Here’s Why Kari Lake Is The Cringe Queen

By | January 24, 2023

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To watch these [Music] Evil [Music] [Applause] To steal this in broad daylight and if They think they're going to get away With it they mask with the wrong Okay [Applause] I'm very Christian of you Carrie Lake uh You messed with the wrong uh so Apparently she's still upset about her Lost election how they stole it from her I'm always amazed at how these audiences That these Conservative Christian Oriented uh uh non-angry events Get so excited Donald Trump when he Custody Word and now she says what does That mean she's still lost cool they Messed with the wrong that lost uh So this she took her her show on to also Charlie Kirk's uh talking points USA uh Event over the weekend let's take a Glance at some of the folks that also Appeared there This first event that she was at though Was not that one she did show up later You guys can take a quick glance at some Of those All-Stars that are at that Event uh but let's see what Carrie Lake Had to say at this event since she was On a roll going into the weekend watch

Right now we can identify as anything we Want to identify as but I want you to Know that I identify as a proud election Denying deplorable Are you with me [Applause] And my pronouns Are I just saw another red light go off by The way And my pronouns are I one [Applause] That whole that whole uh the pause for I Won we knew that was coming I didn't Lose I don't know whatever she's trying To say Um so That's the exciting line that's the Whole draw that's the whole talking About how I didn't lose I'm a proud Deplorable and election denier okay bro Go back to your corner and keep denying The election and talk to that wall it's The same thing over and over and over Again uh by the way she uh had more to Say about this the media and um and how Trump is but there's one thing that's What I remember that's not America from That last video it was the pause and People started cheering she put these People that are under Trump like to try And adopt some of his mannerisms and Wording and and things like that He knows once people start cheering she

Stopped and pointed Trump always does That do you ever notice that he always Does that once they start cheering he Steps off to the side And then points he's not pointing at Anybody he's just plenty acting like There's all these people that are coming To his defense anyways next video though Because she said more let's watch And these Bastards of the media want to Drag him through the mud Foreign [Applause] 1987 uh Carey Lake and uh she's giving Her words to the camera talking to Mean Gene Oakland Anyways there's more to this event but Uh let's look at this She's such a badass the Civil War they Want Civil War who's that The globalist let's go there the stuff Tucker Carlson was on the other night he Said in his opinion there's no such Thing as hate speech in America how do You stand on that Um I believe in hate speech when you Have hate for somebody I am 100 into Speech hate speech because it's freedom Of speech you can speak freedom of Speech is freedom of speech no matter What the speech is it sounds terrible I Mean you might want to cover your kids And ears but it's still freedom of Speech I don't believe there's anything

As hate speech It's all under Interpretation I think there's free Speech I think hate speech is just a Term they they dreamed up to uh keep Other people from talking saying what's On their mind for the most part Weird how this works For hate speech is just free speech I Guess unless your free speech is hey um I'm gay I'm trans I'm lesbian I'm gay uh Apparently those folks don't have free Speech to say who they are and what Their lives are because folks like this Who don't think hate speech is a problem Can tell someone else who they are what They believe and really what their Morals are it's weird how that works Only one side of this entire argument Has the freedom to say things like Hateful uh but if someone says hey you Guys um That I'll try to attack uh the United States of America on January 6 and You're now in jail you should go up for Trial I can't believe we've got Political prisoners well you guys broke The law is that not Something that we are going to abide by In this country it doesn't matter they Can say the things that then incite them To this kind of violence and they still Don't understand how hate speech then Leads to hateful actions Sharon Yeah it's like you know what these guys

Pivot it's a constant you play Basketball it's a constant pivot it's a Constant crossover AI ain't got nothing On that okay it it's group think what we Believe is right what you believe needs To be silenced