GOP TURNS On Potential Speaker Of The House Kevin McCarthy

By | January 4, 2023

Matt Gaetz emerged from McCarthy’s office in what was a very brief meeting regarding McCarthy’s vote as Speaker of The House. Rayyvana and Wosny Lambre break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“As House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has struggled to lock down the votes to become speaker, his top deputy has kept his head down.

Rep. Steve Scalise, the No. 2 in the House GOP leadership, has made clear he supports McCarthy, and GOP sources say he has rejected pleas by hardliners to mount a challenge to the California Republican – all while taking steps to avoid being seen as plotting McCarthy’s demise.

But what is less clear: What Scalise will do if the race continues to drag out on Tuesday and goes to multiple ballots – and whether the Louisiana Republican will seek to maneuver his way into the speaker’s office if the stalemate persists. If McCarthy drops out of the race, Scalise is widely expected to run for the job, though sources close to the GOP leader say he plans to stay in the race as long as it takes to get the votes.”

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A brief and productive discussion how Was it productive in so far as that it Was brief Ly collaborate a bit more I sure could I mean Has he won your support yet Congressman No why not I I think I've laid that out Extensive but I'll tell you what I'll Send you the speech I gave a turning Point I was able to extend my remarks There a little bit I'm just curious when You say productive it didn't nudge you a Bit toward yes it was brief and Productive That's that's a different tone than You've struck before Thanks for noticing so is he giving into Your demands it was a brief and Productive discussion you might vote From tomorrow and everyone is it fair to Say you're not ruining you're a nurse That was Matt Gates emerging from McCarthy's office in what was a very Brief meeting regarding McCarthy's vote For speaker of the house gates is still Expressing that he's opposed to giving McCarthy the role of speakership there's Five Republicans including Gates who are Aligned against McCarthy for this Leadership position as the Republican-controlled house is stuck in Gridlock about today's vote in the house As to who will be the speaker it seems Like the five GOP house members have

Formed a never Kevin caucus let's take a Look at some reporting from Yahoo news So far the five anti-mccarthy Conservatives informally known on the Capitol Hill as the never Kevin caucus Are showing no signs of backing down Even with the vote for speaker fast Approaching the rebel group is comprised Of GOP reps Andy Biggs of Arizona Matt Gates of Florida Bob good of Virginia Matt Rosendale of Montana and Ralph Norman of South Carolina and they're all Rallying behind big for speaker the Never Kevin Republicans are being Hammered by Mark Levin and other Conservative media personalities who say McCarthy has earned the job because the House cannot move on to any other Business until it elects a speaker Border state conservatives say the GOP Can't delay as the nation faces a new Surge of illegal border crossings in Texas and I want to pause here for one Second to say that is the justification They are offering up for us for why they Don't want to vote for Kevin McCarthy And that's their their reasoning it Doesn't mean it's true a lot of the Surge in Immigration that we've seen Recently at the border has been people Seeking Asylum which is a legal process It is a legal form of immigration so These are not actually you know illegal Undocumented immigrants so I just wanted

To clear that up but let's get back into The reporting from Yahoo news the Founding chairman of the conservative Freedom caucus representative Jim Jordan Who was endorsed McCarthy says GOP Committees won't be able to meet and Launch investigations into the Biden Administration until Republicans unify Behind a leader and it seems that McCarthy has done all he can to sway the Five Republicans to his side according To former congressman and fox Contributor Jason Chaffetz Jason do you think that McCarthy has the Votes and if not on the first ballot can He get there Well nobody really knows I mean just the Announced people right now are Problematic and you know this is the way Our Founders set it up you have to Actually stand up and yell out that name And I don't know I don't know that Kevin McCarthy can do anything else than he Has he has done he helped raise the most Amount of money Um I think everybody would say we really Like Kevin but he has he has actually Given in to most of every demand that These people have asked for so I don't Know where where it's going to go Ultimately these people answered not to Kevin McCarthy not to the conference They answered to their constituents and That's the problem in the rub and I

Don't know if he's able to overcome that That is just such a joke to say that They answer to their constituents all Right like the the things that they are Concerned about you know preventing drag Shows from happening and demonizing gay People are not the Forefront of their uh Constituents minds and we saw that with The lack of a red wave in the midterm Elections Um but this has led to speculation as to Who would take on the role of Speaker of The House another Contender could be Steve scalise however Steve scalise has Issued support for McCarthy CNN reported That Representative Steve scalise the Number two in the House GOP leadership Has made clear he supports McCarthy and GOP sources say he has rejected pleas by Hardliners to mount a challenge to the California Republican all while taking Steps to avoid being seen as plotting McCarthy's demise so McCarthy needs 218 Votes to be confirmed into the role of Speaker of the house but with five Republicans opposing his speakership his Chances seem increasingly slim but he Seems confident that he'll get the job And it's been reported that he has moved Several of his belongings into the Speaker's office already Laughs You gotta love that Um it's it's so funny uh Ray because a

Lot of the discourse that happens on the Left um centers around a disunity Amongst us right uh this idea is that we Can't get our stuff together look at the Republicans right uh they waited 50 Years but they packed the courts it was A 50-year process with the Federalist Society and all these other actors Um in ensuring that the Supreme Court Would be something that they could Capture and ensure wins for Generations Right they did that with the court they Saw Barack Obama win elections with These you know uh overwhelmingly with These incredible demographic advantages Um all around the country they said About gerrymandering the hell out of Districts uh you know putting up voting Rights blocks blockades all over the Place it's like wow look at all of this Unity but you know at the end of the day They've also spent 50 years playing Footsie with the lunatic friend change And um that monster that they created uh You know fomenting rage and just anger Amongst the the only animating force of The Republican base let's face it are These really angry voters Um that monster has become sentient and People have realized they don't have to Come out of the Republican party's Apparatus and ecosystem to gain public Office and they can come from outside of That and they can speak directly to the

Lunatic fringe and get elected and guess What these guys hold seats in Congress Now and they get to tell people like Want to be speaker McCarthy what the Hell to do like you know like these are The roosters or the what is it the Birds Coming home the roost the chicken's Coming home University yeah yeah I think I got that one but that's what you're Seeing here Ray uh this is just years of Them playing footsie with these folks And now these folks it's not just that They get them elected they actually Willed power within the party apparatus Yeah exactly and we've seen Kevin McCarthy you know become increasingly Close with Marjorie Taylor green because She's the party's number one fundraiser Um despite the fact that I've seen a lot Of liberal media Outlets sort of frame McCarthy as the the moderate the Centrist candidate for speaker of the House and we heard the released audio Recordings the phone calls of him pretty Much denying that there was you know any Fraud in the election that Trump Actually won in 2020 but it doesn't Matter what he says behind closed doors And in these you know phone calls that He believed were private at the time Because it's it's important what he's Doing in his position when he was Minority leader he censured Liz Cheney For her participation in the January 6

Committee you know he's he's shown a Willingness to you know bend over for These you know Radical Republicans so at The end of the day does it matter what He believes you know personally no it Matters what he's doing with the power That he's wielding and we've seen him You know increasingly willing to embrace The far right you know radical fascist Wing of the party which has just become The Republican party and I'll let you Get the last word on this Yeah look I'm not gonna lie I take great Pleasure in seeing Republican party Dysfunction this is fun ultimately Though I think even the crazies Understand in order to get their you Know their clown show on the road they Have to have a speaker and I think Ultimately McCarthy will be voted in but I think they're Savvy for making him Have to sweat and making him understand That hey man you you don't necessarily Wield the power unilaterally in this Damn party we got numbers and we can Exert our will when we choose to