Fox Must Have Run Out Of Things To Complain About

By | November 16, 2022

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I have no ego Nobody else [Applause] Let's go Jesus what rally is this and Where's Donald Trump uh these guys are actually Looking to sell sell sell sell always be Selling have no ego kill or be killed oh You know I almost got to that point but There is definitely this feel of a Militarization of these folks looking to Sell sell what the hell are they selling Jesus this is all done by the Elliott Group and they teach folks how to add Things sell here's some of their uh some Details of what they're about the LA Group is the fastest growing Automotive Sales Training company in the world bro Andy and Jacqueline Elliott started Their sales training company in 2011. The LA group is currently doing business In 127 different countries and it's Growing like wildfire with their high Energy 21st century training this is Again from the Elliott group So the company also was run by Andy Which we saw there screaming in the Middle of that uh uh video there and his Wife Jacqueline here meet Andy he's the Founder

He started selling cars when he was 18 Years old and he realized fast that Without uh sales training he would never Be more than average at best Let's jump down to the bomb because he Said he's awesome he really dedicated And became a super super salesman and he Broke the record in the U.S for the most Money made as a car salesman at 715 000 In one year here meet Jacqueline his Wife she's just as badass as he is she Started selling cars she was 21. man you Got three years on her and broke every Record in her store selling cars then She moved to the finance department and Dominated shattering all company-wide Records and she ran numbers so damn high That they would try to change her pay Plan every three months because of the Insane numbers that she was running I Have no ego damn it but together they Put their whole thing together now they Teach people how to do this as well Let's watch more from their seminars Because they teach you how to sell watch Ing It I grew up that way okay [Music] You know what's even worse than that I Look at some of your faces and you don't Understand how important it is and I'm Telling you right now and you're still Like this [Music]

You're making excuses What if you just said can I get a better Price and I'm like I don't know we only Mark them up a couple Oh see now I've Given you hope for a better deal do you Feel me what does he want now I want a Better deal and now he smells blood okay What's he gonna do he's gonna go in for The kill and you're gonna get Slaughtered son because you gave me hope There's so much here Burbank I sold cars For about a month and a half it's while I was still working with tyt by the way I had 21-year jobs between graduating College and then coming full time here While I was still doing the odd stuff Here so I've done this stuff Um but one thing you have to know A customer is coming for blood and Admittedly you wonder how bad inflation Is yesterday yes I had a nice lunch at Taco Bell cost me about 28 dollars at Taco Bell for lunch people need to pay For those things and they do that by Getting jobs and getting in the economy And getting active and getting involved Wait a minute you spent 28 dollars at Taco Bell for just yourself For lunch yeah it's true okay Neil Cavuto couldn't believe it that Guy's name Scott Scott Martin is that Guy's name and he just complained about The inflation the price of food and Everything I wanted to talk about I

Spent thirty dollars To be fair he said he spent 28 at Taco Bell bro I know fast food is not cheap Like we always consider it to be but I Think this is a little bit egregious so You know what happened We have a crack team here and they uh Dug deep think speaking of deep Dives Jordan they Dove deep to find out Exactly what you can get from Taco Bell For 28 effing dollars and um I want you To again keep your stomachs in mind as You think about this so 28 at Taco Bell Gets you nine chipotle ranch grilled Chicken burritos they're three bucks Each see if you can pack nine of those Into your stomach there's more maybe you Want something a little bit bigger maybe More specialty items you don't have to Have as many three spicy double steak Grilled cheese burritos you can get Also a chipotle ranch grilled chicken Burrito and three Mountain Dew Baja Blasts again to be fair to those who may Eat all this uh you don't have to get Three Mountain Dew Baja Blast you can Get a Mountain Dew Baja Blast maybe you Can get the Cherry then maybe you can Get the strawberry too sometimes they Have happy hour where you can get the Frost the slushies in Mountain Dew Blasts as well it's amazing but it still Only costs a dollar adding to your 28 uh Fee there's more though maybe you want

To go small maybe you're driving for Longer distances you need something it's Not as messy you can quickly jam into Your face 19 times though for the 19 Cheesy Roll-Ups that you can get for 28 Bucks as long as you add the cinnamon Twists at the end if you're a fan of Dessert [Music] Um Your Taco Bell Finch Go ahead I love it I love the graphic design also Cheers all around look I'm gonna I'm Gonna I'm gonna be a contrarian I'm with This guy he wants to live Moss like let Him like it's let him eat a lot I don't I don't care I don't see what the big Deal is it's kind of funny but all these People were like cracking on him and He's like like this oh why are you why Are you spending 28 dollars at Taco Bell Because it tastes good that's why like What do you want like at one point my First thought was that he just got it Delivered but maybe if he didn't then He's just eating a lot which good for Him live Moss man maybe it's the Delivery Feast so they just have a beef With the delivery Feast because Bobby I Hate all these delivery things I'm still Old school I'm like hey somebody wants Some food I'm going to pick it up I'm Just I'm still there

Um but by the way Again of that 28 bucks worth of 19 Cheesy Roll-Ups you might have a problem With this one particular person had I'm Gonna go through this really fast Because one California woman sees some Of this complaint to I was Talking about Taco Bell a local Taco Bell where this happened to her when she Was a laid out she goes I feel like I'm On the brink of death I ate four Crunchwraps from there yesterday and I Haven't been able to move without Vomiting since I think I know the Problem it feels like everything is Moving in slow motion and I just want This to end it's been 24 hours symptoms She lists vomiting

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