Herschel Walker Campaign In SHAMBLES Over This Interview

By | November 2, 2022

Another woman speaks out against Herschel Walker. Max Burns breaks it down.

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He did not want me to have the child And he said that He said that because of his Wife’s family and powerful people Around him that I would not be safe and That the child would not be safe That’s very menacing It is a very menacing It is very menacing now And I felt threatened and I I Thought I had no choice with just days To go until Georgians head to the polls Another woman has now come forward on The record to accuse Republican Herschel Walker of pressuring her to get an Abortion and in case two accusers wasn’t Enough here’s a third woman who says Walker pressured her to get an abortion And she has a lot of receipts to back up Her claims this is a photo Of Herschel Walker In our clients hotel room On the bed Again this is Minnesota Our next three exhibits we’ll call them Exhibit two three and four Are three handwritten cards which are Assigned h What it says on the card is may God Always help me to be the kind of friend You’ve been to me if there’s one thing We can say about Herschel Walker it’s The

Instant and he’s pressured into having Abortions whether they wanted those Abortions or not Herschel Walker May Support abortion when it’s convenient For him but make no mistake he Definitely hates a woman’s right to Choose for herself the stories of Herschel Walker’s intimidating Threatening behavior aren’t new we’ve Heard them from Walker’s ex-wife from Multiple women he’s pressured into Having abortions and from his own son Christian but we’ve also heard about Walker’s psychological troubles from Another source Herschel Walker himself I Mean diagnosis having the associative Identity disorder And my wife a woman that I love more Than I love myself Feel one day I may kill her now let me Be clear I’m not here to stigmatize a Person for talking openly about their Mental health challenges Walker’s Dissociative identity disorder is not His fault but Walker also claims that His mental health issues have been as he Says healed and that he’s no longer Receiving any care for them that is a Problem and it puts both Walker and Those around him at risk but Walker’s Horrific Behavior towards multiple women And his untreated mental illnesses Aren’t dissuading Georgia’s Republican Voters as the Washington Post showed

Recently they’re still backing Walker Even if they aren’t quite sure why watch This we as voters have to learn not to Be so judgmental we love dirt on people Special is a different person than that Spell that he went through for a while I Wish he would have come out and just Said yes some of this is true but I’m a Different person it’s a bunch of Allegations and so you know anything About you or anything about anybody else Here Herschel has come out and said he’s Done this that and the other so why Would he lie and say he didn’t do this Right I’m just voting for him because I Think he’s a man for the job would you Both be in favor of a nationwide Abortion ban no no this is America okay Let’s have all sides of the issue in Public he says that he would support Nationwide abortion band that’s his Choice I got to choose from it let’s Take a second and break down what that Lovely woman just said Herschel Walker Has been caught lying and eventually Came clean about it before so why would He keep lying about his latest abortion I don’t know how to respond to that and Neither did the good folks over at the Good Liars who spoke to some more Walker Voters just this week uh what brought You to the rally today oh I love Herschel or not Lies all the time and I cannot believe

That he was a pastor and claims to still Be a pastor do you think Herschel Walker Is claiming to be a police officer but Not really a police officer Herschel was Never a police officer that’s what I was Thinking It may shock you that many of Walker’s Strongest supporters are Republican Women but it shouldn’t that’s because This new magnified Republican party is Especially good at convincing Conservative women that conservative Masculinity is under attack and it’s why So many republican women including those Who have had abortions in the past are Now proudly marching behind an Anti-choice anti-women Banner those Women are a big reason why Walker’s Campaign hasn’t absolutely imploded After a month of non-stop Scandal Ranging from domestic abuse to forced Abortions to jokes about that time Walker pointed a gun at his ex-wife’s Head in fact the latest Real Clear Politics average of recent polls has Walker winning by almost two points and What would a walker Senate Office look Like well Herschel hasn’t quite figured That out yet instead of answering Questions about his values or his Legislative goals Walker spent a recent Debate with Democratic income comment Rafael Warnock pretending to be a police Officer one thing I have not done I’ve

Never pretended to be a police officer I Am with many police officers and you Have a prop that is not allowed sir the Georgia Senate race May well decide Control of the entire Senate this November and Republicans are playing to Win they’ve launched a swarm of new Negative ads against Raphael Warnock and They hope their mountain of money and Voter suppression laws are enough to Force Walker into the Senate they might Be right Democrat Rafael Warnock is also Hitting the airwaves including this Recent ad that stresses his bipartisan Work in the Senate let me know in the Comments if you think this ad is going To resonate with Georgia voters every Year 772 billion of these are grown in Georgia that’s nuts that’s over half of America’s peanut very nuts so when Foreign countries tried to block us from Selling our crop we needed someone to Fight back that’s why I partnered with a Republican senator from Alabama to Eliminate the regulations and stand up For Farmers I’m Rafael Warnock and I Approve this message because I’ll do Anything if it needs helping Georgia now That’s really not with national Democrats focusing their efforts on Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Warnock has Been left largely to fend for himself if He ends up losing by a narrow margin on November 8th how will Democratic leaders

Justify that loss to exhausted and Battered activists in Georgia for now The party’s hoping to avoid that with Another upset Warnock win can Raphael Warnock save the Democratic party and Democracy twice in a row for our sake Let’s hope so if you made it to the end Thanks so much for watching please leave A like and consider subscribing and Leave a comment below to let me know What I should cover next

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