Fox News Wages “Woke War III” Against Cats And Dogs

By | November 4, 2022

Fox News sinks to a new low by attacking therapy pets, saying that they makes college students weaker and dumber. Jeff Wiggins breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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You're out there protesting about Everything on campus then I don't know If you really need a cat I'm not really Sure but this is just another example of How we are raising snowflakes because I Mean if you honestly can't make it in College then just drop out I mean well Although I know a lot of people want to Take advantage of the freebies but just Drop out anyway do us all a favor I Don't think animal rights activists Would be too proud of this either I Wouldn't want any college student Manhandling my cat but Kaylee I don't Think these kids need cats I think they Need discipline I think they need a slap In the face who hurt them it had to have Been someone but whoever did something To these Fox News contributors I'm sure It wasn't college students and I don't Know why Fox is drawing a distinction Between adults who have job slash Careers owning pets and young adults Temporarily enjoying pets in stressful Times I mean how long do they think These college students are going to pet Cats the study said just 10 minutes goes A long way those students waited for Their turn quietly for 10 minutes Without their phones reading materials Or other stimuli seems good and positive It's like they didn't read these studies That they're talking about but but Kaylee mcenany said that when she

Studied while in college all she needed Was coffee a cookie in her books makes Me question how she could get those First two things when she was so busy Studying all the time so with Fox Entertainment says about taking breaks In order to pet a cat during midterms And finals for example is no one's going To give you a cat it doesn't work like That in the real world what does that Even mean so after graduating and Getting a job and working in the real World former college students can't Adopt pets you know when they give pets To you so many people got pets when Times were hard during the weirdest Parts of the pandemic can't believe I Even had to do this because everyone is Already aware of the benefits of having And owning pets but Studies have shown That pet ownership is connected to Better mental health and even longer Life SurveyMonkey said that probably Wouldn't be surprising news for their Respondent whose pants made them feel Happy loved and calm those Fox News Contributors are pet owners of course They are might be a sign that someone Hurt these people by the way here's one Of their segments about dogs and their Carbon footprint here's another from gut Field about Dana Perino's dog Accidentally getting high from weed that It ate off of the ground everyone on the

Panel admitted to having a pet cruelty Is the point denying joy to college Students is the objective see later on In this segment one of the Correspondents said enjoying pets is Also part of the indoctrination they're Being trained and told effectively by The university no you need a puppy this Is what you need and I'm getting the Feeling that no matter what was being Said in relation to college students That thing will be part of the Indoctrination Fox Entertainment knows That most college students in the Educated lean left with that said we've Achieved because we're a society of People who look forward to our Entrepreneur owners who go out and find Something Elon Musk Jeff Bezos all these Innovators out there Bill Gates home They founded something in a garage Instead of petting a cat petting cats Kills the entrepreneurial spirit and Creates betas Bill Gates was too busy Innovating and founding something great In a garage instead of petting a cat Except Bill Gates said that he regrets Not taking a break in college and being More social before he dropped out And he laments losing his dog to his Wife after they split up as for Jeff Bezos when he was Raising almost a Million dollars from family and friends

On his way to moving to Seattle he was Good for it at that time he was making About a hundred thousand dollars a year That was 1994. and Bezos was 30. see Before he became Lex Luthor he passed up A fat bonus from his job as a senior Vice president at Wall Street Investment Bank d e Shaw and Company he packed up His wife and their dog in order to start Amazon the following year how could he Start such an Enterprise while there's a Distraction like a pet around that he Could pet one would ask when they're Dismissing and being disrespectful to Highly emotional people drawn to cats For stress relief programs for Rebel HQ I'm Jeff Wiggins my Architect no Japanese for more from The Young Turks Stay right here to see additional Content from yours truly click on the Jeff Wiggins hashtag you can also find Me on my YouTube channel we gonna be Alright thanks for watching

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