Herschel Walker: People Born After 1990 Don’t Deserve Citizenship

By | November 29, 2022

Herschel Walker went on a rant against people born after 1990, saying they shouldn’t be allowed to vote, meanwhile he may be guilty of election fraud. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Herschel Walker has been accused of committing “election fraud” following reports he received a primary residence tax exemption for his home in Dallas, Texas, whilst running for the Senate in Georgia.

Walker faces Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock in a runoff election on December 6, after neither candidate won an absolute majority of the vote in the initial poll on November 8.

Analysis of tax records by CNN showed Walker got a homestead tax exemption for a property in Dallas this year, saving him around $1,500.”


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Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker thinks that voters who Were born after the year 1990 are not Old enough to make a difference or fight For change in the country in fact he Made these comments during a recent Interview let's watch Christian how do you feel about people That want to change America from when You and I were kids I mean I mean There's you know we have I guess it's 80 To 90 or 70 to 80 million people in America that were born after 1990. hey What do you say to those kids and those Young people that are voting well first Of all they don't know that the grass is Not green on the other side did they Think that's somewhere better and if They know another place or better than The United States of America my thing is Why don't you go there our biggest Problem is we've not shown our kids that Most of the people today hadn't earned Their right to change America and what I Mean by that there are people that have Died or not giving their life up there Are people that have given their life up For this flying they're giving this life Up there for this national anthem They've given their life up for our Freedom and Distributors that we have in This country today and we're taking it For for granted well I don't want that To happen and I'm saying and I'm not

Being tough I'm saying if you know a Place better you go there but you lose Your citizenship here in the United States of America I just I'm I can't wait till this runoff Election's over so I don't have to hear Like from this bumbling idiot okay uh What are you talking about so if someone Is Able to vote in this country that means That they're a United States citizen Where do you expect them to go You don't want them to vote because They're unlikely to vote for your ass That's number one I mean right-wingers Can't stop themselves from openly Admitting that they don't like unmarried Women or young people voting because They don't want to vote for Republican Candidates so that's what this is really About yeah at the heart of it so uh this Whole don't criticize us uh otherwise You should leave the country curious When his number one backers guy named Donald Trump uh who has this slogan Well-known slogan of make America great Again So are you saying America is not great Now are you saying America wasn't great When you ran in 2016. it sounds like You're criticizing the country Hershey We got our first candidate let's kick His ass out of the country guess what This is America what do you think

The first amendment is for so a bunch of Lunatic right Wingers can mouth off on Twitter or is it so people can go ahead And criticize the government without Retaliation that's what the first Amendment's really about so or political Candidates without retaliation they Can't handle being criticized right 100 And these are of course the great irony Of it is uh these are the freedom of Speech guys oh we don't thank God Elon Musk took over Twitter who goes straight To a speech man you know this one they Ran the whole 2020 campaign on that Speech after speech at the Republican National Convention was about freedom of Speech and then Here Comes Herschel Walker unless you disagree with us in Case in that case we're going to expel You from the country And by the way if you're getting Expelled from the country also a little Bit of cancer culture don't you think You're canceling our citizenship because We don't agree with Herschel freaking Dumbass Walker by the way Herschel you'd Have to kick out like 329 million people Nobody agrees with the dumbass things You say I know Republicans will vote for You because they hate Democrats so much That doesn't mean they agree with you I Mean half the things you say don't make Any sense no one can possibly agree with The irrational things that you said

Now uh one other thing that's worth Noting is that while Herschel Walker Would want to prevent people born after 1990 from voting uh he himself is Engaging in some fraud that he'll Probably never face any consequences for But let's discuss that so apparently uh His primary residence is not in Georgia It's somewhere else And he stated that to save money on Taxes but by doing so he might also be Committing voter fraud let me explain Analysis of tax records by CNN showed Walker got a homestead tax exemption for Property in Dallas this year saving him Around fifteen hundred dollars under Texas law the exemption is only valid on A person's principal residence this was Claimed despite Walker registering to Vote in Georgia in 2021 ahead of his Senate bid so if you're registered to Vote in Georgia then your primary Residence should be in Georgia where You're registered to vote not in Dallas Where you are not registered to vote aha I finally found voter fraud it's by Republicans by the way finally I mean How many examples have we shown you yeah I'm kidding around about finally because Yes there's been plenty of examples Almost all of the are by Republicans Yeah uh I thought the Democrats are Cheating so I voted twice for Trump uh Yeah I had my mom's vote and I voted for

