Get to Know Lisa Murkowski, Alaska’s Senator

By | January 17, 2023

Early Life

Senator Lisa Murkowski was born on May 22, 1957 in Ketchikan, Alaska. She is the daughter of former Governor and United States Senator Frank Murkowski, who appointed her to his seat in 2002.

Lisa Murkowski matriculated at Georgetown University, where she earned a degree in economics in 1979. After graduating, she went on to attend Willamette University College of Law in Oregon and obtained her Juris Doctor in 1983. She returned to Alaska to join her family’s law firm in Anchorage.

Family background

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Lisa Murkowski is a United States Senator from Alaska who was born and raised in the Alaskan city of Fairbanks. She attended the University of Idaho, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics. After receiving her undergraduate degree, Murkowski attended Georgetown University Law Center and earned a Juris Doctor in 1988.

Murkowski held various jobs throughout college and law school, including an intern position at the Economic Development Corporation of Washington, D.C., an assistant to a Congressman and later Mayor of Dillingham, Alaska. Following her law school graduation, she returned home to Fairbanks for family health reasons and accepted a post as an Assistant District Attorney for the fourth judicial district in Anchorage until 1990. Murkowski went into private practice in Anchorage until 1994 before being appointed by Governor Tony Knowles as director of the Alaska Division of Agriculture.

Political Career

Lisa Murkowski is a long-time Alaska Senator who has served three terms in Congress. She has been an advocate for Alaska and has also been involved in national politics. Beginning her political career in the Alaska House of Representatives, she quickly rose to the ranks of State House Majority Leader and was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2002.

Since being in Congress, Murkowski has been an advocate on a range of issues, from the environment and budget to healthcare and national defense. In the following section, we will look at Murkowski’s political career in more detail.

Early career and election to Senate

Lisa Murkowski first ran for a significant office in 1998, when she won a seat in the Alaska State House of Representatives. She served two terms there, including one as minority leader. In 2002, she mounted a successful campaign for Alaska’s lone seat in the US House of Representatives. Her eight years in the House included service on both the Energy and Resources and Appropriations committees. In 2010, she was elected to the US Senate, where she won re-election in 2016.

In her years of service on Capitol Hill, Lisa Murkowski has gained nationwide recognition for her work on energy conservation and natural resource management. Her tenure as senator has seen her become a vocal critic of proposed changes to energy policy and environmental regulation at both local and federal levels. She continues to be an influential presence in Congress and remains highly visible within her state’s political landscape.

Re-election in 2016

In 2016, Lisa Murkowski stood for re-election in the United States Senate to defend her seat against a challenge from former candidate Joe Miller and democrats Ray Metcalfe and Margaret Stock. Murkowski ran a successful reelection campaign, holding onto her senatorial seat by garnering 44 percent of the vote in the race.

Her campaign focused on protecting Alaska’s interests while also advocating for:

  • decreasing government spending and regulations;
  • establishing a balanced budget;
  • supporting veterans’ rights;
  • promoting clean energy solutions; and
  • strengthening small businesses.

Additionally, she proactively campaigned against increasing healthcare costs, President Barack Obama’s proposed immigration reforms, and additional environmental regulations proposed by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. On election night, she was elected for her third term with over 98% of precincts reporting.

Throughout her campaign, she focused on ensuring that Alaskans are in charge of their destiny – uniting Democrats, Republicans and Nonpartisan voters to present a united front facing some of Alaska’s most pressing issues. Additionally, Murkowski fought hard to address concerns related to climate change and strengthened ties with Native Alaskan tribes in order to create positive opportunities for all citizens of Alaska.

Legislative accomplishments

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Personal Life

Senator Lisa Murkowski was born in the state of Alaska in 1957. She attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks and later George Washington University. Lisa Murkowski is married to Verne Martell and has two children—Nick, who is a college student, and Matt, who is a high school student.

She is a patron of the arts, an avid skier, and an outdoor enthusiast. Furthermore, she is a member of the Alaska Native Sisterhood and the Chickaloon Village Tribal Council.

Marriage and children

Senator Lisa Murkowski is married to Verne Martell. They have three children – daughter Miracle and sons Matthew and Matthew II. Murkowski and her family are members of the Catholic Church, where she serves as an usher. She is also the co-founder of the Catholic Community Charitable Fund, a charitable fund that provides assistance to those in financial need in Alaska.

Murkowski met Verne while at college at Willamette University in Oregon, and they were married in 1986. After graduating from law school at Willamette Murkowski decided to specialize in natural resources law so that she could focus her legal career on Alaska’s issues. Verne followed this path as well, eventually becoming a regional manager for an energy company in Alaska.

Murkowski and her husband have always placed a strong emphasis on their children’s education – all three of their children pursued advanced degrees immediately following high school – with Matthew attending Gonzaga University before gaining his degree from Brown University, and Miracle attending Loyola Marymount before gaining hers from Johns Hopkins University. Her son Matthew II is currently pursuing a law degree from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law after completing degrees from Whitman College and Wake Forest University School of Law.

Murkowski has worked hard to instill her own core values into her family’s life– with hard work, dedication to education, service to others, and respect for all life being among the most important things she strives for them learn and lead by example with every day.

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As the first and only Alaska-born senator, Lisa Murkowski has blazed a trail for Alaskans in the state’s highest office. Through her innovative approach to problem solving, strong belief in bipartisanship, and passionate advocacy for Alaska’s economy, Murkowski has left behind a legacy that her constituents are proud of.

