How Many News Anchors Will CRY During Election Night? The Daily Wire Hosts BET On Midterms 2022

By | November 5, 2022

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Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles set their bets for the 2022 midterms.

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All right everybody next Tuesday is the Big election we have the midterms coming Up and there's a lot that we have to Draw Us in it's going to have us waiting On the edge of our seats so make sure You come back and check out the daily Wire Plus on the evening of November 8th Midterm election evening but we wanted To make it a little more interesting uh Have the whole group here we wanted to Put together a little 2022 daily wire Betting book when it comes to midterms Now each of the hosts it's Shapiro Andrew klavin Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles will come up for the midterm for Election night now this isn't a betting On is Herschel going to beat Rafael Warnog or as JD Vance going to beat Tim Ryan it's more of a cheeky prediction For example will Herschel Walker if he Wins strike a Heisman pose on the way to Do his victory speech something kind of In that vein so nothing that's attached To an election result and as each of you Contribute to bet we're gonna send this Around the horn so everybody can make a Decision on the bet they hear from the Other hosts now we will have winners and Losers all right the first place winner So whoever gets the most correct out of The bets that will be laid in front of You the first place winner everyone else Will have to do an ad read on their Respective shows all right so everyone

Else is really a loser all right the Severity of the punishment increases by The who lost by the most so for example Second place the person who won will be Able to pick their profile picture on Social media my mind is already racing NASCAR style on how that went up third Place wearing a puka shell necklace for One full episode of the show well I Don't know what that is what's up a puka Show uh it's basically a necklace that Is aligned with shells people say Aquaman you know the real life Aquaman Had one as well so Matt I think it'd Bring out your eyes perfectly in my Opinion I'm a puka shell kind of guy so 100 the fact that you're not on a beach Teaching somebody how to surf right now Continues to amaze me whoever finishes And lasts we'll have to watch Hillary Clinton's new show gutsy which we all Know translates into how can I make more Excuses about not winning and then you Have to give us an in-depth Deep dive James Lipton style review on how it went Gentlemen those are the terms coming up With your own bets is everybody good With that I'm in I mean I think I Already did the last one of those so I'm Pretty much immune at this point All right guys so I'm going to start With Ben you guys have come up with your Own bets so the way it's gonna work Obviously going to get Ben to drop his

Bet then I will go around the horn ask You guys your thoughts on that and then We'll move on to the second bed so Ben What is your November 8th midterm Election night fifth how many Democratic Candidates are going to claim voter Suppression And the over under is one and a half Because we know Stacey Abrams Wills That's not bad so the question is who Will the other person be or will they Exist on my own bet I'm going to take You over it's got to be more than Stacy Abrams that's a really good one I think We may get some Diversified answers here Speaking of diversity uh Mr Clavin your Thoughts on that bet are you taking over One and a half Democrats to claim voter Suppression or maybe just shock Everybody and take the under no it's got To be over one and a half but this guy's Gonna be closer to you know 400 500 People I think you may actually still be Underestimating it Matt Walsh your Thoughts voter suppression yay or nay so It's just over I don't have to give the Exact number no over under one and a Half yeah I mean it's got to be it's It's it's definitely every single one Will be saying something along those Lines I think we can pretty much Guarantee so yeah I'll go over all right Knowles what do you think my friend over For sure I'm not even joking I think you

Could set it at like 35 and that would Still be a very competitive sort of bet So one and a half no question over you Know I'm gonna go devil's advocate here I'm gonna take to under one and a half Just because if everybody's betting one Way and the money's coming in on Vegas It's not crazy to take the value on the Other play I'm going to say under They'll come up with some other excuse Maybe aliens we'll see all right let's Move on Andrew klavan what is your bet In the the last poll before election day Who is going to overestimate Democrat Victories more Quinnipiac for 5 38. I love this here Let's uh let's go straight to Ben Shapiro Here Andrew we'll get yours at The end here Ben what do you think uh Between those two polling uh entities Which one is going to overestimate the Democrats more we couldn't impact so 538 Tends to use the poll average okay uh Matt Walsh what do you think I'm gonna Say whatever Ben said to be honest with You I think that's a great way to live Your life I think that's that on a Polling question I'm gonna go with Ben All right that's on some Epitaph Somewhere buried under Mesopotamia uh Michael Knowles what do you think I Really want to say 538 because Nate Silver's entire career was made on just Predicting Obama would win a bunch of

