George Santos Introduces Himself By FAKE NAME On Camera

By | January 18, 2023

New congressman George Santos, or is it Anthony DeVolder? introducing himself multiple times at a conservative event in 2019. the one identity he was consistent on was his clout-chasing announcement that he founded “united for Trump.” Jayar Jackson and Wosny Lambre break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE on weekdays at noon ET.

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“As a native New Yorker who grew up in a public housing development across the street from Donald Trump’s gilded golf course, I know what it’s like to have the neighborhood you love hijacked by a man who is deceitful to the core.

Now, as I begin my second term in Congress representing the good people of the Bronx, I find myself in an institution that I love hijacked by yet another liar, cheat and fraud.”

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So my name is Anthony divulder Um I'm a New York City resident I've Recently founded a group called United For Trump so if you guys want to follow That would be awesome good evening Everybody my name is Anthony divulder um I recently founded a movement called United for Trump on Facebook our first Rally was the rally last Saturday in Fifth Avenue where Brandon and Barbara Were in attendance I'm one of the Co-founders for that organization That's new Congressman George Santos Anthony devolder George devolder George Anthony Santos devolder or the volder Sandals who the f knows whichever name He decides to push at that particular Time he was there uh introducing himself Multiple times as you heard as Anthony Devalder at this event conservative Event in 2019 that um I think it was Conservative a gay folks lgbtq folks who Need to discuss I guess the best way to Uh leave the normal Um thoughts of what conservatism and Also gay folks are so either way it goes The one identity he stuck to there as You noticed was his uh United for Trump Group that he said he co-founded uh Because that's some clout chasing Material there but he wasn't done he was Asking a bunch of questions really Letting everyone know who Anthony Devolder is

Uh as a gay man and having always been a Republican I've always had a lot of Controversy around that because I'm Pro-life I'm gay I'm a Republican and Also my parents are immigrants so um a Lot of people would say wow you like Compiling minorities God damn it yeah It's a hobby but Blair I I have a Question how do you think that as a Trans woman and a conservative you can Help educate other trans people from not Having to follow the narrative that the Media and the Democrats put forward as I Said for being a gay registered Republican since I was 18 and that was 13 years ago I've gotten a lot of heat For always voting red and I don't regret It and I am from Jackson Heights queens And I know what goes on there as far as MS-13 and gangs this movement I mean I'm Not a walk away but I sure love the Message and I I can't wait to see see This blow up in their faces in 2020. A lot of identifying factors being put Out there by I'm sorry Anthony devotee I Was so close to Saint George Santos who Knows but in that case it was Anthony Devolder uh so he followed this Trump Group he's gay he's from Jackson Heights Queens uh he knows all about MS-13 he Didn't tell us details why he knows About MS-13 was he part of the gang who Knows maybe next week he will be from Two years ago either way it goes there's

One more thing though as we go through All this About his money there is a new Connection that's been discovered I Believe uh uh Washington Post is Pointing this out but the whole set to Set this whole thing up this is him from 2020 again his name is George this time He's on a zoom call or a podcast and he Was talking about how he put himself Through college again back to George Watch But I put myself through college and got An MBA from NYU and I have zero debt and My parents uh they helped where they Could because they were rebuilding back Uh after filing for bankruptcy but I I Know the drill it's it's hard work you Got to do it and uh like I said I said It earlier and I'll say it again nothing Comes for free Nothing in life is free And the harder you work for something The more you want it and the more you Want it the more rewarding it is so I Hate took care of it too I hate looking At you today and seeing them sitting on Their behinds and acting like you know Oh this is so hard Oh keep that in mind when we're talking About where some of this money has come From because he does a lot like lazy Youth that don't do anything for Themselves really fast in case you guys Wonder where these names came from

