Here’s The White House EXCUSE After They DELETED a TWEET Over Misinformation

By | November 6, 2022

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Washington examiner reported, The Biden administration’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended deleting a tweet marked misleading by Twitter, saying it lacked the context provided by the administration’s digital team.

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It was a hilarious moment on Twitter When the White House was forced to Remove a tweet over misinformation Yet Karine Jean-Pierre was out spinning Lies to cover it up I'm Gary franchi and I want to fight the fake news with you Every day but you need to be armed with The truth arm yourself tap subscribe Enable notifications and fight back with Me and the next News Network Oh it's funny to see how the tables have Turned so far when it comes to the left Being called out for their lies now that Elon Musk has taken over Twitter his Company's fact checking the insane lies That the bite Administration has been Putting out Washington examiner reports that Biden Administration's press secretary Kareem Jean-Pierre defended deleting a tweet Marked misleading by Twitter saying it Lacked the context provided by the Administration's digital team let's Watch Hey screen um the warehouse removed a Tweet that talked about the increase in Social Security benefits in 2023 uh Through President Biden's leadership There was a contextual note I'm not sure That the proper terminology is for the Platform that was added to that was it Removed because of the addition of the Number was it removed because of the Concern about the veracity of the

Message so it was I look the Tweet was Not complete usually when we put out a Tweet we posted with contacts and it did Not have that context so in the past We've pointed out that for the first Time in our in over a decade seniors Medicare premiums will will decrease Even as their Social Security checks Increase that's a little bit of context That was not included this means that Seniors will have a chance to get ahead Of inflation due to the rare combination Of rising benefits and falling premiums And let's not forget as as you've been Hearing me say for the past few minutes About Mega republicans in Congress and Their continued threat to threaten Social Security and Medicare posing Proposing to them on the chop proposing To put them on the chopping blocks every Five years threatening benefits and to Change eligibility so those are the Types of contacts that would normally be With a tweet like that it did not it did Not have that contest it was an Incomplete tweet as I just mentioned and So that's why you saw the digital team Take that action and I think part of the Reason I asked the president mentioned a Similar type of thing in both of his Events yesterday saying on my watch in One case on our watch in the other case I included the Medicare piece of this That you're talking about back end you

Believe that as long as the Medicare Piece is included that's not claiming Credit for something that is quite Really tight we believe that if we we Want to lay the we want to lay our Argument out fully and that was Important to do as we uh as we put out You know information like that or as we Put out a tweet and that was an Incomplete tweet so we do think it is Important to do It was an incomplete tweet no you got Called out Or cover-up of the intentional posting Of misleading information comes after The Tweet was fact checked by Twitter Town Hall reports for the second time in Four weeks the White House is boasting About increasing the amount of money Going out in Social Security checks With a tweet from the White House saying Seniors are getting the biggest increase In their Social Security checks in 10 Years through President Biden's Leadership As you can see the post was flagged for Missing context on why that increase was Happening Twitter blue check Joseph Wolfson Tweeted uh out whoa the White House Deleted this tweet after Twitter place Of fact check disclaimer on it another Blue check Matt Whitlock incredible the White House dumbed tweets celebrating

The increase in Social Security checks Gets a Twitter fact check because it Left out the fact that the increase was Caused by inflation Caused by by inflation Lies lies and more lies that seems to be The motto of the bite Administration They were caught red-handed lying about Increasing the amount of money going out In Social Security checks and their Press secretary tried to cover it up it Was incomplete But the American people are not fooled We know that this Administration has Failed on the economy Inflation is rising we're headed for an Economic crisis Were days away from running out of Diesel fuel the only thing that's going To turn this thing around is a red wave In the upcoming election so far it looks Like that is exactly what we're going to Get My how the tables have turned let's Continue the conversation in the Comments below for the next News Network I'm Gary franchi Let's continue that conversation about Your internet privacy because every app And device that we use puts your private Information at risk over 30 million Users have downloaded private internet Access which changes your IP address Through an encrypted tunnel like you see

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