He’s Back!

By | November 16, 2022

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He's back last night Donald Trump filed The paperwork making it official and Then gave this announcement speech that He is running for president again in 2024. in order to make America great and Glorious again I am tonight announcing My candidacy for president of the United States this will not be my campaign this Will be our campaign all together But if you watch this speech on Fox news That was pretty much all that you heard Because it wasn't long before Sean Haley And Friends interrupted his speech Literally right in the middle of it and Then just started gossiping uh when you Look at this Donald Trump tonight a very Serious uh very powerful speech this is This is Donald Trump and it's game time For him you mean the speech that he's Literally giving right now that you're Not even airing luckily Newsmax aired The entire speech completely Uninterrupted and of course you could Watch it on various live streams as well Seriously this is what Fox News has Become Eric Trump got more subpoena yeah we're Going to go back to former president Trump when news warrants Um the news is warranting right now the News is happening right now this speech Is literally right now as you can Imagine the liberal media is not very Happy but so far I haven't seen really

Many sound bites of them melting down They really have their Poker Face on but They can't hide their disdain in their Headlines like this one from NPR which Is a taxpayer-funded supposed News Network that said Donald Trump who tried To overthrow the results of the 2020 Presidential election and inspired a Deadly riot at the Capitol in Desperate Attempt to keep himself in power is Filed to run for president again in 2024. the Washington compost reports the Twice impeached former president Donald Trump that's right I forgot he was Impeached not just once but twice Hopefully the Democrats will do the Third time because let's be real that Was a lot of fun uh who refused to Concede the 2020 election and is the Subject to multiple criminal Investigations is running again in 2020 Increasing the likelihood of a potential Rematch with President Biden yeah right Joe Biden is not going to live that long I mean uh run again the fake news is Reporting that the fake fact checks on Facebook will no longer be applied to What Donald Trump says now that he has Officially announced that he's running For president and filed the paperwork And I can't see how this is actually True because as we all know Donald Trump Isn't allowed on Facebook of course the Disinformation experts in the mainstream

Media the biggest sources of Disinformation are Furious and I'm gonna Have to look closer into this to Actually see what this really means Because there's no way that Facebook is Going to stop putting their fake fact Checks their fact suppressors on posts And articles and memes that are Beneficial or support Donald Trump I'm Also hearing rumors that we may actually Win the majority in the House of Representatives and if that's the case Then that means that Nancy Pelosi will Be demoted from Speaker of the House the Third most powerful person on the entire Planet to an ordinary 85 year old Congresswoman but I don't want to Sugarcoat this because this is not going To be like his re-election campaign in 2020 when he had the support of Virtually every Republican in Congress And all of the Republican and Conservative pundits and social media Personalities this is going to be Totally different there is already a Massive and growing Rift in the Republican party and he's going to be Facing some opposition from people like His former right-hand man Mike Pence who Tonight is sitting down with the Communist News Network CNN and is going To pretend that they didn't call him a Nazi for four years and is going to try To sell his book and throw Donald Trump

Under the bus president Trump's Petty And that's what they were little Snipes That Ronda santis after he won Re-election for governor in Florida Didn't go over very well with uh pretty Much anybody and neither did his Outburst at Glenn yunkin with the Governor of Virginia which was strange Yesterday I posted this poll on my Community tab on my YouTube channel Which is actually a very accurate Representation of this audience which Are virtually all die hard maggas and This is not like a poll on Twitter that Could be easily manipulated because it Just depends on who retweets it and on Twitter there's a battle to see who can Win the poll by retweeting it and Getting it in front of certain people's Audiences to then skew the poll so this Is not one of those easily manipulated Polls this is a poll of this Channel and This audience and I just asked which Would be the preferable nominee in 2024 Rhonda santis or president Trump and Only 58 voted for Donald Trump 38 Rhonda Santos 4 other so one third of my own Audience is tired of Trump or wants DeSantis DeSantis may not run for Several reasons first of all he may not Think that he can win he might not be Able to win and if he challenges Donald Trump and happens to get the nomination By some weird fluke a large segment of

Maga supporters are not going to vote For him in the general election and him And Trump battling each other is going To send him into the general election Extremely tarnished not only that but in Today's society in the midst of a Collapsing Empire and that's what the United States is running for president And especially winning ruins your life As the entire Trump family can attest to And Ron DeSantis might not want to put His wife and his small kids through that During his speech last night Donald Trump put it this way and then not to Try to scare off any potential Competition but his life has already Been ruined he has already sacrificed His entire life his career his wealth Potentially even his freedom hopefully Not his life in order to do this and so So might as well do it again might as He's crossed the Rubicon might as well Just keep going attorney ahead of us Will not be easy anyone who truly seeks To take on this rigged and corrupt System Will be faced with a storm of fire that Only a few Could understand Right I happen to have some children in the First they they understand political Campaigns were always dirty the media Was always liberal and Bottom Feeders

But now they're evil Ivanka was not at His announcement last night and as soon As it was done she issued a statement Saying in part that she loves her father Very much but this time around she is Choosing to prioritize her young Children and the private life that they Have been creating as a family and does Not plan to be involved in politics Anymore and you can't really blame her Because before Donald Trump ran in 2016 There probably wasn't a single person on Planet Earth who had anything bad to say About Ivanka not only is she extremely Gorgeous but she's smart and she's Elegant and she's respectful she is the Exact opposite of a Kim Kardashian or a Paris Hilton but now the poor girl's Life has been ruined for seven years the Swamp has been doing everything that They can to try to silence stop Donald Trump and I wouldn't be surprised if They go so far as to get Mayor Garland In the Justice Department to indict him On some trumped up charges no pun Intended this is not going to be all fun And games and I'm already seeing the Rumblings of a lot of popular Conservatives not just the never Trump Neocons who are plotting to try to take Him down but I still support him 100 and By the way Elon Musk we're still waiting On you to reinstate his Twitter account And the hundreds of others or thousands

Of others who have been wrongfully Censored by the platform that you are Now in fully control of Sir buckle up Because the Trump train has just left The station and we're due for a rough Ride ahead and of course you should Order your Trump 2024 t-shirt from my Online store at markdice.com or click The link in the description below or Your Ultra Magnus shirt your F Joe Potted shirt rest Dr faucy shirt Christmas is just around the corner by The way so head on over to marktase.com Or click the link in the description Below and check them out

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