GET READY: They’ve Gotten To Elon, This Is BAD!

By | November 2, 2022

GET READY: They’ve Gotten To Elon, This Is BAD!

This video shows you the real situation with Twitter and who’s getting called out.

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But then America was saved Embraced by The Loving Arms of our new President Joe Biden Biden has brought Back kindness and decorum Look fat look there’s a deal no I wish You were in high school I could take him Behind the gym [Music] Biden is a voice of clarity America is a Nation that can be defined in a single Word I was going to put him from the Foot a voice of reason he is the Smartest man I know they’re gonna put You all back in Chains and he’s good With numbers let me start off with two Words Made in America 700 billion and a Trillion 300 million billion dollars Under his leadership the Biden Administration has brought us safety it Has brought us economic Prosperity it Has empowered the Next Generation and Now you have the chance to make sure it Continues for another two years this Election day vote for whoever the Biden Administration is asking you to vote for They know what’s best together we will Ensure things will continue to go the Way they’ve been going forever And ever I’m sure Biden and I approve This this uh who you know the thing Lexus rent Now that right there is leadership you Could believe in

When it comes to implementing the very Unpopular great reset and destroying our Modern society as we see it today Welcome back beautiful and amazing human Beings this is here we are changed in Oregon we got a lot of bombastic Absolutely crazy news to get into today Especially when it comes to some very Surprising developments especially from Elon Musk and Twitter really bad news Coming in for the Zuckerberg and even Worse news for the White House as they Just had to delete a tweet that was fact Checked into Oblivion we’re going to be Talking about that some other very Strange news today and if we have time Hopefully a larger geopolitical update We’re gonna get into all that hopefully And a lot more and if you like the shirt That I’m wearing right now you could get It on the and the clip That we played in the beginning of this Broadcast is of course by the extremely Talented Babylon bee we will be linking Their YouTube channel down in the Description below and and truly this Latest satirical campaign video is Absolutely hilarious it’s geniusly done And highlights the absurdity of the Current situation that we’re facing Right now and hopefully the Babylon bee Will be back on Twitter hopefully will They be well there’s some serious

Questions about that we’re going to be Talking about that in just a little bit But if one thing is definitely clear is That the Biden Administration definitely Has an uphill battle when it comes to Selling their policies that sell out America this says the daily mail today Is reporting that Democrats are bracing For disaster as they are expected to Lose the house and the senate in the Latest projections of what is going to Be happening in this upcoming midterm Election and it definitely looks like a Lot of things will be changing with our Political landscape as already a lot of The media narratives that the government Is trying to push out there are failing A lot of people are asking for evidence Major institutions like Facebook are Being utterly obliterated in the fine Financial markets after making some poor Decisions trying to get everyone to be In the VR digital cyberspace heavily Investing in those projects while of Course routinely censoring and silencing People on their platform which makes People use it less all on beheads of of Course the federal government and of Course the Department of Homeland Security that is running a government Disinformation board in secret that we Just found out a few days ago because of The intercept and leaked documents as of Course it was pretty clear that this was

Happening for a very long time and the Bigger question is how will Elon Musk Deal with this will his platform be sunk Will it be destroyed by people deleting Their accounts advertisers doing a Boycott will people be paying eight Dollars a month to use the platform and Have a verified account well personally I will if Elon Musk keeps his promise And protects and allows free and legal Speech if he doesn’t and if he censors People I will not be supporting him I Will be be boycotting him and this is a Real question that a lot of people have Here especially with the latest tweet From Elon Musk that was replying to the Current head of safety and integrity at Twitter y’all Roth saying that the People at Twitter are staying quote Vigilant against attempts to manipulate Conversations about the 2022 U.S midterm Elections Elon Musk responded to this Tweet saying talked to quote Civil Society leaders like the current CEO of The ADL the vice president of the ADL The spokesperson of the voting wild Black organization the CEO of the Free Press the CEO of the Asian American Foundation the head of the NAACP and the Head of the George Bush Center because You know because you know maybe Satan Was not available for this meeting but But George Bush was and what did all These people meet with Elon Musk about

