Georgia Ninja Voter with Roy Wood Jr. & Desi Lydic | The Daily Show in Atlanta

By | November 4, 2022

Can Georgia voters make it to the polls with all the legal obstacles in the way? Roy Wood Jr. and Desi Lydic help voters get to the ballots in: Georgia Ninja Voter. #DailyShow #Comedy

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Hello to you at home I'm Roy with Junior She's desilitic and we are welcoming you To the most electrifying challenge in All of democracy that's right Roy we are Live at The Fulton County Middle School Where ballot casting Warriors are ready To vote their hearts out but only only If they can overcome the grueling and Somehow legal obstacles placed before Them this is Jordan ninja voter I'm sorry I thought I thought I was going to take that line No I'll tell you This is George Foreign Let's meet today's voters Ray His first vote was for Obama and he's Been disappointed ever since Next we've got Mabel Simmons you know She never misses a vote because church And elections are the only thing on her Calendar not even her grandkids Birthdays nope she's got those memorized All 12. That's way too many children I know Rookie voter alert Georgia Tech Sophomore Christiana Saunders has Entered the Electoral Arena this Meticulous biochemistry major has Checked her registration for count that Four times but will it be enough Roy as you know voting is the Cornerstone of democracy but that

Doesn't mean it's easy no it isn't Desi Georgia has closed hundreds of polling Locations in the past decade so your First obstacle is getting to yours Before it shuts down That is why I mail in and if by some Miracle their polling place is still Open these voters need to endure the Unnecessary brutality of Oh calling to Jesus but Jesus ain't home These voters are some of the most well Trained in the entire country but that Might not be enough to overcome some new Rules this year like the aqua Disqualifies Ah sorry water handouts are now illegal And It's real Now remember you don't have to vote on Election Day that's true Desi you can Always use a drop box but first you Gotta find one gotta find one see Roy Georgia got rid of so many drop boxes Since 2020 but I'm sure the ones they Kept are good enough right okay she's up And she's done Oh but a second effort by the contest So close she was Knuckles at all this Course really shows no mercy Roy yes Unless you're voting in the suburbs then It's actually pretty easy [Music] [Applause] [Music]

So good luck to all our voters this year Good luck I'm Desi lydick this is Roy Wood Jr and remember to go to the Bathroom first I was in line at the Polls so long last election I Pissed My Pants That's right can you do both They're both right [Applause] [Music]

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