Fox News Host SILENCES Guest Talking About Social Security

By | November 2, 2022

Jesse Watters shut down a guest who was discussing social security. Ana Kasparian and David Shuster discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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”Jessica Tarlov argued the Democratic Party’s closing message during these midterm elections should have focused on Sen. Rick Scott’s (R-FL) proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare – an argument that was roundly shut down by co-host Jesse Watters.

The conversation kicked off with a discussion of Democrats claiming Republicans are overly hyping certain issues like crime and inflation to energize voters.

“Is the country angry because Greg Gutfeld has made them angry? Yeah. Or Lindsey Graham has made them angry? Or are they angry because there’s a crime wave, an open border, and everything costs too much?” Watters asked Tarlov.”


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Fox News Especially the show the five made a Mistake that they usually don’t make They had a Democrat on who made a good Point about you know Republicans and Their endless efforts to gut social Spending programs including Social Security and Medicare now these are Programs that pull very well not just Among Democratic voters but also Republican voters which is why Republicans have failed time and time Again in doing away with social security Or privatizing social security or Cutting Social Security but nonetheless Take a look at this interaction between Jessica Tarlov and Jesse Waters [Music] And the one thing that he hit that I do Not understand right isn’t the core of The democratic message is what happens If Rick Scott’s plan goes into effect to Medicare and Social Security and you Should all it’s about a minute and a Half clip of him talking about social Security and how people in Wisconsin Work their whole lives to get that money And that if Republicans get into office They’re going to means test things They’re going to scale back entitlements That you’ve worked for and I do not know Why Democrats aren’t leading with that Because it doesn’t work can I ask you a Serious question what Republican

President recently has has attacked and Gone after and reduced Social Security No one has been no one right We had in the last 50 years I’ve said Quite a lot but they’ve never actually Done what they’re always being accused Is it in Rick Scott’s plan in his Commitment to America Republican in the Entire Senate yes the one Yeah except it’s not one Republican in The entire Senate a report that I shared With you all a few weeks ago talked About the right Wing’s plot to Essentially hold the debt ceiling Hostage after the midterms uh what they Would do especially if they gained Control of the house is refuse to raise The debt ceiling unless the Democrats Under the leadership of Biden agree to Cutting Social Security that report’s Out there I shared the details of it you Could read about it yourselves uh but Then you should also answer the question Coming from Jessie Waters which is which Republican president in recent history Wanted to gut Social Security I’ve got An answer to that question in just a Moment but before I get to it uh David I’m curious uh whether you have anything To say to Jesse Waters and his denials Of what Republicans are actually up to Well Jesse Waters constantly confirms That he is one of the dumbest people That is in broadcasting period um the

Fact of the matter is just because Because a president can’t get something Done doesn’t mean they don’t aspire to It and the fact of the matter is every Republican aspires to cut Social Security Medicare because they Considered a govern government-run Program they want to privatize it they Also don’t like the fact that these Programs work and even if you take Republicans afterward which I don’t that Social Security is going to start Running out of money in 2035 in 13 years It starts paying out more than it takes In Republicans frame it as well the only Way we can save Social Security which Would still pay out 85 percent of the Benefits then but if we do nothing but The only way we can save it is we either Have to raise the retirement age or we Have to cut benefits and they leave out Something very important that is no you Can actually bring in more money to Social Security by raising from 147 Thousand dollars the first amount that Gets taxed or Social Security bring it Up to 250 000 so that wealthy people Contribute more of their income to Social Security but Republicans don’t Want to talk about that they just want To drown Social Security they just want To kill it because it’s a successful Government-run program the way Social Security is taxed is very much

Regressive right because uh lower income Individuals see a higher percentage of Their earned income get taxed for social Security benefits whereas for wealthy People they stop getting taxed for Social Security once their income Reaches a certain limit so uh David Schuster mentions the 147 thousand Dollars because after that 147 thousand Dollars any additional income that a Person earns does not get taxed I say Instead of raising that cap which does Get raised every year do away with that Cap okay why why do we have the cap to Begin with then we don’t have to worry About social security uh being under Threat but you’re right the right wing Doesn’t want to have that conversation Because while they might spew what Sounds like economic populism in reality They are still very much the same party Looking out for the wealthy looking out For Elites looking out for their Corporate donors and the problem that I See in government today is that with the You know just rush of corporate money Being thrown into the campaign coffers Of both parties we’re starting to see This two-party system kind of meld into One when it comes to representing the Elites and essentially leaving everyone Else by the wayside Um so yeah go ahead I was gonna say and I was so glad never mind also leaving

