Gen. Don Bolduc on Inflation, Taxes

By | November 1, 2022

US Army retired brigadier general and republican nominee for New Hampshire US senate election discusses the race against Maggie Hassan, inflation, border security and energy. He speaks with David Westin on ”Balance of Power” October 28th 2022.
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Let me start with those basic important
question passes as you go around and you Campaign in New Hampshire, what are the
issues you believe are most important to People in New Hampshire as they go to
the polls? Well, thank you, David, for having me
on, and, you know, it’s great to be able To speak to your viewers.
This is this is a very, very important Election.
And you know, what I’ve been doing for The last two years is campaigning all
over this state in every town and city, Which my opponent has not.
And I have learned that it is all about Inflation right now.
It’s all about heating versus eating. It’s all about retirees having to come
out of retirement, get a job. It’s all about the safety and security
of our children with with very high Obesity crisis threat here in New
Hampshire. Mental health issues, education is also
huge. The parents feel they do not have a say
in their children’s education, the Public schools.
They’re very worried about how far they Are behind.
I was talking to a teacher today and She’s a third grade teacher.
And most of her students of 26 are not Reading at grade level.
In the third grade, they’re reading at First grade level.
This is hugely, hugely concerning to Parents who want the best for their
children. They are choosing between heating and
eating their livelihood and the safety And security of their children.
You know, police departments here can’t Recruit me, buddy.
State police are at an historic low in There and in their recruitment.
This is very, very concerning them. And that’s what I have found out over
the last two years I’ve been out on the Ground.
Senator Hang Seng is not. So this is about an outsider versus an
insider. It’s about a career politician
campaigning from Washington, D.C. And on Zune calls and about a challenger
who is from the Granite State, knows the Granite State, loves this state and is
campaigning in a grass roots campaign With a million dollars in the general
election versus her 30 million, which She didn’t get from New Hampshire.
She got from outside New Hampshire Special interests and lobbyists.
Yeah, I understand. Actually, you’ve just gotten some money
as well, haven’t you, for the National

Senate Republican Caucus.
But let me ask you about some of what You just talked about, which is
inflation. That’s something we hear of in place
after place across the country. And we know pretty well, I think, the
Republicans criticism of what President Biden and the Democrats have done.
But what I don’t know, as well as if the Republicans got in charge, what is the
Republican plan, the economic policy That will deal with inflation?
Well, I think first and foremost is to Return our energy independence.
And, you know, open up the spigot. You know, we have to open up that
spigot. And if we don’t open up Dani Burger,
we’re going to be in big trouble if we Don’t reverse the Inflation Reduction
Act and reduce the taxes that that Increased across the board to include,
you know, middle class and on all the Energy sector.
You know, we’re going to be in big Trouble.
And lastly, The IRS agents.
Eighty seven thousand eighty billion Dollars.
You know, I hear that all over the State.
I hear that everywhere I go. That needs to be reversed as well.
And, you know, if we’re going to save Money, we need to secure a border and we
need to invest in legal immigration and Not what’s being done right now.
But, General, I mean, I would guess that Maybe you think the taxes are too high
in some respects, but whatever the taxes Are, do you agree they should be paid by
people? Because last time I checked, the audit
rate is lower today than it was in 1945. The United States is not like we’re
ordering people a whole lot more. Well, we’re weaponized ing the IRS with
additional eighty seven thousand agents. They are going to focus on people with
with an income of less than a hundred Thousand.
They have armed their criminal Investigation division.
You know, these are all things that that Worry Granite Staters.
And I’m telling you what I’m hearing From them.
And, you know, I share their concern. I pay two hundred dollars to each and I
block every year to make sure that I’m Protected against the audit, that if I
get audited, I don’t have to deal with The IRS directly.
I am an American citizen. Somebody who’s been paying their taxes
their entire life.

And I pay for a peace of mind at two
hundred dollars every single tax year to Ensure I don’t have to do business with
a government agency. That that I think
rightly so is looking not looking after My best interests.
I’m sure, General, and you’re an Honorable man, you served your country
and things like that, but not everybody Is quite as scrupulous in their taxes.
Let’s be honest, we know that a fair Number of people are not paying their
taxes. They should be.
Do you agree that in fact, everyone Should pay the taxes that the law
requires? Oh, absolutely.
Don’t get me wrong, you know, I’m not Suggesting that people shouldn’t pay
their taxes. I’m not suggesting that at all.
We want people to pay their taxes. And, you know, we should have a
mechanism that, you know, that allows us To be able to account for that.
But. Making the IRS larger than four of our
national security agencies is a big Stretch and something that worries
Americans. General, I ask you finally here about
election integrity, because it’s Something that’s come up a certainly
during your primary. Did it come across across the country,
actually? Are you confident in the election
integrity in New Hampshire? Covid enough so that you will accept the
result even if you lose. If I lose, I will accept the results.
If I win, I hope my opponent accepts the Results because she knows she is on
record for questioning the 2016 election And she has never been asked a question
or accounted for that. So she has the same kind of concerns.
Even though she refuses to address it, We all want to make sure that our vote
counts. We owe it to the people that we
represent and that we want to represent To have a fair system in a in a free
system, in a system that doesn’t Disenfranchise.
As long as the people aren’t confident, We should take every measure possible to
be able to to look at that. Right.
My opponent also wants to federalize Elections, get rid of the Electoral
College and really decimate New Hampshire’s ability to be the first in
the primary. If that if that’s right.
Good luck to her, because you’d have to

Amend the constitution, which is awfully
hard. But just one last thing I want to follow
and something you said I want to try. I understood.
Are you saying that Maggie Hasson has Denied the GMAC as some election?
What election was that? It was 2016 election.
She’s on record for doing it, but nobody Really up, you know, holds are
accountable for it. You know, she didn’t believe the
president Trump once you believed that Hillary Clinton won.
Well, Dennis goes inside your op ed, but Was that as a matter of the popular
vote, which I think pretty clearly Hillary Clinton did win?
Are you saying she’s saying that President Trump didn’t win the Electoral
College vote? Yeah.
She’s saying that you looked all Electoral college vote.
Voting system is corrupt and shall Replace.
Oh, I see. That’s what she’s saying.
Yes. You have a different system.
Yeah, I see. OK.
Thank you so much. It’s really good to have you with us.
That’s retired Brigadier General Don Bolduc.
He is running for New Hampshire, Republican candidate for U.S.

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