Gen-Z Congressman Admits He May Have To Couch Surf For Awhile

By | January 5, 2023

Max Frost, the youngest ever member of congress at 25 years old, told ABC news he will probably have to couch surf for a bit when he moves to D.C.
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“Would you be able to rent a D.C. apartment if you didn’t get paid for three months? Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she can’t.

The New York millennial told The New York Times in a story published Wednesday that she needs to wait until her congressional salary kicks in to get an apartment in D.C., which ranks among the most expensive cities in the country for renters.”

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What's it going to be like up here I Mean this is not cheap do you have to Yeah yeah I mean it's not cheap I'm Dealing with it with it right now Getting denied from Apartments trying to Figure out where to live because I have Bad credit uh probably just gonna have To like couch surf a little bit The realness is happening there Max Frost newly elected uh member of Congress at 25 years old the youngest Ever to hold position here he told ABC News that he's gonna be couch surfing as You see bad credit waiting to get his Paycheck oh that part didn't really get Pointed out because these folks don't Know how things worked the RNC tweeted About this and they thought ah got you And think about what do you think they Got when they tweeted this I said Florida Democrat Congressman elect Maxwell Frost whose salary as a member Of Congress will be 174 000 a year since He's probably just gonna have to cause Couch search couch surf for a little bit Is what they said apparently that's a Boom bam got you there well by the way Have you ever noticed them talk about Republicans that are screwing you and Stealing your money and giving all these Handouts to corporations and Rich folks And how much they make have you heard Them talk about that have they tweeted Up 174 000 when it comes to what Matt

Gates does when margin Taylor green does And uh the types of deals that they make Against your interest no they don't talk About that they talk about that when It's a 25 year old guy who's talking About how he needs to couch surf because That place is too expensive you can Point out that number and realize that Folks that make 25 to 30 to 40 to 50 000 A year even have it harder but we're not Going to talk about that part Let's come back to what we're going with Phil because apparently they'll know how This whole thing works because as Regular people know you start a job they Don't give you a paycheck on your first Day maybe Congress is different Maybe I'm Wrong we'll see but when it comes to These expensive cities let's look at the List and how expensive it is just to Live in these areas uh Manhattan Honolulu San Francisco Brooklyn I want To point out Manhattan and Brooklyn are Both in New York but they're on the top Eight lists here DC checking in at Number five and that's where we go for This particular story here So First it goes with the amount of money He's making this I feel like this Stretches with athletes as well too they Go look at all this money that they're Making as if they don't deserve to make It as if there's aren't other folks that

Are making that much and more that are People that they agree with the money Comes up when they want to put it back In your heads because we've brainwashed You to believe people like him shouldn't Make this much money they did the same Thing with AOC look at her how much you Hate her and how much she should make That money Despite everyone else doing it but Here's MSNBC host talking about how old He is and um again I think it clicks on That a little bit let's watch For highlighting this race because Maxwell Frost is the projected winner Here he's the Democrat in this race he's 25 years old he is the first Representative of gen z uh to be elected To the United States Congress he is 25 Which means he was born in 1997. Mathematically impossible it is actually Literally you did not do that math right I think you didn't do that math right no No but 81. I'm joking I literally have Liquor older than him It doesn't go bad he's got a great Now they weren't coming at him sideways It's just one of those things that us Old folks like to realize uh I'm Realizing when I hired these two Producers of mine and when they were Born I don't want to even bring it up to You guys because it'll make me feel Horrible but again I mentioned the AOC

And her issues with renting this is what Was said at the time when they were Coming from her for her for the same Thing ALC told the New York Times in a Story published Wednesday this is back When she was coming in that she needs to Wait until her congressional salary Kicks in to get an apartment in DC and It ranks among the most expensive cities In the country for renters AOC told the Time she was preparing to move to DC but The time before she leaves New York Would be very unusual because I can't Really take a salary I have three months Without a salary before a member of Congress so how do I get an apartment Those little things are very real as we Know they get elected November and Apparently this time around They usually get sworn in the beginning Of January but not yet so this is going To get extended even further uh so David Uh you know you've been in the air You've lived in some expensive cities I Believe New York maybe even DC Um 174 doesn't go that far especially When you don't have the 174. right I Mean you're not going to get a three Bedroom two bath house in Georgetown for You know 174 000 a year Um what's what's interesting about this Though is also I mean look DC is Expensive New York expensive a lot of Expensive places but it's almost as if I

Think this shows that the Republicans Seem to have this this thinking that if You're a member of Congress you just Cash in because they do most Republicans And some Democrats cash in they get Money perhaps you know in the form of Money To their campaign treasuries from Lobbyists and different corporate Organizations and Etc but it's almost Like it's a surprise to some Republicans That there are some Democrats who Actually don't cash in who don't take The money either under the table or Toward their pack or towards their Campaign expenses or all the sort of Things that might pay for their Apartment in Washington DC it's almost Like that's news to Republicans and when You have a 25 or older when you have an ALC who comes along and says no I'm Going to be ethical I'm going to live Within my means I'm going to wait until I'm actually got a salary before I can Actually pay for an apartment uh it's Like really there are people like that Who exist and that and that's what the Republican tweet I think shows actually You know if you think about it it's Really hard to do there's plenty of Times people you know even if it's Normal numbers like you know you go from Making 30 000 to 45 you're like oh Jumping 15 000 a year and maybe you do

Something different maybe you can Actually you know get a used car rather Than getting something off a lot that's 4 500 bucks something like that can Change so when it comes to these levels Yeah you start getting these things now You have the apartment in DC but if you Lose that job that Congressional job yo That goes away these things change and Now you have to go back to living within Other kinds of means which maybe is why So many people start selling themselves Out to hold on to that position because Now they're living pretty good and the Work as we saw yesterday is a lot of Fighting yeah look there's a lot of Uncertainty and most people who are in Their 20s at least I know myself Included when I was in my 20s in DC I Couch surfed before I could get an Apartment and before I could afford to Pay the deposit and all this sort of Thing and so that's just sort of what Happens and you know good for this Congressman Maxwell for us that he's Figuring out okay I'm be sort of Creative I don't make things work Somehow maybe I'll have to sleep in his Office and some members of Congress have Done before and eventually it'll work Out but again this expectation that Members of Congress automatically cash In automatically become millionaires Overnight yeah that does happen with

People who don't care about the Corruption in the system but thankfully There are the Maxwell Frost in the aoc's Of the world we want to do this above Board in Real World Experience some People that lived real world things Maybe they also uh contribute different Kinds of approaches to legislation that Can help folks that are in the positions That they were in