Hollywood’s Big Award Night Was More Pathetic Than Ever! 😂

By | January 11, 2023

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The Golden Globe Awards were last night in Hollywood, one of the biggest award ceremonies for television and film. Media analyst Mark Dice breaks down what happened.

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Last night where the Golden Gloves one Of the countless worthless Hollywood Award shows whose audiences keep getting Cut in half every year although people Still do tune in there are plenty of Morons out there as you know but last Year nobody watched the Golden Globes Because this is not a joke the networks Refused to air the show because there Weren't enough black people in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association the Group that votes on the winners so it Was black this year I mean back this Year with the black queer host for extra Diversity but at least he or they or Them or whatever this carbon-based life Forms preferred pronouns are had a sense Of humor about being an affirmative Action hire host I am your host Gerard Carl Michael Sure Sure And I'll tell you why I'm here I'm here because I'm black [Applause] Now I had never heard of this person or Seen them before in my entire life but I Did notice that he spent literally the First five minutes of the show sitting Down and lecturing the audience about Racism and airing his black grievances Starting in 2015 when liberalism really Started to become a pandemic the Lunatics online have been complaining

About the lack of diversity in Hollywood Award shows which is a code word for too Many white people through hashtag Campaigns like Oscars so white but There's one place where there's Definitely not a shortage of black People I guess aside from the FBI Violent crime statistics and that is in Television commercials most people are Afraid to say anything about it but We've all noticed sure there are still Some white people in television Commercials but they all seem to have Black wives or black husbands it's been A diversity overload ever since the Black lives matter Riots of 2020 the Memo went out in Hollywood that showing A white family especially with white Children isn't allowed anymore but Despite what people virtually Disappearing from television commercials There is still one role in Hollywood That's being offered to them Gianni or however the heck you pronounce His name if there was somebody who Should have used the stage name maybe It's him uh but anyway he is a Pakistani American actor and he has revealed that Hollywood producers and directors don't Want to cast non-white actors as Villains you heard that correct they Only want bad guys to be white another Dirty little secret of Hollywood that if You want to talk about are the number of

White men who surprisingly get cast in Television commercials are usually Depicted as buffoons who are humiliated By black people or need their help to be Shown the way I emailed you the Diversity equity and inclusion report From sure oh that's great oh and it Wouldn't be a Hollywood award show Without those leading our cultural Decay Celebrating a man wearing a dress Seriously this guy's entire job is to Present an award and every Hollywood Award show while wearing a dress he even Plays the Fairy Godmother in the new Live-action film of Cinderella in other Entertainment News Chris Harrison who Was fired as the host of The Bachelor a Few years ago after working on the show For 20 years is finally speaking out Which means his NDA must have expired he Wasn't fired for the usual reason host Or an actor gets early retirements Getting caught being Jeffrey Epstein's Customer he was fired because he Literally wasn't upset enough over the Woman who won over the heart of the First black bachelor on the show over a Dress that she wore that the morons in The liberal media deemed racist photo Surfaced of her from a few years earlier When she was in college going to an Old South party or an antebellum party where All the girls dress up in dresses from The 1800s and celebrate their Southern

Heritage at a big ball but that's not Allowed anymore seriously Chris Harrison Didn't pretend to be outraged enough so They they fired him then the New Black Villain host berated her in the post Series interview along with the black Bachelor himself telling her that he Wasn't sure that he wanted to stay with Her if she didn't understand his Blackness you Not fully understanding My blackness And what it means to be a black man in America and what it would mean for our Kids When I saw those things that were Floating around the internet and it Broke my heart because This is the last conversation I thought We'd be at it I didn't sign up to have This conversation I think he meant she Didn't understand his black fragility Maybe that was all staged and the Producers had them play up the racist Story line after the pictures of her and The dress surfaced or maybe she really Is that stupid and sat there and Listened to someone that she supposedly Loved tell her that she needs to really Appreciate being with a black man Something everyone will appreciate However is if you start using an Ergonomic keyboard which can help Prevent or alleviate carpal tunnel or

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