Fox News Panel Gets HEATED — ‘They Need A Slap In The Face!’

By | November 4, 2022

Fox News is adding baby cats to their list of political enemies and seem to suggest that cookies and a “slap in the face” are better alternatives to having a furry companion. David Shuster breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

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The college students have it so rough These days from climate anxiety to just The idea of a conservative speaker on Campus it is all so stressful well now Thankfully a new study has found that Interventions with cats on campuses may Help these stressed out students I guess The taxpayers picking up their student Loan tab wasn't enough a young Physically attractive woman is Inexplicably angry over something that Is not offensive hmm ah yes this is Fox News outnumbered Julie Banderas your Turn I love cats I just want to say that And they are comforting but I mean quite Frankly if you're in college and you Need a cat but yet you have the anxiety Level of a protester where you're out There protesting about everything on Campus then I don't know if you really Need a cat I'm not really sure but this Is just another example of how we are Raising snowflakes because I mean if you Honestly can't make it in college just Drop out you can't make it in college Because you welcome the opportunity to Pet puppies and kittens you should drop Out because you are a snowflake well Snowflakes are traditionally known as People who are easily hurt who get Anxious who are easily upset and angry So it's a bit Rich of the Fox News hosts To be throwing around the word snowflake At anybody when they're the ones who are

Hurt and triggered and anxious and angry And upset over people voluntarily Petting puppies and kittens clearly There is some projection here and Perhaps instead of the college students Dropping out it's the Fox News so who Secretly want to drop out and drop off The face of the Earth because they're The ones who are being told to get angry Over college students who look for nice Ways like petting cats and dogs to Relieve some stress during a study break And oh by the way look who is the Angriest on the Fox News panel in all of This Emily compagno watch but Kaylee I Don't think these kids need cats I think They need discipline I think they need a Slap in the face ah yes they need Discipline a slap in the face Emily you know there are medications for Your disorders you know that right Kaylee Machinery your turn this is Insanity give me a cup of coffee a Cookie and a stack of books and I'm set I don't need a puppy in my lap to study For exams Kaylee let me speak slowly so You understand this nobody is forcing You to pet a cat or dog or have a puppy Or a kitten in your lap it is an option And a lot of students do take study Breaks and like to do things that helps Them relax and all the data indicates That playing with that kitten or puppy Is relaxing lowers the heart rate

Decreases stress nonetheless Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce said this is all Part of some sort of indoctrination and There was Fox News contributor David Webb he seriously complained that Petting cats and dogs will hurt the Entrepreneurial spirit in the United States these kids are the problem I mean All joking aside they're the problem if You need a cat or you need a puppy you Don't belong in college Wow well that guy and the rest they are Entitled to their opinions about Entrepreneurial spirit and college and What the problems really are the rest of Us are entitled to our opinions and it Should be clear by now that the real Problems in television are these folks Who go on Fox News and instead of Talking about the real challenges and Problems of our time challenges like Poverty and economic inequality and the Climate crisis and guns in the growing March of fascism and the end of Democracy instead of addressing that Here are these folks who are literally Spending time complaining about cats and Dogs and people who want to choose to Pet them if there's any institution that Has nine lives it has Fox News given the Repeated distractions and taking their Audience away from the stuff that really Matters this stuff is nonsense but the Ignorance at Fox News runs deep

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