Herschel Walker’s WORST SCANDAL Yet – Should You STILL Vote For Him?

By | October 5, 2022

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Senate candidate Herschel Walker has had secret children revealed during his campaign, but surprisingly, his latest scandal surrounding an ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy is even worse – so bad, that his son Christian Walker has made a video denouncing his father’s behavior… Are the allegations against Walker true? And even if they are, should Georgia voters care?

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Hey hey Lauren here let’s talk about the Many scandals of Herschel Walker so Obviously the midterm elections are Coming up and voting is always important No matter where you live or what you Believe in but with that being said just Realistically some elections matter more Than others and are more competitive Than others and once in a race that has Been getting a lot of attention is What’s going on in Georgia right now the Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock is Running against the Republican Herschel Walker the Herschel Walker is someone You may have heard of not in the Political sphere but actually in Football because from what I understand He used to play in the NFL and that’s Pretty much all I’m going to say about That because I actually had not heard of Herschel Walker because I I know nothing About sports but in any case as this Newcomer to politics is someone who used To be in the sports industry and who has Gotten some praise from Donald Trump Herschel Walker throughout the primary In Georgia was getting a lot of Attention until he eventually ended up Securing the Republican nomination you Know what Herschel Walker he does have a Lot of things going for him as a Candidate he has that name recognition Which is just so important it’s a large Part of actually getting people to vote

For you if they already know who you are He also has that Trump endorsement which Is amazing and I mean let’s be real here Him being black in Georgia It it doesn’t hurt right however the Thing about Herschel Walker is that he Has one of the sketchiest paths of like Any politician in recent memory which is Saying something because a lot of these Politicians they get up to no good and Specifically the latest allegations Against Herschel Walker well that he Actually paid for an ex-girlfriend to Terminate her pregnancy which looks Really bad considering he has been Staunchly pro-life throughout his Campaign we’re gonna be getting more Into it as well as the response from his Son but before we do I want to say a big Thank you to today’s sponsor Health with Lauren have you ever wondered why we Visibly age because it’s it’s not the Best right well a big factor is this Protein called collagen or should I say The lack of unfortunately Studies have Shown that collagen production in their Bodies can decrease as much as 10 every Single decade so if you think of Collagen as kind of the glue that holds Us together what it means is that the Less of it you have the more visible Your signs of aging will be and you Don’t know yet but in the next 30 Seconds you’re going to learn how to

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Presumption of innocence pretty Seriously and it’s for that reason that When a lot of these allegations against Actors or politicians come out I tend to Take them with a grain of salt however I Do think it’s important to note that the Person who is alleging this about Herschel Walker his ex-girlfriend she Did come with receipts Literally as The Daily Beast writes a Woman who asked not to be identified out Of privacy concerns told The Daily Beast That after she and Walker conceived a Child while they were dating in 2009 he Urged her to get an abortion the woman Said she had the procedure and that Walker reimbursed her for it she Supported these claims with a 575 Receipt from the abortion clinic a get Well card from walker and a bank deposit Receipt that included an image of a Signed 700 personal check from Walker Okay so the image of the bank check from Walker that alone proves nothing the Same for the get well card right that Could be in relation to anything she Could have had a cold however those two Things together Same that that seems a little bit Suspicious and I just also want to ask Who gets someone a get well card after An abortion like is that is that a thing I mean I guess they don’t have specific Get well after your abortion cards but I

Just I I don’t know I’m not familiar With proper post-abortion etiquette but That just seems strange to me now of Course I will say that at the time that I’m filming this at least that’s always The disclaimer because these stories They can change really fast but for now Herschel Walker is denying these claims He’s saying that this never happened and Of course I suppose those two pieces of Evidence uh that’s not definitive proof But also considering Herschel Walker’s Pass honestly I’m not inclined to Believe him or doubt that he would have Done something like this because in case You guys haven’t been following the Whole Georgia Senate race um it was Recently revealed that Herschel Walker Also had a secret child yeah and he Actually also initially denied that Before coming clean and saying okay it Was true once more as The Daily Beast Writes when Herschel Walker’s campaign AIDS approached him this winter to Discuss Whispers that Walker had a Secret child the Georgia dop Senate Candidate told his campaign the rumors Were false Walker’s aides already knew He was lying though they had expected Him to lie and had obtained documents in Advance of that conversation verifying That Walker did indeed have another Child this article also goes on to say The very next day The Daily Beast

Reached out again asking about yet Another undisclosed child a 13 year old The campaign approached Walker and asked Again at this time he acknowledged the Teen was his the campaign verified that The 13 year old was Walker’s son and That he had yet another child a daughter From his college days about 40 years ago And guys this has never happened before But I was actually reading that article Earlier before filming and I guess I Skimmed it or read it wrong I thought he Had only had one secret child but no he He has more than one his multiple secret Children now this guy is even still Competitive in this race after all of This coming out I think just speaks to The fact that Americans are very jaded When it comes to the moral fight fiber Of politicians yeah I mean if nothing Else I guess we can say that Herschel Walker has lived an eventful life Earlier I had mentioned that Herschel Walker had found himself very Fortunately on Donald Trump’s good side And while actually once all of the stuff About the abortion came out Trump did Come to Walker’s defense Miss Damon he Said that Herschel Walker is being Slandered and maligned by the fake news Media and obviously the Democrats Interestingly I’ve heard many horrible Things about his opponent Raphael Warnock things that nobody should be

