Free Speech Absolutists Melt Down After Student Bible Protest of Matt Walsh

By | November 2, 2022

Matt Walsh is OUTRAGED after students eat the bible to protest his event. Ana Kasparian and Emma Vigeland discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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”Conservatives are expressing anger that a student allegedly ate pages from the Bible at a protest of anti-LGBTQ Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh speaking at their campus.

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) protested against a screening of Walsh’s anti-trans film What is a Woman? and a guest lecture he was scheduled to deliver last week.”*


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Last week Matt Walsh stopped by the University of Wisconsin-Madison to Screen and discuss his transphobic film What is a woman To be fair to Matt Walsh I could imagine Him having a very difficult time Defining that but nonetheless many Students turned out to protest the event And and as is the norm with Conservatives like Matt Walsh Um you know he made a big to do about The fact that there were protesters Listen you’re allowed to speak on public College campuses And students are also allowed to engage In their speech by protesting your Appearance now some students actually Turn to a very useful method of protest So let’s take a quick look at that Thank you [Music] So uh for those of you who aren’t Watching and they’re just listening to The podcast version of the show you can See the protesters the student Protesters there’s also a student Protester who appears to be eating Pages Out of the Bible Um and that’s at least according to the Account that posted the video Young Americans for Freedom which means you Should probably take it with a grain Assault but let’s just give them the Benefit of the doubt and just say that

Yeah that that was a student protester Eating pages of the Bible The real reason why I wanted to cover This is because of the outrage that You’re seeing from the free speech Absolutists on the right because if you Really do believe that you should Protect all forms of speech including Offensive speech Eating a Bible in protest is a form of Speech that might be offensive to Conservative religious folks right and Uh the way they reacted to it online is Amazing so uh Gail McWilliams says there Will be a day when they answer for this Sadly they will remember it for eternity Satan is The Great Deceiver and he has So many deceived I mean Satan he’s so good at playing Cards I’ve not beat him once honestly in Our weekly card games Conservatives will be upset to find out That when I was a sophomore in high School I did not need a Bible but I did worse And this is I thought about this story The other day and telling it on the show But I have a tendency to over share so I Chose now to but this is the bonus Episode so here we go when I was a Sophomore year or sophomore junior in High school I was starting to smoke weed And Um my friend said okay you know her

Family was very Catholic we had run out Of rolling papers and the Bible has very Thin Like pages right and if you get one of The pages that has less ink on it you Can cut it in half and you can roll it So I smoked Bible paper Matt Walsh what Are you gonna do about it oh heads heads Are exploding Um that is A badass story And uh look I think the most offensive Thing you said was that the Bible Pages Aren’t strong enough that they’re weak Thin and flimsy you know people beta Pages stronger pages in The Bible you Know they need to be fortified with Their thickness Um Jim take some of the uh Joe Rogan Supplements Bible if you actually want To be strong here Alpha Force that’s What we need the Bible Pages need to uh Consider insta hard uh maybe it’ll make The uh Pages a little more stiff less Likely for marijuana consumption Um I love it no like the thing about Some religious folks not all is how Insecure they seem to be about their own Religious beliefs because if I feel Confidently about something Someone disagreeing with my beliefs Isn’t going to lead me to some sort of Like meltdown like I’m not upset if People don’t identify with atheism

You know like my feelings don’t get hurt What I don’t like is when people want to Force their religious beliefs onto Everyone else you know you should have Your religious Faith you should be able To practice uh what your religion is you Shouldn’t be forcing other people to Practice it and if the Bible is an Incredibly important religious Doctrine For you it doesn’t mean it is for Everyone else and so I think that’s the Point that the student assuming he was Eating a Bible was was making there in That protest another person on Twitter Writes Brave now try that with the Quran In Dearborn Michigan you’ll end up 12 Inches shorter after they decapitate you I I don’t Okay yeah great that’s a predominantly Muslim Community in Michigan of course Um it is hilarious to me that and not Hilarious it’s it’s depressing that They’re constantly projecting violence Onto the the Muslim Community and uh They have like zero self-awareness about What they Inspire here in the United States the the right wing and the Evangelical extremists are the United States is Taliban they’re just on like They’re just wearing different colors on Their jerseys yeah uh I want to go to Graphic four here because this is my Favorite one uh one person says I’m not

