Herschel Walker Worst Gaffe Yet: “This ERECTION Is About The People”

By | November 24, 2022

Herschel Walker made an awkward ‘erection’ gaffe as he is trying to win the runoff election for a Senate seat from Georgia. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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Well first of all this election is more Than Herschel Walker this direction is About the people Senate candidate Herschel Walker has Penis on the mind yes you heard that Correctly uh he said this erection is For the people in fact uh he said it so Clearly that Lindsey Graham had to you Know he did a quick In fact let's watch that video one more Time because I want you to pay close Attention to his surroundings and before We go to it let me just make one more Point You should not be thinking about Erections when you're sandwiched between Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham but let's Watch again Well first of all this election is more Than Herschel Walker this direction is About the people John I mean is it right is this erection About the people I think this election Has been about erections more so than Any other election in the past or Hopefully going forward I would love to Just have two candidates where I don't Have to think about anything they did With their genitals I think that would Be great I want to go back to that but While many people including myself this Morning assumed that this was a Freudian Slip around his sexual scandals and

Issues and all that he was as you said Sandwiched between Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham maybe it wasn't his erection Those causing the problem maybe he Noticed that one of them maybe oh you Know let's be fair let's be serious and Let's be fair right now there's a winter Storm bearing down on Texas Ted Cruz is Facing the possibility of being able to Once again abandon his constituents to Go to Cancun maybe that has given him a Sexual thrill maybe that's why he's Doing it I don't know can we send Ted Cruz there and then build the wall I'm Just kidding obviously I don't want the Wall but it would be nice if Ted Cruz Went away Um by the way I love how you uh Drew Attention to the possibility of those Gremlins having erections and Then Followed it with let's be fair sure real Fair to me John by bringing that up Anyway No I I was going to move on to uh a Wonderful compilation video that our Producer Taylor Ellis put together but Before I do it what did you want to say Yeah it just made me think of do you Remember when Peter Griffin was being Interviewed and someone said Mr Griffin Where do you see yourself in five years And he thinks don't say doing your wife Don't say doing your wife don't say Doing your wife doing your wife like

He's got two minders just trying to keep Him relatively on track don't talk about Your penis I know that they had that Talk with him don't talk about your Penis don't talk about your penis Erection By the way Yeah I mean But the thing with Herschel Walker is He's the gift who keeps on giving Because the cringy moments never stop Flowing with uh Herschel Walker in fact Here's a little taste While watching this movie I'm watching This movie called fright night sweet Night or some kind of night but it's About vampires so I've been telling this Little story about this bull a lot in The field with six cows And three of them are pregnant So you know he got something going on if That is true why are there still AIDS Are you just running your gun laws in The wake of this Texas shooting please Support new gun laws I don't know if you know vampires and Cool people are they not but I'm gonna Tell you something that I found out a Werewolf can kill a vampire do you know That I never knew that so I didn't want To be a vampire anymore I want to be a Werewolf you know he talked about doing A disinformation what about getting a Department that can look at young men

That's looking at uh women they're Looking at uh their social media what The hell is a pronoun I'm like I'm tired My pronoun is sick and tired of these Pronouns because right now these Pronouns gonna get all men and women in The service Kia so I'm watching my TV or These kids watching their TV or vampire Kill on their TV So you know it's kind of stupid but I'm Still watching though but since we don't Control the air I was good air decided To float over to China better So when China gets all good air that bad Ass gotta move and you know what's so Funny I am with many police officers He thinks he's got a real badge he Thinks he's a real cop But he likes vampires he does he really Does John you like vampires too right you're Into that kind of stuff What I don't own one of those Bears what are You talking about um anyway yeah his his Terrible recounting of a vampire Werewolf movie is one of the most uh Charismatic things about him on this no Listening and talk He makes Donald Trump seem like a Reasonable person to put into government Office like he makes he makes Trump seem Competent by comparison like I don't Think that Herschel Walker should

Literally be in charge of anything even In his own life like I oh my God no he Should not be in charge of his he should Not be driving himself and I'm not just Saying that because he has told stories About driving to go murder someone and Only the voice of God and his head stop Them I'm not talking about that he Should not be in charge of literally Anything he is out of his GD mind and he Definitely should not be a senator I Have a lot of hope that the runoff is Going to go the right way but This is just Madness and and look if it Wasn't just the incompetence the Predilection for massive lying and Hypocrisy and his values like he is not Qualified in every way that a person Cannot be qualified to hold office Thanks for watching The Young Turks Really appreciate it another way to show Support is through YouTube memberships You'll get to interact with us more There's live chat emojis badges you've Got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those Are super fun but you also get playback Of our exclusive member only shows and Specials right after they air so all That all you got to do is click that Join button right underneath the video Thank you

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