Talking about so we don’t Herschel has Properly denied the charges against him And I have no doubt he is correct they Are trying to destroy a man who has true Greatness in his future just as he had Athletic greatness in his past it’s very Important for our country and the great State of Georgia that Herschel Walker Wins this election with all that Herschel has accomplished when you come From Georgia and you see the name Herschel Walker when voting it will be Very hard to resist don’t and Trump Brings up an interesting dynamic because First off we have the question of is Herschel Walker lying about the abortion Did it actually happen in my opinion it Did I would love to know what you guys Think though the other thing people have To ask themselves and this is something That some conservatives have been Bringing up is that even if the Allegations about the abortions uh if Even if that’s true is it maybe still Worth voting for Herschel Walker lest His opponent the Democrat win Re-election therefore giving the Democrats just another person willing to Support their far-left agenda in the Senate honestly if you are a republican In Georgia that is a crappy question to Have to ask yourself this is just a bad Situation to be in if you’re a voter I Think it’s safe to say that not many

People would look at someone who has Secret children and who has paid for his Girlfriend’s abortion and think yes that Is the person I want representing me Especially if your views are pro-life Which Herschel Walker does now claim to Be however and here we are just looking At pure pragmatism fact of the matter is That right now the Democrats are trying To push some pretty shocking abortion Legislation through legislation that yes Warnock would support and for all of his Faults what a lot of conservatives are Saying saying is look even if Herschel Walker personally is a dirt bag even Someone who may have been an accessory To an abortion if he can get in the Senate and vote against some of the Stuff that Democrats are trying to pass That is still the lesser of two evil and I know this is going to be like a Hindsight’s 2020 kind of point to make Here but I also want to bring up how This perfectly illustrates how important Primaries are oftentimes most people Only pay attention to elections uh you Know when it comes to November and You’re presented with either a Democrat Or a Republican and then when they like Neither choice they just complain oh That system is terrible gir two parties But it’s like guys you didn’t have to Have either of those candidates if you Would have simply been paying attention

Earlier to the primaries when we were Picking the candidates you could have Had someone else so it didn’t have to be Herschel Walker on that ballot and Actually another point that is at play Here is that maybe we should stop Supporting celebrities in politics just Because we know who they are and I don’t Think politicians should be restricted To either career politicians lawyers or Doctors I think that really anyone could Maybe be a politician I’m not saying we Should have the special Elite ruling Class that you know regular people or Non-politicians can’t penetrate but it’s Like simply knowing who someone is is Not a good enough reason to vote for Them but when celebrities get into Politics oftentimes the reason why they Are successful is because of that name Recognition and yes I am fully aware That everything I’m saying could also Apply to Trump which is kind of ironic Because I like Trump but there you have It and I think the support for Herschel Walker was also let’s face it at least Partly in due to the fact that he is Black and that yeah if you’re running as A republican especially in Georgia that That can help and I think there were People who kind of cynically but I’m not Going to say incorrectly looked at Herschel Walker and acknowledged that he Had all of this baggage that he had no

Experience but still said You know what He’s a football player he’s African-American this could work and I Mean really that in and of itself is Also just a knock against democracy as a Whole I don’t know what else to say there and If there wasn’t enough just personal Drama going on with Herschel Walker Recently we also had his son Christian Walker who is in his own right a I guess Conservative social media I hate to use The word influencer but kind of Content creator we’ll call him that he Has also come out and pretty much Denounced his father I stayed silent as The atrocities committed against my mom Were downplayed I stayed silent when it Came out that my father hers will walk Around all these random kids across the Country none of whom he raised And you know my favorite issue to talk About is Father absence surprise because It affected me that’s why I talk about It all the time because it affected me Family values people he has four kids Four different women wasn’t in the house Raising one of them I’m just saying Don’t lie don’t lie on my mom don’t lie On me don’t lie on the lives you’ve Destroyed and act like you’re some moral Family man you all should care about That conservatives we were told at the Beginning of this he was gonna get ahead

Of his past hold himself accountable all Of these different things and that would Have been fine go ahead he didn’t do any Of that everything’s been a lie Everything’s been downplayed Everything’s been cutting Corners the Whole thing and who who is whose expense Is that at me my mom as we’re chased Down by the media uh where we’re Terrorized all these different things uh Uh people are questioning my Authenticity I’m done don’t lie in Response to Christian coming out and Saying all these things about his father Some people have pointed to the fact That around a year ago Christian did Participate in a campaign event for his Father some people are saying hey why Are you only saying this now earlier you Guys seemed on board with each other you Were so close what happened this is Suspicious and what I’ll say there is That if you are the child of an abusive Father or if you come from a family that Is dysfunctional I think some people Underestimate how hard it can be to Publicly admit that fact and it’s not Like having a dysfunctional family or an Abusive family should be something to be Embarrassed about because it’s Absolutely no one’s fault and it’s Certainly not Christian’s fault if what He’s saying is true but still it doesn’t Feel good even personally to admit that

Our family is far from perfect and doing So publicly I mean that takes a lot of Courage so I I wouldn’t be surprised if What Christian is saying is true and I Personally I do believe him that being Said though if Herschel Walker is Someone who could potentially contribute To putting a stop to or put a stop to Entirely just through his Senate vote Something that the Democrats might try Like abortion Nationwide up until birth Is voting for him still worth it I know A lot of people are going to disagree With me on this but I am perhaps willing To accept that maybe the answer is yes Is this a necessary evil that Georgians Have to accept until they can vote Herschel walk her out in the primaries In six years I don’t know I want to hear What you guys think especially if you Disagree with me in case that’s it for Now and if you enjoyed this video please Be sure to like share and subscribe it Helps me out so so much until next time

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