Herschel Walker’s Latest Abortion Accuser Speaks Out

By | November 2, 2022

The second woman who accused Herschel Walker of pressuring her to get an abortion did an interview with ABC News. Ana Kasparian and David Shuster discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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”A second woman to accuse Herschel Walker of paying for her abortion sat for an interview with Good Morning America’s Juju Chang recently, which aired Tuesday morning, just one week before the midterm election where the former football star is in a too-close-to-call race for the Georgia senate seat.

Noted attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference in Dallas last Wednesday to announce her representation of the unnamed woman, who alleges that the staunchly anti-abortion candidate had a relationship with her in the late 80s and 90s while he was still married.”


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Jane Doe says despite being on birth Control she got pregnant in 1993. Walker She says pressured her to get the Abortion he Was very clear that he did not want me To have the child And he said that He said that because of his Wife’s family and powerful people [Music] Around him that I would not be safe and That the child would not be safe That’s that’s very menacing The woman you just heard from is the Second woman who has come forward to Share details about her relationship With Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker and the fact that he Impregnated her and then pressured her To get an abortion and then essentially Paid for the abortion very similar to What we heard from another woman who First came out with similar accusations Now this also happened in 1993 a very Active year for Herschel Walker Apparently and she goes by Jane Doe Because she probably wants to protect Some bit of her privacy but she felt That it was important to come forward And do this sit-down interview with ABC News so with that said why don’t we go To the next video where she discloses Her six-year affair with Herschel Walker As as he was married

[Music] What makes you want to speak about it Now when I saw the first woman coming Forward a few weeks ago he immediately Called her a liar And said I never sign anything with the Letter h And I knew I had many cards from him Where he saw in the letter H And so I believed then that She was telling the truth Jane Doe Showed us some cards and letters she Says she received from Herschel Walker Some signed with a flourish that H she Says she took this photo of Walker Asleep they had met she says in the late 80s when he was married to his first Wife and she says had an affair that Lasted six years You know I have to say both women who Have made these accusations against Herschel Walker have provided quite Quite a few receipts um so in this case Jane Doe produced a voicemail that Walker had left her and she noted that This is not in any way political she was Actually a trump supporter and voter she Is registered as an independent so Anyone who claims that this is uh just a Politically motivated attack against Herschel Walker should keep those things In consideration we’ve got more from the Interview before we get to that I wanted To get your thoughts David well first of

All I don’t think look you know Somebody’s decision to get an abortion Or not I mean that’s up to them and That’s not the issue to me though nobody Should be forcing somebody to carry Their pregnancy to term or threatening Enforcing somebody to get an abortion so That speaks volumes about his character The other thing about it is the total is Just sort of hypocrisy and I just I Can’t understand Herschel Walker was Willing to say yes he put a gun to his Ex-wife’s head and then he had some Mental health issues I almost wonder Politically if this would have been Better for him if he had just said look I was a different person 20 years ago That I am now and they’re going to be All sorts of things that may come out And and I’ll just acknowledge them Instead he comes across clearly he is Lying when he lies about these women I Think that is the political Vulnerability he faces in all of this Yeah I agree with you I mean it might Have worked if he you know came out and Said well you know I’m I’m changed now I Had my come to Jesus moment whatever it Is but I actually want to go back to What you initially said about Force because what’s interesting to me Is this this pattern I see with Conservative male politicians who seem To force women to do one thing or

Another based on what is convenient for Them in any given moment so in the case Of Herschel Walker when it was obviously Incredibly inconvenient for him to have You know additional children especially A child from someone he was having a Six-year affair with he wanted a Pressure or Force this woman to Terminate the pregnancy When it came to his political career Though he wants to force the entire Country to carry to term pregnancies That they might not want pregnancies That might actually put their own health In danger pregnancies that might uh you Know Deal with a fetus that isn’t you know Forming or developing properly it Doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter what Your reason for for wanting to terminate A pregnancy might be Herschel Walker Based on his political aspirations wants To force women to carry out what the Right wing Desires in this country and Yeah when you look at the hypocrisy when You look at their own practices when you Look at congressmen Republican Congressmen like uh representative Dijour lay who forced his mistress and Wife to get abortions gives you a sense Of just how hypocritical they are on These issues it’s just about political Power and it’s about control I totally agree I mean it’s like the

Means justify the ends and if you get You know some Christian Nationals away From the cameras and gonna speak off the Record they will say of course we hate Ursula Walker of course what he did is a Moral and wrong and etc etc but we need His vote in the Senate if we’re going to Roll back some of the things in this Country what we want to do so for them To your point it is all about gaining Power it is about using Herschel Walker Uh essentially as a stooge so that they Can roll back abortion for abortion Affirmative action everything else they Want to do that is on the conservative Agenda it doesn’t matter that Herschel Walker has this checkered past that he’s Not an honest person it only matters to A lot of these people that he might help Them gain power Absolutely I totally agree with you on That and I wanted to go to this final uh Portion of the interview where Jane Doe Discloses more details about what she Experienced including how uh Walker went To the clinic with her after pressuring Her to terminate the pregnancy let’s Watch I felt threatened and I I Thought I had no choice she says At First she went to an abortion clinic but Couldn’t go through with it but Walker She says talked her into going back with

Him he came to my house and picked me up And drove me to the clinic And I went in alone and he waited in the Car Well I went in and had the procedure she Says Walker gave her cash to pay for the Abortion and has no records or receipts Of the payment or the procedure she says After the abortion everything changed Everything shifted He distanced himself from me almost Immediately I mean not honestly none of this Surprises me what I will say about these Women Um especially the Jane Doe we heard from In this interview is that it takes a lot Of Courage especially in today’s Political climate where we see Politically motivated violence to come Out and speak the truth about what you Experienced with a Senate candidate who Is running on a conservative platform That would do away with the Reproductive Rights of women across the country And so I commend them for doing this I Wish that we lived in a different Climate I wish that I felt that they Would be safe regardless of what they Had to say uh but it takes guts and so I Just really do want to commend them for Speaking out any final words David I Hope it works and that Herschel Walker Is Not Elected and that this drip drip

Of accusations will stop him because the Big picture here is that uh most Republicans polled now say that a Christian State the United States being A Christian Nation is the most is more Important to them than not and and there You’ll hear a lot of Evangelical leaders Say that their duties to Christ not to The country in other words they will put Their beliefs in the Bible ahead of Settled law like the Constitution that’s Where this is all going if Christian Conservatives are able to gain power Through people like Herschel Walker our Constitution is in trouble our freedoms Our liberties everything that we believe The Constitution protects us for all of That is in Jeopardy and that’s why a Race like Herschel Walkers matters Yeah I totally agree I I also look one Final thing I’ll say you know your point About Republicans wanting the majority in Congress It just goes to show you that it doesn’t Even matter if the candidate they’re Promoting Isn’t qualified has all sorts of issues In his or her past they don’t care Because the way they see politics is if You’re part of our tribe you’re going to Bow your head and do what we want so Someone like Herschel Walker isn’t Celebrated by the Republican party for

Being an independent thinker who’s going To look out for his constituents he’s Celebrated much like other Republican Members of Congress as someone who’s Going to play ball and vote along with What they demand regardless of whether It serves their constituents or not That’s the reality of the situation That’s how disgusting our politics has Become that’s how much things have Progressed yeah so it didn’t always used To be this way there used to be even Some shame in some quarters of the Republican party it used to be that way Absolutely

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