Georgia Pastor Tells The Cold Hard Truth About Herschel Walker

By | November 22, 2022

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Ladies and gentlemen when the Republican Party of Georgia moved Herschel Walker From Texas to Georgia So that he could run for Senate it's Because change was taken too fast in the Post Antebellum South the state had been Flipped blue and there are some Principalities that were not prepared For a black man and a Jewish man to go To Senate at the exact same time So they figured that they would delude Us by picking somebody who they thought Would in fact represent us better with a Football than with a degree in Philosophy They thought we were so slow that we Were so stupid that we would elect the Lowest caricature of a stereotypical Broken black man as opposed to somebody Who was educated and erudite and focused Y'all ain't ready for me today Pastor Jamal Bryant breaking it down Actually pointing out exactly why these Folks that are in support of uh Herschel Walker running as a republican as Republicans that have boosted them and Put them in that position you know Mitch McConnell uh uh uh Lindsey Graham who's Definitely as we're going to see soon is All on board it shows what they think Of their black candidate why they chose Them it's just you know hidden just Under that quick Veil that uh Jamal Bryant pointed out there but he wasn't

Done let's let him keep going It's Hershel Walker was 16 years older White men been telling him what to do Telling him what school to go to where To live where to eat where to buy a House where to want where to sit down Where to sleep where to pay for Abortions where to buy a gun and that You think they not gonna tell him how to Vote in 2022 we don't need a walker we need a Runner we need somebody who gonna run And tell the truth about January 6. we Need somebody who gonna run and push for The cancellation of student loan debts We need somebody who's gonna run and Make the former president respond to a Subpoena we don't need a walker we need Somebody who will be steadfast unmovable Always abounded knowing that your labor Is not in vain Georgia I need you to Know the slave Negroes y'all they're Used to don't live here no more can Think by ourselves function for Ourselves and vote for ourselves why Cause we don't need a walker Go Off how offensive is what many Republicans I'm sure would say how dare You say we're controlling herself Walking we just prop him up here for our Own benefit we don't do that what's the Matter with you how racist reversed Racist of you

Enter Lindsey Graham What is it about this guy he changes the Entire Narrative of the left we're a Party of racist Sean me and you're a Racist the Republican party's racist Well what happens when the Republicans Party elects and nominates Herschel Walker an African-American black Heisman Trophy winner right Olympian it destroys The whole narrative John James Tim Scott Herschel Walker everybody in San Francisco is going to jump off a bridge If we elect this man a black Conservative beats a black liberal in Georgia they're scared to death of Herschel Walker because if Herschel Walker becomes a republican maybe every Other young child in America of color Might want to be a Republican You see that So we're not the party of just propping Up some random black person because he Has a name that you guys might recognize Uh what we are he named three other Black dudes He gave you three he said all right Three I got three for you that's it We're not using Herschel Walker as a Token and prop up for our party to look Like we are not a racist party that's Following Donald Trump's rabid bigotry We're not that we just have a black guy Right here in my face that I'm propping Up because he might Inspire more black

People to be Republicans that's exactly What we're talking about But he thinks that's fiery he thinks he Just landed a serious punch he thinks That so much was that he said in a Campaign event too watch that Was he on stage doing that Why are they so focused on Herschel They're afraid of Herschel Walker Because if Herschel Walker wins that Means we're not racist and if you're a Republican aren't you being tired of Being called a racist all the time by Everybody here's what liberals fear the Most a strong confident Black man being a republican in Washington Weird if Herschel Walker wins that means We're not racist let me repeat that Lindsey Graham said if Herschel Walker Wins that means we the Republican Party Are not racist if that isn't like the The the Straightforward approach and actually Unveiling the reasons why they're doing This in the first place Just listen to what they say if someone Else says Hey the Republican party is Propping a personal Walker because they Don't want to look racist they go how Dare you Lindsey Graham just said it How dare he was Yes this is this is hilarious and the Optics couldn't be worse like he's got

Hershey Walker standing there silently Can't speak up for himself like if you Want to talk about racial ventriloquist Where this guy is supposed to be a black Guy who's literally being puppet Mastered by his Bettors uh this is There's no better picture than you that You could have conjured up or conceived Of uh than what Lindsey Graham and Hershey Walker did up there and you know The hilarious thing about all of this Jr Is that I think there legitimately is a Lane to cleave off some black voters With a legitimate conservative message Right uh to go with the hyper Religiosity and the bootstrap stuff and You know the tough on crime stuff all of That I think there's a way to Lop off a More affluent a more conservative black Voter I think this could easily be Cleaving off those people obviously you Wouldn't get you know more than say 18 Percent of the vote but 18 is is better Than the seven or five or whatever the Hell it is that they're getting right Now but they're so it's it's so Disingenuous that's why it comes off as So clunky and just just just clumsy it's Nasty the way they're doing this if you Pay attention to five seconds with Anyone saying that someone is being uh Trying to cover and and hide their Racism just listen for the first thing What's the first thing you hear people

Say hey just don't say that bro it's Here's my black friend [Music] This is my strong black uh GOP candidate he's so strong look at his Arms J.R look you know he plays football So what are his credentials what is the Reasons why you're you're nominating him Because the passages broke it down and Really fast let's do this in like a Minute or two because I'm curious what You think about this because Um this was in church and it did stick Out to me is this one of those things Where he's preaching from uh the pulpit About politics and it crosses those Lines I'm curious what you think about That because as this was happening it Was spreading I was like oh I'm sure They're going to jump on that over this And I have a thought um but I'm just Curious what you think as far as the Republican you're talking about it I mean it's it's obvious that the dude's Talking about politics but this is just What they do like this idea that people That go to these institutions like Church it look it's no different than The NRA like this is an institution the Black church especially in Georgia is an Institution that goes back literally Hundreds of years and so yeah they they Have power in their numbers and the People who are the leaders of those

Institutions have political sway 100 They do and you know if you go to some White Evangelical Church trust me they Talking about guns in this and then the Libs are turning our kids into trans and Giving them cooties and all of the Craziness you hear about they're doing That at the white churches don't worry And that's the thing that's what we've Been talking about so much and the thing Is we're like okay so one of these folks Hey you wanna you wanna politic from the Pulpit cool but you're not going to be Getting those tax breaks anymore to save Separate from it but when it's it's Collided so much inviting political Leaders in to literally preach to folks Imposed to be religious folks so they Can get that vote right so if they're Doing that there and we keep talking About hey when are we going to change This a whole thing up that once they Start doing it we actually enforce it Hey have at it this is what leads to the Next step that's what I've said before As they keep uh digging us deeper into This whole of of animosity and and Separation within the country do you Think the folks that you hate that You're calling pedophiles and groomers And murderers and children blood sucking Children all this stuff do you think at Some point they're not going to go okay Time to respond that's the expectation

That there's nobody's ever going to Respond but once they do maybe then we Can talk about it I hope they start Bringing it up so we can say yeah that's What we've been complaining about for so Long are you gonna do something about it Now My guess is that they won't

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