How Qatar uses the World Cup for nation building

By | December 17, 2022

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In spite of all its wealth, influence, and power, #Qatar is a tribal society at its core. Yet, to survive in the 21st century, Qatari #society needs to reinvent itself.

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The FIFA World Cup is in full swing and It better be Qatar has spent roughly 220 Billion dollars on it which is about 15 Times more expensive than the next Costliest World Cup the numbers at play Are staggering Doha has constructed Eight stadiums 108 hotels a brand new Metro system and a modern shipping Port It has also expanded its main airport And built a new city from scratch just North of the capital the list of Projects goes on but not all expenses Are Financial thousands of Migrant Workers have lost their lives in the Process even so it is a sacrifice Qatar Is willing to pay settled in a Tumultuous region its neighborly Relations are delicate and often tense Qatar has been invaded again and again Its capital was destroyed four times and Part of its territory was taken away but Even within Qatar itself there are still More fault lines only 10 percent of the Total population are natives and within That Minority over 30 tribes compete in Running the country yes in spite of all Its wealth influence and power Qatar is A tribal Society at its core but to Survive in the 21st century Qatari Society needs to reinvent itself now it Is writing one of history's most Expensive National stories because at Heart nations are made of stories not Atoms

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Qatar has made remarkable progress since Its independence transforming from a Backwater desert Kingdom into a World-renowned center for media Education Sports and conflict mediation It has developed a foreign policy that Is independent of its larger neighbors But Qatari policy makers haven't always Been this fortunate for much of History Qatar witnessed uninterrupted conquest And subjugation in the 1720s the house Of altani relocated from nashed to Qatar They settled in the South before moving To Doha later in the 1760s the El Khalifa tribe left Kuwait and settled on Qatar's western coast two decades later A seafaring tribe called the El jalahma Settled in Northern Qatar as these Families put down Roots they Inadvertently wrote their old Transnational tribal rivalries into the Peninsula In The Next Century Qatar was subjected To a series of invasions whether it was The El Sabah tribe from Kuwait the El Saud from najed or the al-nahyan from Abu Dhabi Qatar witnessed extraordinary Bloodletting so much so that Doha was Destroyed four times in the 19th century Alone being a Qatari tribe member was a Dangerous profession at the time Meanwhile the Saudis tried to conquer And subjugate Qatar no less than three Times each time surviving by the skin of

Its teeth eventually things came to a Halt when the British intervened and Forced the major tribes to acknowledge One another's Sovereign territories by Playing the role of the mediator Britain Absorbed the Arab tribes into its Empire At the same time the house of eltani Came to dominate political life and Occupied the throne meanwhile the Al-mura and the al-hawajir tribes had Grown to two-thirds of qatar's total Population in 1971 however Britain ended Qatar's protectorate status and as soon As that happened it was business as Usual again Independence placed Qatar in The crosshairs of its neighbors first in 1974 Saudi Arabia seized a 45 kilometer Coastal strip that connected Qatar to The United Arab Emirates next in 1986 an Old territorial dispute flared up with Bahrain over the havar islands and the Festival coral reefs the rights to Natural resources were at stake and the Full-scale war was narrowly avoided Later in 1992 Saudi Arabia attacked and Seized a border post by Al cafus from Qatar Still later in 1995 Saudi Arabia Egypt Bahrain and the UAE joined forces to Overthrow Emir Hamad who himself had Seized power from his father a year Earlier even more troubling the coup was Backed by the elmura tribe which goes to Show how the interests of transnational

Tribes often transcend National Boundaries tribalism runs deep in the Region and qatar's tribes are more loyal To their kin abroad than to the Government in Doha even after centuries Of coexistence tribal marriages remain Mainly within the family and there are More than 30 tribes native to Qatar Sitting at the top of the hierarchy is The rolling altani they control much of The economy and legislation but as Powerful as they are the house of altani Cannot rule unilaterally power sharing Is a must and the Qatari tribes must Negotiate with one another to keep Things running smoothly still worse of The country's 2.9 Million residents only 10 percent or about 350 000 people are Native qataris the rest are expat Workers from across Asia native qataris Are a minority in their own State the Predominant expat population is the Result of Economic and infrastructure Expansion as the state grew and Developed it needed workers to keep Pace With the overwhelming progress since its Population growth native qataris have Transformed into a supreme cast that Look with disdain as much of the expat Community Prostatus Qatar set in a dangerous Region having multiple layers of Internal fault lines is a death sentence Thus to maintain cohesion and keep the

Country together Qatar needs a dose of Nationalism to overcome its tribal and Migrant divisions it needs to formulate A niche for itself on the world stage it Needs National stories to set itself Apart Qatar has plenty of national Achievements already it hosts Al Jazeera A media conglomerate that spans the Globe it also hosts Education City an Enormous campus with eight distinguished Universities set at a value of 30 Billion dollars Doha owns Qatar Airways The ninth largest airline in the world Plus it doesn't hurt that Qatar is one Of the wealthiest nations in the world Going by GDP per capita these Achievements have brought wealth Influence and Power but they have done Little to modernize or unify its tribal Foundations fundamentally Qatar remains Small vulnerable and without a margin For error a single catastrophe could Bring everything down I go to secure a Lasting truce Qatar needs to equip its Native citizens with the tools of Modernity and integrate them into Qatar's expect run economy developing a Sports culture is seen as the remedy the Hope is that Athletics can bring the Native youth together and nurture a Unified identity Beyond tribal fieldies Nations develop organically when a Community with specific cultural traits Adopt symbols that reflect those traits

Sports with its Flags anthems and signs Is a constant reminder of politics and Thus a tool of soft power the Olympics Is basically a marketing tool for Countries to make themselves look good But Sports can also be highly emotional People will Riot and set things on fire Just because their favorite team lost Tournaments can take Spectators on an Emotional roller coaster Sports can also Serve as a vessel for reconciliation and Goodwill in 1995 Nelson Mandela's Appearance in the Rugby World Cup final Transformed the sport into a platform For National reconciliation during the 1970s the American ping pong team was Sent to play against communist China The Exchange served as an icebreaker for Nixon's visit to China A year later but Sometimes Sports and politics go the Other way like when Colin Kaepernick Started taking a knee to protest police Brutality in the United States benign or Aggressive the link between sports and Nationalism is inescapable and even Though Qatari athletes have little to Boast about cultures measure Achievements differently take the uae's Space program as an example in 2020 the Emirates launched a probe to Mars but The UAE had not designed or built the Probe Japan had assisted them Notwithstanding using foreign technology Did not detract from the achievement

Itself the same principle applies to Qatar it does not matter how many medals Or trophies Qatari athletes bring back Home the achievement is in imagining Wanting and doing Qatar's nation building program will Take years to override its tribal Foundations but to secure its Sovereignty and Independence Qatar needs National stories to set itself apart From its old two belligerent neighbors For Doha a distinct national identity Means a break from history it will allow The state to be at the table for once Rather than on the menu From Caspian report if you want to gain Access to some perks like Early Access And PDF files please consider joining Our patreon platform or the YouTube Membership program thank you for Watching and Saul [Music] Foreign [Music]