A betting man but I bet most of them Don’t have a job and live at home with Their parents they’re college students I I think you missed the plot here like The whole story like they’re college Students they’re protesting on their College campus and uh I don’t know Whether that particular student has a Job or not But considering how expensive college is I hope uh And by the way yes there was a Grammatical error in that tweet uh not To be like a grammar person but it is What it is no but the thing is like Yeah I mean If the student is able to go to a College that’s near home and he is able To stay with his parents to save money That’s great because college is insanely Expensive and students are increasingly Digging themselves into a massive hole Just to attain higher education but like That’s not the own you think it is uh Terry Terry who probably had a different Experience paying for college so it’s Amazing how capitalism has Stockholm Syndromed these conservatives because They just like love their captor and They feel like anybody else who is able To kind of Benefit in a different way or that’s not Even the right word or who rejects some

Of like the bootstraps ideology of the Conservatives Um that they’re like deviant in some way They honestly apply their religious Orthodoxy to capitalism more broadly Where you have to be the purest of the Pure to be accepted into our group right You have to have grinded and made sure That things were really tough on you and Uh and go into hundreds of thousands of Dollars of debt and that means that You’re in the club and most of us Uh in our age group and you know people Who have experienced or their friends or Their family have experienced college Debt Um and who understand that theocracy and Religious fundamentalism and Conservatism is not the right way to run A country uh we reject that and that Makes them uncomfortable and so then They say we’re not uh we’re lazy or Whatever the case may be yeah of course We’re lazy um let’s also just keep in Mind that like for the Older voters who love to trash young People for not picking themselves up by The bootstraps uh when these individuals Were coming up in society There were a lot more opportunities for Them thanks to social spending that’s Been gutted in recent decades so they Didn’t have to take out the amount of Student loans or maybe you didn’t have

To take out any student loans at all to Go to college many public colleges and Universities Effectively were tuition free uh for a Time in U.S history but that was ended And now if you want to go to a state School I mean when I went to a state School it it was so I mean my undergrad I got a scholarship so I was able to go For free but I then went on to get my Masters from the same state school and The cost of that education back then I Graduated in 2010 compared to what it is Today is insane and these are publicly Funded state universities and the whole Point is it’s that they’re supposed to Be affordable for everyone comparatively Speaking if you look at like other Colleges if you look at uc’s or private Universities they’re comparatively more Affordable but they’re still super Expensive especially in a country where People haven’t seen their wages increase Since the 1970s like yeah You’ll hear too I mean these same kind Of conservatives getting upset when say Uh an undergrad decides to take a Literature course or Some sort of like you know I don’t know They’re taking poetry and they’ll or They’re inhumanities of of some sort and Then Don Jr’s you know uh on his live Stream at four in the morning like Basket weaving basket weaving and they

Want their student debt canceled Just understand that where this is Coming from is a fundamental like fear That education will Liberate the young People in Mass for them to un so that They understand I don’t necessarily need To go into stem or into Finance if it Actually doesn’t make me happy I might Go into Social Service I might uh Continue my education and if student Debt and there’s like some sort of debt Jubilee and college is remains free for People then they won’t feel compelled or Becomes free for people I should say They won’t feel compelled to going into Sectors that serve like the current Structure of capitalism in the way that It that it is uh I formed right now Essentially that it it it’s a threat When people are not Um funneled into a system that makes Money for other people and that’s what Student debt provides it’s a Disciplinary tool so that you have to go Into industries that pay higher might Make you unhappy but just to pay off That debt you’re forced to do that and So they they don’t want to undermine That system at any cost no definitely Not definitely not I mean the reaction To Biden’s incredibly modest student Loan forgiveness uh plan is just it Tells you where their priorities are and It’s not to help younger Generations

It’s not to strengthen the country by Providing opportunities for people same Opportunities they had by the way it’s All about shutting the door behind them It’s it’s so incredibly gross I’m gonna I’m gonna end this with one more tweet And let’s go to graphic six here In regard to the student who had Allegedly eaten pages from the Bible That is definitely a hate crime hate Crime capitalized so uh she’s she means Business here Emma I mean who to who to Who Just Christians generally sorry that Does not apply that one student Victimized the entire Christian Population in the United States they are Professional victims they are Professional victims so thanks for Watching The Young Turks who really Appreciate it another way to show Support is through YouTube memberships You’ll get to interact with us more There’s live chat emojis badges you’ve Got emojis of me Anna John Jr so those Are super fun but you also get playback Of our exclusive member only shows and Specials right after they air so all That all you got to do is click that Join button right underneath the video Thank you

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