Her because I thought you know Trump Should win and in this case yeah I'm Lying about my taxes in Texas and I want To commit voter fraud in Georgia so what So what because Republicans genuinely Think they're above the law and so That's why Herschel Walker doesn't blink And uh when doing these uh uh fraudulent Uh things and by the way he's not wrong No you think Texas is going to charge Him or George is going to charge him no One's no one's going to charge you of Course he's going to get away with it You can do whatever the hell he wants he Did it to dodge taxes there are voter Fraud implications baked into his Decision to do that but he's a but he is Above the law he's not going to face any Consequences in the meantime You know you've got Ron DeSantis Engaging in a political stunt where he's Going after uh formally incarcerated Individuals who think that they are able To vote because of a ballot initiative That passed in Florida and since the State of Florida failed these Individuals by not telling them that They were not qualified to vote uh Ron DeSantis is now going after them trying To prosecute them so they could Potentially serve five years in prison For a failure on on the part of Officials in Florida not the actual Voters like they dragged them out of

Their houses handcuffed these people who Are now uh we're all going to work Perfectly functioning members of society Most of them are really older because They stayed in prison a long time for The offenses they committed Etc so it's Entrapment 101 of actually innocent People on the other hand right-wingers If you live in a right-wing state Foreign I mean I I don't want to encourage you Guys but especially if you're powerful You can almost do any crime and get away With it because right when you're so Prosecute right-wingers because it's not In their nature they just think we Should Be above you guys so So that's Walker will get away with this For sure And final thing I'll mention is that Look he has an interest in in not Wanting young people to vote why do I Say that let's go to graphic four here Voters under the age of 30 made up 12 Percent of all voters In every midterm in the last 20 years This group has made up between 11 and 13 Of the electorate Democratic house Candidates won voters under the age of 45 by 13 points while losing voters uh Ages 45 and older by 10 points breaking It down further house Democratic Candidates won voters under 30 by 28

Points that's an increase from their 26 Point edge with this group two years ago Notably today's Democratic party relies On the youngest of Voters in a way that It historically hadn't at least not Until the last few elections how many Times have I told you guys be you should Be hopeful if you're Progressive not Just Democrat but a progressive because The under 45 Cavalry is arriving it's in The middle of arriving and so the Problem is under 45 year olds are about A third of the electorate above 45 year Olds is about two-thirds of the Electorate so the the older those Progressives get and they are not Switching their positions they are Remaining Democrats in the remaining Progressive as they get older okay we're Going to dominate in these elections so Progressives I'm telling you change is Coming Justice is coming okay so and Republicans now know that and remember Republicans never right winners in this Country literally in the history of this Country have never cared about democracy So when they were like oh democracy for Black people no let's whip them and Chain them democracy sucks I don't want Them voting I want to oppress them right Oh Chinese people we don't want Democracy for them let's ban them from The country these are all conservatives They actually did these things and so

Now you're sitting with your own eyes Herschel Walker comes down goes oh young People aren't voting for us well why Don't we just ban them from voting and He doesn't think that's an Unnatural position he thinks yeah in America only the right Wingers should be In charge So that's their view of democracy All right uh this was just tweeted uh so I'm just gonna share it okay Tim Paul's doing a show with Nick Fuentes Kanye and Milo of course he is Yeah but who knows I mean maybe he's Gonna be you know maybe he's gonna ask Some tough questions because I hear he's Not a right winger he's somewhere in the Middle right right yeah oh yeah man so Thirsty so thirsty 100 that's all he is And so here's my prediction ahead of Time as to what'll happen he'll ask a Couple of innocuous questions about Their comments okay uh and then he'll Mainly uh spend the most of the time Kissing their ass and spreading uh their Hateful propaganda to everyone and Afterwards she'll say what I asked a Couple of questions I ask a couple of Questions okay will he do follow-ups Will he actually show people How Deeply Hateful they are it would be shocking if He did that so we'll see but don't hold Your breath thanks for watching The Young Turks who really appreciate it

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