Times but unfortunately I have to agree With Ben and Matt here Quinnipiac I I Think they're just it's a Dem polling Outlet and uh they're they're going to Be outrageously in the camp for the libs So we got Quinnipiac there I I'm gonna Go with Quinnipiac to uh quinnipiac's Pretty decent in basketball so I'm gonna Go with that they make some runs every Now and then Cliven let me go and get Yours yeah no it's it's definitely going To be quinnip I can't even pronounce it That's how bad it's gonna be All right gotcha okay Matt Walsh what is Yours and is it about a walrus uh no uh This is lizzo is not factoring into our Uh The question is how many corporate media Anchors or pundits will cry on camera Now this assumes that there's going to Be a red wave and when I say cry I mean Actual tears streaming down the face we Know they all cry all the time but Actual tears and I'm going to set the Over under at Three over under it three that's a very Interesting one Matt totally on brand And it's probably definitely gonna Happen do you want to take that over Under on three here I'm gonna take the Under yeah okay oh wow gonna take the Under there yeah all right is there any Limit to which degree of political Office we're talking about does this

Include congressman state senators don't Exactly it's not political officer it's It's pundits or oh got it okay anchors And pundits specifically yeah uh Ben Shapiro what are your thoughts over Under three boohooing by corporate media Mainstream anchors I think that if You're including all the networks it's Got to be over okay there's no question I mean I could probably name three MSNBC Hosts right now I'm gonna say five I'm Gonna go five I I I don't think I don't Think you're even close to Out of Bounds Right there maybe even higher than that Just very interested to see which one Cries first it's going to be interesting As well Mr Clavin your thoughts over Under three on sobbing after the loss Now I gotta say under I gotta say under Because I think there'll be a lot of Choking up it's the midterms you know They'll choke up but they're not going To cry during the midterms they've got To save that for the general they do Have a lot of Tears saved up here lately It's about time we let them flow Michael Knowles is it just TV or Does it include The Young Turks and some of the kind of Still corporate but a little more Independent I think we gotta stick with Corporate mainstream media TV yeah Because if we extend beyond that then it Gets to it a lot of controversies tears On the face we need to see at least one

Tier invisible on camera over Over over Michael's taking them and Michael we all know especially after What I went through seeing you enjoy People's pain that you just can only Hope that that goes over three all right So we have four of the bets in Michael Knowles in how many states will a water Pipe burst in the middle of the night Forcing the vote counting to be stopped For days or potentially weeks I'll set The over under at three it doesn't have To specifically be a burst pipe it can Be any kind of lame excuse but So granted all of that I'm going to say Over actually all right Ben what do you Think I mean look it it gets crazy who Knows earthquake in Georgia something Who knows I'm gonna go under if you're a State election official in Arizona or Georgia and this thing happens again Things are going to get quite hideous Quite fast I'm gonna go under on this Okay I like that Mr Clavin how are you Feeling burst pipe ceiling busted my dad Got sick we ran out of Republican Ballots what's this going to be I think I gotta go with under I actually agree With Ben on this you know you can only Pull this uh every four years well uh Wall Street what do you got up there uh First of all please don't call me Wall Street second I thought you loved that I Thought that was your thing uh I'm gonna

Go look they the Democrats have said That this is the end of democracy if uh They don't retain control of Congress Which is which sets us apart from every Other election when they say the same Thing I'm expecting a lot of desperation I'm going to take the over on this one [Music] All right so the hosts bets are in let's Recap them and see where they come out Ben Shapiro's bet how many Democratic Candidates will claim voter suppression After a loss he set the over under at One and a half now let's look at where The guys come out on this bet All right let's get to Andrew klavan's Bet had a really interesting one now Which poll will overestimate the Democrats and be the most wrong in their Final poll will it be Quinnipiac are the People at 5 38. two big pulling entities See where the guys came out on this one All right so let's get to Matt Walsh's Bit you knew this was going to be Interesting Walsh decided to throw this Bed in here how many mainstream media Anchors slash pundits will visibly cry On camera not get choked up not whimper But cry actual tears people he put the Over under at three let's see where the Fellas came out on this one All right Mr Knowles with a sneaky bet Here the number on this one's pretty Interesting how many burst pipe stories

Will happen on Election night now Michael decided to put this over under At three let's see who thinks they're Going over under first pipe stories come Election night All right guys very interesting bets uh Very interesting to see how this plays Out huge obviously in the midterms with The way this is going down so make sure That you come back on the evening of November 8th check out the 2022 daily Wire election betting book and let us Know what you think is going to happen Let us know on these bets coming up from The mind of Shapiro Clavin Knowles and Walsh not walshie so make sure you check Us out we will see you Tuesday night November 8th great bets guys good luck Best of luck and we'll see you Tuesday Night [Music] Thank you walshie thanks walshie no We're not we're not doing that that's Not a thing

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