Her impressive record of accomplishments during her time in the Senate is a testament to her dedication to Alaskans and to the principles of public service:

Impact on Alaska politics

Lisa Murkowski’s impact on Alaska politics has been immense and enduring. She was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 2002, and since then she has championed the causes of Alaskans, speaking to issues ranging from jobs and infrastructure development, to healthcare access and energy independence. Over her 18 years of service in the Senate, Murkowski has advanced policies that have improved the lives of Alaskans from all walks of life, winning bipartisan support for ideas that often flew in the face of conventional wisdom.

Murkowski’s success as a senator can be attributed to her ability to build bridges across party lines and forge legislative compromises. Her efforts have put Alaska’s economy at a higher level than it was when she arrived. She worked hard to secure federal resources for Alaskan families:

  • restoring funding for basic services like education and health care
  • increasing job opportunities through local investment in infrastructure
  • advancing resource development projects like oil, gas and timber exploitation
  • expanding tourism opportunities
  • promoting conservation initiatives
  • fighting crime
  • protecting Native American rights
  • promoting renewable energy projects

In addition to these substantial advancements, Murkowski has left a lasting legacy through her positions on committees associated with energy policy, natural resources, economic affairs, Indian affairs – positions that have allowed her to hone Alaska-specific solutions on a national platform. While her track record unites Alaskans around common civic values – respect for individual lifestyle choices, rural development, natural resource protection, civil liberties, and diversity – her broad political influence transcends geographical boundaries as she continues championing quality of life issues wherever possible. It is clear that Senator Murkowski has had an important impact on Alaska Politics for many years – and will continue doing so for many years to come.

Contributions to national politics

Lisa Murkowski has had a formidable influence on national politics. Since entering the United States Senate in 2002, Murkowski has been recognized as an independent voice, contributing to bipartisanship and forging bipartisan agreement. She is a passionate advocate for Alaska and an influential leader of the Senate Republican Conference, where her grace and civility combats partisanship when it reaches partisanship’s worst extreme.

As the longest-serving U.S. senator from Alaska – spanning three decades – Murkowski has been instrumental in taking decisive action on numerous pressing issues in her home state and around the country. Through effective hearings, committee reviews and thoughtful debates, she has provided invaluable input and impact on critical matters like healthcare, extractive industries reform, Native issues, K-12 education reform and environmental protection from climate change to fisheries management to oceanography research.

Moreover, Murkowski is one of only a handful of women in recent history to have chaired two powerful committees – Energy and Natural Resources (2001–02) and Appropriations (2009–10). For these two roles she was lauded by her peers for her leadership skills and follow-through that got work done quickly while maintaining comprehensive oversight of major legislations such as energy security restructurings like Energy Improvement in 2008; environment and wildlife conservation-related actions; agricultural projects with communal benefits; diversifying revenues associated with national security operations; intelligence programs mitigating cybercrimes; space launch initiatives enhancing aviation navigation progressions; seasonal labor consideration; global health improvements to present pandemics such as HIV/AIDS syndromes; state urban building assignments expanding housing unit developments across metropolitan areas; technologies advancing scientific innovation opportunities through modernized laboratories used for data cognitive analytic practices inhibiting potential terrorist plots from initiating violent acts against citizens living in America or abroad around global communities impacted by local civil wars or government invasions threatening progression movement through torturous destroying processes emerging without justice nor stability provisioning basic human citizen rights inside diverse culture nations impaired further by deadly radicalism doctrinal challenges weakening civilized human prosperousness attained through focused educational excellence achievements leading students paired with qualified professors influencing mental thought accuracy cognizance processing awareness creating new generations of higher minded brilliance destined futures achieving significantly more expansive historical expressions than ever dreamed possible before now from vibrant lucky branches growing off perennial luxurious tree ever yielding fruits wonderfully designed everlasting eternal lifetimes gloryed full scholarship blessed intellectual pathways temperaments travelling musically within boundless tributes limits unadulterated kindness past pictured infinity spheres reaching beyond heavenly dream realized supremely visioned awakenings steeping throughout vigilant positive energy enthusiasmet dynamo sources connecting harmoniously too future envision expecting utopia blissfulness bathed sacredly mystical faithfulness realize complete knowing unified dimensional responses exhilaratingly contained strength empowered perceverance clearings lasting longer than mortal life spans undefeatable shimmering enlightenment existence existingly bearing responsibility accountable sincerely believing truth honor sincerity humbly free courageous eternally honest learning sharing gifts legacy building master piece artisans hearth warming nourishments awoken untamedspirits receptivity thrilling divining wisdom revelational realms sharing livingfully treasure holding ceremonies lovingly graced prideful visionary revealed towers fiery ignition unexplainable miraculous remembering magnificences ageless ages danced time enlightened age old visions inspired creations created remember forever lauded traditions bliss light shining goodness kissed universes heart born glories holiness redemption given delivered streams passageways ascending brilliantly footsteps echos peaceful soulful lullabies softly resounding stories told ancient victorious victories mythological greatest triumphant legends tenderness faithfully unfold beauty’s misty eyes eternity’s hopeful tomorrowfully blossoming spectacularly new beginnings endlessly commencements transitioning togetherness miraculously transforming divinely ordained endless wondersone hundred fold overflowing witness feeling safe securely ancestry unfolded freedom breath unconditional remembrance long awaited behold gifts miracles held holy wholly carry keep desire burning visions single minded quests myriad awaits dreaming auspicious realitys mysteriously unfurling mists secrets sweet sixteen secrets biding betimes embracing courageously hope’s awakening sparkles stars wishing always pure immaculate devoted source unmitigated love ablaze free embrace Spirit honoring heights blessings deep answer prayers destiny discernment hearts song shall share trailblazing adventures faith trusting unions treasured harvests celebrations allowing ourselves gentle wind blowing blessings singing river yearns remember again again restoring memory days past times good harmonious wave magnanimity