Before George Santos who's 34 years old Made a name for himself in politics he Had insisted on being called Anthony Which is one of his middle names and Often used his mother's maiden name Which is devolder eventually Incorporating a company in Florida with That name He hated that we called him George with A former friend and one time co-worker Said speaking on the condition of Anonymity to avoid being associated with Him publicly damn uh his whole family Called him Anthony he wanted to be Called Anthony he would use the name Anthony devolder uh was Probably talking about his money issues And who he's connected to uh in a Roundabout way first though Anthony George Money Maker put himself Through college I suppose It's it's just crazy uh just the idea That you know as a prerequisite to be Elected to the federal government you Don't even have to be the person who you Say you are like like that that just Seems like just the smallest hurdle to Climb just be who you are claiming to be Now as far as like putting yourself Through NYU grad school On your own dime and paying New York Rent where was this man working what job Did this man have I refuse to believe That this dude could pay 40 000 bucks or

Whatever it is it's probably like thirty Thousand a semester At NYU this point at this point Um and putting himself through that and Paying for that and paying New York rent And feeding himself and going out to be Social like give me a break this is a Pure lie it's lies Um you say all this was but you don't Have this information let's go here from The Washington Post uh as far as money Anywhere he got at least maybe his Campaign dollars from let's go here Santos give a handful of interviews that Only raised more questions by the way About his money and his background still Unknown is the exact source of the 700 000 he claimed to have loaned his Campaign just last year two years after Filing Financial disclosure report they Said he had no major assets or earned Income the times also reported Suspicious spending by Santos's campaign More though George Santos has deeper Ties than previously known to a Businessman who cultivated close ties uh Close links with a one-time Trump Confidant and who was the cousin of Sanctioned Russian oligarch according to A video footage and court documents more From The Washington Post Andrew and Trader and his wife each gave the Maximum 5800 to Santos his main Campaign Committee and tens of thousands more

Since 2020 two committees linked to him With the FEC and Trader's cousin is Russian billionaire Victor vicklesberg Who has been sanctioned by the US Government for his role in the Russian Energy industry here is uh his cousin There uh uh and Trader I believe is his Name uh Santos's uh cousin there that Worked with this sanctioned Russian uh Person there but I guess the takeaway Then can be well of course you know when The Biden government or anybody in America then sanctions a Russian uh Person there then it must be fraudulent Just whatever it is to protect the Mindset you have here but who's Protecting Santos I mean devolder I mean George wait I mean Anthony who's Protecting because we as we know those Republicans uh I live out in New York Are actually coming after him for sure One more piece here Taken together with this whole evidence Uh suggests that Santos may have had a Business relationship with contrader as Santos was first entering politics in 2020 it also shows according to SEC Filing that intrader put hundreds of Thousands of dollars into Santos's One-time employer Harbor City which was Accused by Regulators of running a Ponzi Scheme and there's a bunch of money Circulating around vicklesburg and then In Schrader and then this guy maybe

These things are all getting tied Together but uh one thing we do know is We don't really know who this guy is in Multiple multiple ways it keeps growing So if you think this was the same story It's another layer of the same story Next week there'll be another layer and Another layer as well Just saying and maybe at some point We'll figure this guy out maybe we'll Get him out uh let's jump to this break Though wise unless you had something Serious here going here well I mean I Think the problem with all of this too Is that the money in politics is so big In the sense that you need to raise a Lot of capital just to be able to run an Effective campaign and at a certain Point it doesn't even matter to people Where they raise this money from and we Know as Mr Santos pointed out nothing in Life comes free that money is not that Money doesn't come no strings attached You have to then carry out the deeds and The and the wants of the people who gave You that money whether they're Russian Oligarchs or oil tycoons or farmer People or whoever the case may be but Because it's so expensive just to run You know a campaign um for federal Office you know these people got to go Out and and they got to find sugar Daddies wherever they could find them And that's dangerous

I think the one thing that um I guess Opponents of Santos haven't pointed out To his Republican colleagues who are Still supporting him the few that aren't Um he said he was gay Don't forget he said he was gay isn't That a disqualifier isn't he coming for Your children is he looking to destroy The country He's gay he said so at least