Well they talked about how Twitter will Quote continue to combat hate and Harassment and enforce it’s quote Election Integrity policies now as we Mentioned here throughout the many years Twitter has had a very heavy-handed Approach when it comes to their policies And how they’ve been using them Essentially having these broader larger Generalized terms as a way to punish People for honest legal political speech Ideas Expressions facts videos and Evidence that were presented on the Platform that of course countered a Mainstream establishment narrative which Were taken down by its users who were Using these very same policies that Elon Musk today is talking about continuing Now if Elon Musk is going to continue The same policies when it comes to Content moderation as Twitter did before That means it’s going to be an absolute Hellscape of a platform that I will Definitely will not be using Elon Musk Has promised that people that were Punished unjustly by the system that he Wants to continue that they will have a Chance for Redemption and to have their Accounts reinstated as of course a lot Of people were arbitrarily put punished For illegal speech and now today Under This Thread Elon Musk also said that Quote Twitter will not allow anyone who Was de-platform for violating Twitter

Roles back on the platform until quote We have a clear process for doing so Which will take at least a few more Weeks going on and saying that his Twitter content moderation Council will Represent individuals from quote widely Divergent views which is again the Complete opposite of what’s here and What he met with today which represent a Single-minded hive mind of groupthink And PC thinking that of course is not Pro-free speech that’s according to my Own personal assessment of this group Will this be the same group deciding What will and will not be allowed on Twitter well of course if that’s the Case there’s going to be a lot of red Flags here as of course it’s important To point out when it comes to employees Donating to midterm elections that Twitter Overwhelmingly represents according to Vox 98.7 of its in employees who donated to Democrats this political cycle in its Entire Workforce only Netflix tops Twitter when it comes to their overall Bias with the people working there and Is Elon Musk trying to Pander to this Heavily Democrat political party Workforce well We hope not but this meeting is of Course a worrying sign for the future of Free and legal speech online and it

Clearly presents a larger danger to it As well as Elon Musk is talking about Creating the most accurate source of Information on Earth and whenever you Have such broad idealistic kind of ideas Pushing your cause and what you want to Do here there is a lot of room for error As of course nothing really is the most Accurate source of information and I Don’t think anything will people are Imperfect people get things wrong but Whenever you try to come from a frame Where everything’s going to be perfect You’re coming for a frame that’s going To have a lot of rules and regulations At least that’s my initial knee-jerk Reaction to this larger statement which I definitely think is a lot more Idealistic than actually practical when It comes to the true sense of the Current reality of humanity as we face It today now in all of this one thing That is giving me up optimism when it Comes to the potential of Twitter Providing a platform that could Potentially still be honest still Protect free speech is there recent fact Check against the White House fact Checks that also happens to the previous Administration but now for the very First time as I’ve noticed myself Happened to the Biden Administration That just tweeted out a message and then Shortly deleted it after being

Fact-checked when they said that quote Seniors are getting the biggest increase In their Social Security checks in 10 Years through President Biden’s Leadership appear propaganda PR term That is stated as if it is a fact when The fact Checkers accurately fact Checked that statement and state that Seniors will receive a larger social Security benefit increase this year but That’s due to the annual cost of living Adjustment which is based on inflation Rates which highlights how people will Be getting more money that’s because the Government made the money less valuable And has inflated the currency so you Could buy less with it and this is why Seniors you’re getting the biggest Increase in their Social Security checks Not because of the Bold strong Leadership of Joe Biden now this move Right here gives me optimism this other Move here makes me worry but I still Have my own website and my own platform Called Luke where I get To sing and do what I want so I’m cool As a cucumber because at the end of the Day I have all the keys I have Everything I need I have my own platform I have my own members group I have one Way two ways three ways now of even Accepting payments and memberships many Fail-saves and if anything ever happens To me on big Tech social media hey I’m

