Here’s Why Zelensky Really Came To America This Week

By | December 22, 2022

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Ukrainian president zielinski addressed The United States Congress in person Wednesday night in an address that was Broadcast live in Prime Time on all the Big television networks but apparently He forgot his suit so he wore his Pajamas instead why is he here well it's Not to celebrate Christmas because he's One of those few people who don't Believe in that he's here to encourage Congress to pass a 1.7 trillion dollar Omnibus spending bill which includes Another 45 billion dollars for Ukraine To protect their borders while ours Remains completely wide open this 1.7 Trillion dollar spending Bill Specifically says that zero dollars will Go to secure our borders while a hundred Thousand illegal aliens invade across The U.S Mexico border every single month There is money budgeted for what's Called border management which literally Means the processing centers that are Used to welcome the Caravans of hundreds Of thousands of illegal aliens here and Then feed house and clothe them Specifically it describes the funds are For non-detension Border management and That none of the funds provided shall be Used for anything other than internal Transport and care of the new Non-citizens and this is how the Democrats describe two million illegal Aliens invading the United States

Through the southern Border in just one Year alone two million people across the Border for the first time ever you're Confident this border is secure We have A secure border In that that is a priority for Any Nation including ours in our Administration yes that's a secure Border just keep watching the Kardashians America and don't worry About a thing but why would the ruling Only of the Illuminati want to leave the Southern border wide open and flood the United States with tens of millions of Illegal aliens over the years well it Seems harder and harder to ignore that The Echoes of replacement Theory And other racially motivated views are Increasingly coming out into the open in A few years we're going to be a majority Brown country white people will not be The majority in the country anymore this Will be the first generation ever in American history in which whites will be A minority of the generation at some Point as of 2007 every year babies being Born in this country whites now are the Minority in 2044 everyone is going to be A minority as the demographics change as White people become the minority in the Country which is coming the white Population is declining for the first Time in history in America while the

Number of multi-racial Americans Have more than doubled so we live in a Country where the demographics are Changing it's becoming less white Correct okay you'll be announcing that We're calling the 38 electoral votes of Texas for the Democratic nominee for President it's changing it's going to Become a purple State and then a blue State because of the demographics Because of the population growth the Growth in Texas has been almost entirely Driven by non-white population Goodbye Latino population growth hey they said It not me but flooding a country with Foreigners also erodes the culture Erodes patriotism the social fabric Support for the nation's traditional Holidays and customs and the financial System and also gives the Democrats Their future voter base once they're all Granted amnesty and given citizenship They're never going to get deported not Even if they commit crimes I mean other Crimes aside from being here in the First place I feel bad about what's Happening in Ukraine but America is Broke our country's credit card is maxed Out we are a collapsing Empire but the Globalists are just looting what's left Of the treasury while they can before we Completely go bankrupt which is probably Actually their goal well I do feel bad

When I hear about it I'm still not Interested at all in the conflict Between Russia and Ukraine just like I'm Not interested in any of the countless Conflicts between warring tribes and Sub-Saharan Africa or between different Ethnic groups in the Middle East to keep Fighting over a little plot of land I Care about the war in our own country The culture War and the fact that we're Being overthrown by Communists and we Can't have a holiday in America these Days without the marxists making drag Queens a part of it now across the Sodom And Gomorrah Wasteland liberal districts Of this country there are drag queen Christmas shows which are designed to Groom the children into Jeffrey Epstein's favorite activities I'm so Sick of these straight clowns though I'm Not even going to cover it I saw Clips Going around on social media and almost Puked and it's way too close to Christmas to get sick to my stomach but Stay tuned for my War on Christmas 2022 Edition which I'll be either posting Tomorrow or Saturday about the other Christmas craziness that's happening That you have to see I might not title It the war on Christmas I'm not sure What I'm going to call the video but you Won't want to miss it so stay tuned for That and I will see you soon [Music]

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