People by the wayside but I’m so glad You mentioned the polling because if you Ask people about social security I mean It’s not just a majority of Democrats And the majority of Republicans it’s Strong majorities of Democrats and Republicans who not only want to protect Social Security but you if you ask them Can we should we bolster and expand the Program 60 to 70 percent say yes but Again the Republicans are so beholden to This anti-government theory that they Have that the government can’t do Anything therefore for the government to Run a social program of any kind is an Anathema to what they stand for so they Have to destroy it Now I want to uh help Jesse Waters out a Little bit uh apparently you know he’s Got this staff who are supposed to help Him produce the show help him research The show make you know just ensure that He doesn’t say stupid things but you Know Jesse Waters those stupid things on A regular basis so I’ll help him I’ll Help him out even though I don’t have The resources he has uh by going back uh To recent history I remember uh a fairly Recent president Republican president Made his entire State of the Union Speech about gutting Social Security and That president was George Bush in 2005. Let’s go to that video Fixing Social Security permanently will

Require an Open Candid review of the Options some have suggested limiting Benefits for wealthy retirees Former Congressman Tim penny has raised The possibility of indexing benefits to Prices rather than wages During the 1990s my predecessor President Clinton spoke of increasing The retirement age Former Senator John Bro suggested Discouraging early collection of Social Security benefits The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan Recommended changing the way benefits Are calculated All these ideas are on the table Oh I’m sure they were luckily he didn’t Succeed in that effort uh but you know Had Trump won a second term Republican Members of Congress were already working With him to put out proposals to Privatize Social Security even though Trump of course on the campaign Trail in 2016 says oh you know read my lips there Are no way I’m ever going to cut Social Security I mean he said all sorts of Things on the campaign Trail then turned Around and did the exact opposite Um you know you look at Reagan uh here’s Another example of someone who you know I’ve noticed the right wing wants to Pretend Rick wanted to protect Social Security that was not the case he Considered it a welfare program and

During the 1976 Republican presidential Primary he proposed making Social Security voluntary which as we know Would have effectively destroyed the Program because if you’re making it Voluntary who’s going to want to pay Into that program it was just a way to Kind of dismantle it uh with you know This facade of wanting to protect it or Or support it but again you can look at That Republican Congress members you Could look at Republican presidents they Have had one goal and one goal only Which is cut taxes And do that by essentially gutting Social spending programs including Things like Social Security and Medicare And two programs that have lifted tens Of millions of people out of poverty Kept them out of poverty programs they Have worked I mean if if a government Program if you could predict that every Government program was not going to work Okay then maybe there’s an intellectual Argument between for what Republicans Are arguing but these programs work the Waste Fraud and Abuse that people talk About is as a Canard these are programs That save people’s lives and what the What the Republicans don’t want to do is They want to eke out a profit out of This they want to transfer some of the Money that is going to keep people from Being poor and they want to enrich yet

Another sector of society that will then Flood them with campaign donations to Keep a privatizing of Social Security Going it’s a racket It’s absolutely a racket and think about This social security is the one and only Form of retirement money that is not Tied to risk right so if you are Contributing to a 401k or an IRA if if We privatize Social Security you’re Going to deal with fees you’re going to Deal with uh money being invested into The stock market which by the very Nature of money being invested in the Stock market it is a risk right you’re Taking a risk by investing that money Having Social Security as a program that Prevents Essentially elderly people living in Poverty prevents them from being Homeless that is incredibly important to Maintain which is why that program pulls So well among uh the electorate Regardless of political ideology and so That’s why you see these Republicans Trying to you know do this Balancing Act Of pretending like giving this illusion That they love social security and they Want to protect it when in reality Everything they propose would gut it and Do away with the program that’s Incredibly uh popular with the Electorate yeah and the verbal Gymnastics Anna are just remarkable and

Again for that sort of very point I love That you played the clip of George W Bush every option is on the table except For the common sense one you mentioned About let’s make all income subject to Social Security taxes that’ll solve any Problem that people have with the the With the trust fund and everything Running out of money

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