividing line Right there okay so I keep going here on The coats so I’ve got maximum grip all The way to the nose of the surfboard Right there next thing you do is you Load up the rent Maui you load It up with our surfboards got them Equipped load up the fam and you can see We are fully strapped and ready to rock We got our sex wax on and we’re gonna go Do some surfing down the local Beach All right so now the left will surfboard Fully waxed ladies and gentlemen it’s Time to surf 1000x Ready [Music] Foreign [Music] All right and the best part is your Cameraman this guy’s a stud give us a Like a thousand likes uh and if you like Videos like these we’ll do more of these Again links below rent Maui surfboards on every Rack thousand X Jesus Christ is King [Music]

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