Just going to double down on where I have been Putting a lot of my efforts in recently My Blood Sweat and Tears a lot of my Hard work literally goes to creating Content for you almost every single Goday on Lucan if you’re a Member you get to see that you get Exclusive merchandise you get access to Exclusive events that are only available To members you get to talk to all the Members explore ideas talk to me ask me Questions directly and three master Classes on top of that just by signing Up to Luke for just 50 Cents a day if you haven’t done that yet What are you waiting for sign up right Now as of course we create contact that Will strive to provide you the best Amount of information when it comes to Dealing with the current Insanity of our Modern world how do you Safeguard Yourself what decisions you should be Making what larger truths could we Express to you that we can’t on this Platform well here’s a gonna have to Find out by signing up right now to Luke see you there right after This broadcast now as the President of The United States stumbles on stage Continues to talk about how his son died In Iraq twice now and he didn’t when he Refers to congressman members as Senators when he claims that he meant

The inventor of insulin you really have To start to wonder to yourself who’s Really in charge here as of course Clearly this really old man is is Absolutely not going to be able to Handle one of the biggest most important Most stressful jobs that exist in our Modern world but don’t worry it looks Like Joe Biden just had an IV injection Of something what was it was it stem Cells was it NAD plus was it the blood Of young children was it Adderall well We don’t know we could only speculate From here but this could be why the President of the United States will soon Be making a speech on the quote dangers Of democracy tonight in Washington D.C Which The Daily Mail reports is a Criminal hotspot as it looks like the Current president of the United States Will be making a last ditch effort to Try to Galvanize his base to vote for His failed policies that have so Negatively affected this country whether It’s domestic energy exploration which He stopped energy production which he Stopped inflation in which he has Spurred on by spending more money than He doesn’t have whether it’s him pushing For foreign entanglements and Wars Financing a brutal proxy conflict inside Of Ukraine making sure it continues with No end in sight and I could just keep Going and going and going when it comes

To these failed policies but for me Personally expect the same as Biden will Talk about to the latest fear-mongering Nonsensical topics trying to shift blame On of course Mega Republicans and an Administration and political party that Has no political power as of today and How is he going to deal with inflation And the rising cost of energy which he Brought up deliberately through his Energy policies well he’s just going to Print and spend more money that he Doesn’t have to the tune of 13 billion Dollars that will allegedly help low and Moderate income families help with their Winter bills again do you see how this Problem Works Biden makes sure there’s a Lack of energy he does this domestically With U.S energy policy he does this Would of course foreign entanglements Bad relations with Saudi Arabia and Russia and now to deal with the problem That he created he’s making another Problem that much worse by literally Printing and spending more money that The United States government doesn’t Have this is again why fed rates are Going to be going up even more and you Have to start asking yourself why are The politicians of the world doing this In tandem just like we’re seeing with The prime minister of the United Kingdom Rishi that just ended fracking in the United Kingdom and has announced that he

Will be attending cope 27 he then later Announced he won’t be going because he Has too many things to do he is now for The third time announced that yes he Actually is going to a meeting that of Course will work on quote invest in Renewable energy which is again the same Policy that has stopped domestic energy Production and exploration in the United States Rishi implementing the same Policy causing of course deliberate Economic Havoc which they’re going to Fix by causing more economic havoc and Spending more money that they don’t have On unproven energies while of course Creating a massive amount of havoc and Pain for everyone else as of course in The United Kingdom they’re facing for Potential blackouts that would severely Negatively affect the people there and Screw them over in a very long and dark Winter and when it comes to these Policies obviously they’re unpopular and Obviously there’s going to be a Redemption for them I think when it Comes to this upcoming midterm elections I could be wrong what do you think is Going to happen that’s my personal taken Opinions on all of this and I wouldn’t Be here if it wasn’t for you guys Watching and sharing these videos and This is why I love you guys stay tuned For more here on we are one More video available for you right now

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